Stardate 65750.69: September 1st, 2388

  • USS Solaria arrives at New Bajor and Captain Nisea meets Vice Admiral Lauren Archer to discuss new orders for the ship.
  • Captain Nisea receives confirmation of her reassignment. A change of command ceremony takes place at 1700 hours with Captain Nilni Azulas (Trill) and Commander Seth Cohen (Terran) forming the new command team of the Solaria. Captain Nisea transfers to New Bajor for orders.
  • Departure is halted by sudden reassignment of Commander Cohen. Commander Audrid Kane transfers aboard and is reunited with Captain Azulas; a command team that has worked to great affect in the past.
  • Solaria departs for the Rakhar system.

Stardate 65756.15: October 3rd, 2388

  • Two days after arriving at Rakhar, a Universal Translator malfunction causes a diplomatic incident during the Ambassador’s visit to the Solaria. A member of the crew inadvertently uses the word “Shuvv’aq” which roughly translates to bastard.
  • Solaria is instructed to depart the Rakhar system and to never return unless an invitation is received. Azulas sets course for the Svarog system.
  • The ship arrives at the border of the Moray Nebula and are faced with a dilemma – travel around it and come perilously close to Dominion space or travel through the nebula at a much reduced speed. Captain Azulas opts to traverse the nebula.
  • Prior to the launch of the mission, Solaria is ordered to rendezvous with the USS Lexington for crew transfers before reporting back to New Bajor.

Stardate 65759.02: October 4th, 2388

  • USS Solaria arrives at New Bajor, home of Starfleet’s first construction facilities in the quadrant. Captain Azulas and her command crew are ordered to meet Admiral Archer aboard the first vessel to be constructed in the Gamma Quadrant – the USS Endeavour. Shortly after their tour of the brand new Sovereign-class vessel, Archer leaves Azulas and Kane to make a startling discovery – Admiral Archer had received special dispensation from the Chief of Starfleet Operations to rename the Endeavour to the USS Nogura in recognition of the ship that had served Starfleet so well. In addition, Azulas and crew were officially requested and required to assume command of the new Sovereign-class ship.
  • Shortly after assuming command of the Nogura and with her latest orders in mind, Captain Azulas welcomes Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson and his colleague, Commander Tara Neprem, aboard the ship. The details of his visit are kept from most of the crew but it is soon learnt that Commander Neprem has links to the infamous Nathan Hunter and is aboard to assist in his capture.