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Support for New Players

The Battlestar Galactica universe is a very different one from those of other science fiction genres and playing a character in it is somewhat complex. Even creating a character is somewhat difficult if you do not know where to begin. This article will provide some help and support for new players

The Basics

Humanity has been decimated in a surprise attack by the Cylons, a race of machines who were created by humans and rebelled against them. After 40 years of peace, the remaining members of the human race are suddenly on the run, fleeing through space and fighting for survival. In the escape, however, it becomes clear that the Cylons have evolved – there are models that are completely indistinguishable from humans, and some don’t even know that they are Cylons.

During the game, the human fleet, led by the Battlestar Ulysses, will attempt to escape the pursuing Cylons, moving toward the final objective in a series of faster-than-light jumps. The humans have re-formed their government and what’s left of the military still follows a chain of command… but can those in authority be trusted? Where will humanity go?

Each player will create a character or two who will have been born on one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Officers in the fleet would have more than likely come from the richer colonies whilst enlisted and deckhands would have more than likely come from the poorer colonies. If you want a 'rags to riches' type story, your character would need the sponsorship of a senior officer to join the fleet academy as an officer.


The sim starts at Zero Hour Mission Day 1, the start of the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies, also called the Cylon Holocaust. Years prior to this day are indicated using BCH (Before Cylon Holocaust). The year before the Cylon attack is referred to as BCH-01, whilst 2000 years into the past is referred to as BCH-2000 now. Those years after are PCH (Post Cylon Holocaust) and is the start of a new calendar. You can get your guidance on this complex matter from Commander Hanson and the command team, but essentially, all you need to know is that we will proceed using Mission Days, shown as PCH-O1, PCH-02 etc.

For an IC history of events, you can visit the Timeline page.

Creating a Character

  1. Decide a role for your character

  2. Choose a colony from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol for your character to have been born on, read up about the planet

  3. Remember officers would have come from rich colonies (like Caprica, Scorpia, Tauron) whilst enlisted would have come from poorer colonies (like Sagittaron, Tauron and Virgon)

  4. Decide on the peronality traits and appearance side of your character (these can be impacted by colony choice)

  5. Clarify your characters starting rank with the CO (if an officer/military character)

  6. Decide an age for your character

  7. Visit the Available Images page to choose an avatar of you so wish.

  8. Check out Colonial History for a history of the colonies.

  9. Check out the Timeline page for IC events to link to or refer to in your bio.

  10. Discuss your characters history with the CO/XO and come up with a starting point for your character aboard the sim. Work this into the end of your bio.

  11. Look at the Rank Guide to ensure you have the correct ranks for your biography.

Things to Remember

  • Remember officers would have come from rich colonies (like Caprica, Scorpia, Tauron) whilst enlisted would have come from poorer colonies (like Sagittaron, Tauron and Virgon)

  • Most technology is not too different from modern day Earth - weapons, radio, nukes

  • The only technology really different is the spacecraft and the cylons

  • Check out the Timeline to be sure of all events leading up to PCH-01 (Start of the sim)

  • Is your character religious? Check out the Sacred Scrolls of Pythia