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Star Trek Australia, the Obsidian Fleet Database and Resources Collection, DeviantART and Google Images for various images on this website. Thanks also go to several simms around the fleet for access to database articles. You know who you are!!

The rank sets used in Nova were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. The ranksets can be found at Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy or modify the images.

Some older ship’s Tour images edited from Ex Astris Scientia: by ResidualRose of BF. Other, more recent ones by falke2009 and bobye2.

Memory Alpha Wiki Database:

Credit also goes to Captain Horatio Hawke of UCIP Academy for the Ten Rules in the policies section.

Special thanks in particular go to Alexander of for his amazing work on our MSD, found on the ships Specifications page. Please do not copy or use this image without contacting Alexander.

Massive thanks goes to Paul Redford for the use of NPC characters aboard the ship and some of their images.