In early 2388, the Task Force 47 of the 4th Fleet operated under the command of Rear Admiral James Ryan, a decorated individual with recent experience of negotiating and working with the Cardassian government. The Admiral’s tenure began in promising fashion, with both Cardassian and Romulan delegates arriving at Deep Space 10 to carry out negotiations over an amendment to the Gavarian Armistice Agreement that would have seen the Romulans become signatories as well. The promising peace did not last for long.

The process was undermined all along by a terrorist faction called the Order of 12 who had acquired a dozen or so Cardassian vessels. Posing as the 7th Order, the ships were dispatched to attack varying Romulan places of interest throughout the Corridor. Their goal was simple – to cause a conflict that would force the Cardassian government to take control of the Corridor and expel the Romulans and the Federation at last. On Stardate 65089.63 (February 2nd, 2388) the Order launched their last mission and attacked a Romulan convoy leaving the Quillian System.

War had begun… and Starfleet was caught in the middle.

Upon the outbreak of hostilities between the Cardassians and the Romulans, the Romulan government authorized a military blockade of the Aquorat system and ordered Starfleet to evacuate Olympus Base and hand control over to the Romulan vessels blockading the planet. The USS Venture arrived under orders from Rear Admiral James Ryan and proceeded to evacuate all Starfleet personnel from the base before handing over control of the facility to the Romulans. By March of 2388, the Federation presence in the corridor had all but disappeared. The Corridor was a war zone and Starfleet forces had faced ultimatums from both sides; unable to render any assistance to anyone for fear of being accused of taking sides, Starfleet began to withdraw its forces and by the end of the month, Starfleet was in exile from the Corridor.

War raged for over year. Both the Cardassians and Romulans saw heavy casualties as neither side could hold onto a system for longer than a couple of months. In early 2389, thanks to an invitation from the United Federation of Planets, all three parties signed a treaty, the Gavarian Exploration Agreement. This brought an end to hostilities, and also opened the doors for the Federation to return to the Corridor.

Stardate 65750.69: September 1st, 2388

USS Solaria

  • USS Solaria arrives at New Bajor and Captain Nisea meets Vice Admiral Lauren Archer to discuss new orders for the ship.
  • Captain Nisea receives confirmation of her reassignment. A change of command ceremony takes place at 1700 hours with Captain Nilni Azulas (Trill) and Commander Seth Cohen (Terran) forming the new command team of the Solaria. Captain Nisea transfers to New Bajor for orders.
  • The ships departure is halted by the sudden reassignment of Commander Cohen. Commander Audrid Kane transfers aboard and is reunited with Captain Azulas; a command team that has worked to great affect in the past.
  • Solaria departs for the Rakhar system.

Stardate 65756.15: October 3rd, 2388

USS Solaria

  • Two days after arriving at Rakhar, a Universal Translator malfunction causes a diplomatic incident during the Ambassador’s visit to the Solaria. A member of the crew inadvertently uses the word “Shuvv’aq” which roughly translates to bastard.
  • Solaria is instructed to depart the Rakhar system and to never return unless an invitation is received. Azulas sets course for the Svarog system.
  • The ship arrives at the border of the Moray Nebula and are faced with a dilemma – travel around it and come perilously close to Dominion space or travel through the nebula at a much reduced speed. Captain Azulas opts to traverse the nebula.
  • Prior to the launch of the mission, Solaria is ordered to rendezvous with the USS Lexington for crew transfers before reporting back to New Bajor.

Stardate 65759.02: October 4th, 2388

USS Solaria

  • USS Solaria arrives at New Bajor, home of Starfleet’s first construction facilities in the quadrant. Captain Azulas and her command crew are ordered to meet Admiral Archer aboard the first vessel to be constructed in the Gamma Quadrant – the USS Endeavour.

USS Nogura

  • Shortly after their tour of the brand new Sovereign-class vessel, Archer leaves Azulas and Kane to make a startling discovery – Admiral Archer had received special dispensation from the Chief of Starfleet Operations to rename the Endeavour to the USS Nogura in recognition of the ship that had served Starfleet so well. In addition, Azulas and crew were officially requested and required to assume command of the new Sovereign-class ship.
  • Shortly after assuming command of the Nogura and with her latest orders in mind, Captain Azulas welcomes Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson and his colleague, Commander Tara Neprem, aboard the ship. The details of his visit are kept from most of the crew but it is soon learnt that Commander Neprem has links to the infamous Nathan Hunter and is aboard to assist in his capture.

Stardate 66001.91: January 1st, 2389

USS Nogura

  • Whilst scouting for potential colonization sites, the Nogura tries to make contact with the science team on Kylata III but their efforts go unanswered. Captain Azulas orders the ship to the system.
  • When continued communication efforts go unanswered, two away teams are sent to the planet but contact is soon lost with the teams.
  • On the planet, the two teams split up and are soon cut off from each other and the Nogura. Events that transpire suggest the science team on the planet have been mutated in some way. Once communication with Nogura is re-established via a shuttlecraft, the away teams are located and transferred back to the ship. Kylata is placed under quarantine as per the orders of Admiral Ryan and the ship remains on station until the USS Discovery arrives to take over the investigation.
  • Nogura heads off on further patrols of the ‘Outlands’, the furthest edge of Federation controlled space in the Gamma Quadrant.

Stardate 66259.13: April 5th, 2389

USS Ulysses is docked at Deep Space 10 in the Trivas System having completed her refit and is taking on new personnel when the Captain and his crew receive orders from Rear Admiral Vasoch Gor, the former commander of the Ulysses. The crew are to prepare for departure on a mission into the Gavarian Corridor. With their orders received, Captain Drayton rescinds all shore leave and recalls his staff. Preparations for departure begin…

Stardate 66261.87: April 6th, 2389

USS Ulysses

  • News reaches the Ulysses that the 72nd Starfighter Squadron are to be assigned to the ship to bolster her mission capabilities as the crew travels into the Corridor. As modifications take place to Shuttlebay 3, the crew say goodbye to Lt. Commander Murphy O’Connell, the ships Engineer, who transfers to a new posting on Earth just days before the ships departure. Additional orders soon arrive from Starbase 72 in the Minos Korva system that puts the Captain on a heightened state of readiness but he opts to keep his new orders secret for the time being. Later in the evening, the Captain is surprised at the sudden arrival of Admiral Gor who brings the command team up to speed on the trial of a Cardassian fugitive finally captured after years on the run. The trial has the potential to destabilize the peace treaty that has been in place for only a matter of days…

Stardate 66264.61: April 7th, 2389

USS Ulysses

  • Following the early morning arrival of the 72nd Squadron, Captain Drayton decides to hold a senior staff briefing where he finally informs his crew of the ships mission into the Gavarian Corridor. Towards the end of the day, Ulysses successfully launches from Deep Space 10 and finally enters the Corridor, headed for an asteroid field called Belkan’s Drift.

Stardate 66267.35: April 8th, 2389

USS Ulysses

  • After almost a days travel to Belkan’s Drift, the Ulysses encounters a Borg Cube hiding among the field. With the Cube damaged and in hibernation mode, Drayton sends an away team to the Cube to ascertain the purpose of the ships presence, but the arrival of a Romulan Warbird complicates matters.

Stardate 66276.14: April 11th, 2389

USS Nogura

  • Nogura has been on patrol for a number of weeks and has suffered a number of crew changes. She soon arrives at the Nerey’n system to begin scientific investigation for possible colony sites.
  • A call for assistance is received from Doctor Krel Adar, lead scientist of a dig on the planet of Nerey’n II. Commander Kane and an away team assist with excavating a device of unknown origin that the Doctor believes to be a significant discovery.
  • Meanwhile, Captain Azulas and the remaining crew of the Nogura are alerted to the kidnapping of a child, JP Hanson, who is the son of a prominent Starfleet Admiral. After investigating the disappearance, Commander Neprem and her team ascertain that Consortium traitor Nathan Hunter is responsible.
  • Nogura teams up with the USS Thesis is track down Hunter and rescue JP Hanson. After a showdown on the surface of Apizmic III, Nathan Hunter is taken into custody and the child rescued and reunited with his mother, MCPO Carter.
  • The Captain orders the Nogura to return to Nerey’n where the crew reunites with the away team. With the excavation complete, Nogura is ordered to return to New Bajor for orders from Admiral Archer.

Stardate 66289.84: April 16th, 2389

USS Nogura

  • The Nogura returns to the New Bajor system and temporary shore leave is granted to her crew.

Stardate 66289.84: May 5th, 2389

USS Nogura

  • After nearly three weeks of waiting, the USS Nogura gets a new commanding officer. Transferring in from the Thesis, Captain Thalek th’Zorati is tasked with leading the Nogura on a mission to track down the Consortium Agent known as Monhok in the Yadera system (on the border of the Maran Republic).
  • Nathan Hunter, a known terrorist and scourge of Starfleet, provides intelligence to lead the Nogura to their target. Upon the orders of Commodore Azulas, Hunter boards the Nogura once again and provides further information to aid in the crews search.

USS Ulysses

  • The Ulysses, deep in the Gamma Quadrant, has suffered engine failure after an early Quantum Slipstream Drive test. Repairs are underway and Captain Drayton orders an investigation when no one seems to be able to pinpoint the cause.