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Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen

Name Eza Bergen PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Age 29
Starfleet Service Number EB-24744210-R
Personnel Quarters Deck 12 | Cabin 112

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Bergen-Zula-India-4-7-Delta
Voice Authorization Code Bergen-Alpha-Tau-9-4

Physical Appearance

Height 1.89 m
Weight 85 kg
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Lean and not overly muscular Bergen keeps fit but generally favours physical activity over a rigours workout regime. His dark hair is kept short and while he is normally clean shaven he has grown a beard at various times. He has the notable spotting pattern common of Trills.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Generally an introvert Eza sometimes struggles to open up in new social environments. A bit of a homebody he often will spend off-hours in his quarters readings as opposed to large social settings. As his career has continued and he has taken on more leadership roles he has become more outgoing and assertive.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Bergen has some ambitions for leadership roles and possibly even command, however a senior research position is a current major ambitions. Hobbies include reading and puzzles, and generally outdoors actives with a vubstainal preference for the real world over the holo-deck. Hiking in the mountains, tennis, and volleyball are among his personal favourites.
Strengths and Weaknesses Quick wit and strong scientific mind Eza is well versed in many of the biological based scientific disciplines. After moving into the Assistant Chief role he began to branch out into other fields of science to expand his knowledge. Despite frequently referring to himself as "not an engineer" he is moderately versed in the technical aspects of Starship operations and repair.

His introverted nature can lead him to not speak up in some situations, while he has worked to improve this especially as he has increased in rank. He has a general distain for combat and only maintains the minimal standards for weapons certifications.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father
Misnea Bergen, Associate Justice
Trill 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

Captain Jadzem Bergen
Starfleet Retired

Doctor Kysor Bergen, MD
Wyner General Hospital, New Aberdeen Colony

Commander Sanyda McGonag
Executive Officer, USS Kysor (Nebula-class)

Maternal Aunt
Deputy Minister Velorra Paneer
Trill Science Ministry

Pre-Starfleet History

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Eza was born 2360 to Misnea and Jadzem Bergen on Trill. Their third child Jadzem was a Starfleet officer, serving as XO of the USS Georgia at the time, and Misnea was a recently elevated Judge on Trill.

As Jadzem was serving most of Bergens early years were spent on Trill being raised mainly by his father. As he was entering school his mother retired and settled on Trill with the family, just as his older Brother was heading into university.

Growing up Bergen was an inquisitive child, his mother's sister a Scientist always helped foster this curiosity and would often take him with her on scientific expedition as he was entering his teens.

Somewhat introverted, Bergen struggled a bit with friends in school, preferring to maintain a small close knit circle of friends as he grew older. His scores on his exams were enough to earn him an offer from the Trill Science Institute, however he opted to take the Starfleet entrance exam and was accepted into the Science stream.

The academy life proved to be a significant switch for Bergen. He threw himself into the academic work, but sacrificed the social aspects. Entering his second year he had few if any real friends, and considered dropping out. His sister, Sanyda, a serving Starfleet officer talked him out of withdrawing, and pushed him to try to be more social.

Joining the Chess club and Tennis team helped Bergen come out of his shell, by the time he graduated the Academy he was Captain of the team and head of the chess club. Graduating opted out a Fleet appointment and returned to Trill being accepted into the Exobiology Doctoral program at the Trill Science Institute.

His advisor, a Starfleet Commander T'Pyll, who had recently completed the Vissa Fellowship on her homeward of Vulcan, pushed the team very hard, the expectation was at least 15 hour days, and while many in the cohort advised by her dropped or transferred to other advisors Bergen threw himself into the work. He completed his PhD in two years, and successfully defended his thesis on the effect of warp travel of space based lifeforms.

He was then assigned as an Exobiologist aboard the Cardiff-class USS Eindhoven. The Eindhoven was preparing to undergo a three year deep space exploration tour into rimward region of the Alpha quadrant high in the galactic plain. The Eindhoven under the command of Captain Eugenia Koltz, an experienced explorer and scientist. The ship completed in-depth survey and mapping of over a 1000 light-year, and made first contact with 13 different races. Two years into the mission Bergen was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made Assistant Chief Science Officer. He also completed post-doc research on the effects of extragalactic radiation on humanoid life-forms.

When the Eindhoven returned to Federation space she underwent a 3-month refit and was then assigned to a joint exploratory group with the Cardassians conducting research on several local phenomena with the union.

In mid 2389 the Eindhoven went in for an extended refit following heavy damage due suffered while surveying a binary pulsar, Bergen was then assigned as Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Ulysses.
Service Record
2378-2382 - Science Cadet

2382-2384 - Doctoral Studies, Trill Science Institute - Exobiology
2384-2386 - Exobiologist, USS Eindhoven (Cardiff-class)

2386-2389 - Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Eindhoven (Cardiff-class)
2389-2389- Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Ulysses (Galaxy-class)
2389-Pres - Chief Science Officer, USS Nogura (Sovereign-class)