As the first Starfleet vessel constructed in the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Nogura continues the proud traditions and reputations of previous vessels to bear her name. A brand-new ship with the latest technologies and a fearsome reputation to live up to, the Nogura is sure to make her presence felt in the space lanes of the Gavarian Corridor following her transfer to Task Force 72 and the home quadrants. But on the Gavarian Frontier, the course of peace never runs smoothly...

Threats linger around every corner with enemy agents threatening to dismantle the fragile peace process at every opportunity. A new threat lurks in the shadows, eager to play its role in the development of the Corridor whilst old threats seek to reassert themselves. An agreement for exploration has been signed, but the defence of the helpless remains top priority.

With her Captain promoted to pastures new, a new man takes the reigns of arguably the finest ship to grace the Federation. An Andorian who is reputed to be a fearsome tactician with years of experience at Starfleet Tactical and in command of his previous starship, Captain Thalek th’Zorati has been chosen to hunt down those who lurk in the shadows and expose all who seek to destroy everything the Federation has accomplished…

Top Open Positions  (In Order of Preference):

  • Chief Flight Operations Officer

  • Chief Counsellor

  • Chief Science Officer

Nogura is a 16+ Play by Nova Simulation set in the year 2389, deep in the heart of the Gavarian Corridor.

Current Mission

Under the command of a new commanding officer and tasked with apprehending a Consortium agent, Nogura's mission takes a surprise turn when she is forced through the wormhole. A chance encounter with the crew of the Galaxy-class USS Ulysses, deep inside the Gavarian Corridor, changes everything...

A proud multi-time recipient of the Sim of the Month Award.

Latest Mission Posts

» Redemption

Mission: Episode 5: The Adversary (Joint Mission)
Posted on Sat Dec 8th, 2018 @ 8:52pm by Captain Thalek th'Zorati

Unbeknownst to Commander Neprem, Thalek th’Zorati would not have been hard to find had she waited just five more minutes.

Hunter had remained in the Brig, happy to remain in his cell despite the forcefield being down. He had his reasons, that would have no doubt come to light in…

» Traitorous Endeavours

Mission: Episode 5: The Adversary (Joint Mission)
Posted on Thu Dec 6th, 2018 @ 7:27am by Captain Thalek th'Zorati & Commander Tara Neprem

The Nogura was speeding along towards Deep Space 10; they were traveling at a measly Warp 4 because of the strain they’d put on the warp core, but the Nogura would be no worse for wear once the system was properly cooled and the dilithium matrix was recrystallized. Since they…

» Feeling Her Heart

Mission: Episode 5: The Adversary (Joint Mission)
Posted on Tue Nov 20th, 2018 @ 2:25am by Lieutenant Meibei zh'Khessi & Commander Tara Neprem

Typically, at normal cruising speed, the engine room of the Nogura was a busy place. At all hours of the day engineers went about their work, tending to the Sovereign-class starship’s mighty engines. When the starship was at warp 9, there tended to be more people working on the warp…

» Disagreements

Mission: Episode 5: The Adversary (Joint Mission)
Posted on Thu Dec 6th, 2018 @ 7:25am by Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson & Captain Thalek th'Zorati & Captain Colby Drayton & Commander Tara Neprem

With Commander Neprem escorting the new guest to the observation lounge, Thalek had left the bridge in the capable hands of Commander Garen whilst he and the Admiral met with the former commander of the Ulysses. Hanson and th’Zorati were sat in the briefing room, waiting for the two to…

» Gavarian Quandary

Mission: Episode 5: The Adversary (Joint Mission)
Posted on Sat Dec 1st, 2018 @ 8:18pm by Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson

"And here's the latest update of movements behind the Cardassian border," Petty Officer Tanika, the Admiral's faithful yeoman said as she handed over the ninth padd she carried. "Intelligence sent this over an hour ago and they want your thoughts on Portas V as soon as possible."

Zachary barely heard…

Latest Personal Logs

» Nightmares

Posted on Sun Oct 21st, 2018 @ 12:45am by Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter

[Mission: War is Only Half the Story (DS11)
Location: New Bajor, Gamma Command, Jaresh-Inyo Residential Building
Timeline: MD111, 0445 Hours]

I've been having that dream again...

It's the day I had JP; honestly, I was so out of it, I don't really remember much, but I do remember that I…