Lieutenant Commander Josue Torres

Name Josue Angel Torres

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33
Starfleet Service Number JT-15198505-A7
Personnel Quarters Deck 2 Interior Port

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Torres-9-7-Bravo-Echo
Voice Authorization Code Torres-Lambda-Four-Four

Physical Appearance

Height 186 cm
Weight 78 kg
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Josue is a tall man, with a trim, athletic physique. He has olive skin, stylishly cut dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He is handsome, and masculine, with strong features, and a deep voice. He has no scars, or tattoos speaks with a mild Cuban accent and is left-handed.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Josue is a strong-willed man, with a tendency to set near-impossible goals for himself, and also expects too much from those around him. With that said, he also has a gift for motivation that allows him to shape the people working with him, and helping to build them up so that they do reach those expectations, and even exceeds them. A true team builder, and motivator he can find himself in a difficult situation, with a team he knows hardly at all, and turn it all around, ensuring that every member of the team feels that they have contributed in a meaningful way. His career is very important to him, and he takes it very seriously, ensuring that the work needed to see it progress is put in, and that it is done to the best of his ability at all times.

Off-duty, Josue shows a very different side of himself. From the straight-laced stoic he transitions fluidly into a happy-go-lucky, outgoing, flirtatious man, with a strong sense of fun, and exploration. Able to insert himself into any crowd and feel at home he tends to find ways to get to know even the shyest people, and help them open up, and feel like they are part of the party. His love of music, and dance, instilled in him from a young age, ensures that even in a boring situation, he can usually find a way to liven it up.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Josue is on track to achieve his strongest goal, the advancement to a command of his own. His grandmother, Pilar, achieved the rank of Commodore early in her career and cautioned him growing up never to allow that to happen, but to climb to command as soon as he could if he ever got the chance.

Josue has many interests, most of them sports-related, with soccer, and boxing being his favorites, he also loves music, and dancing, as well as good food.
Strengths and Weaknesses Intelligent
Overly Flirtatious

Specialist Profiles

Annual Starfleet Performance Review Subject: Torres, Josue Angel
Score: 9.75/10
Comments: Torres acquits himself well in his duties, is a strong team lead, and works well with members of the command team. Organizational opportunities exist but are not overly detrimental.
Starfleet Medical Physiological Profile Subject: Torres, Josue Angel
Score: 10/10
Comments: Subject Torres maintains himself in a high state of physical fitness, which has not wavered from exam to exam.
Surgeries: None
Allergies: Strong allergy to shellfish, mild allergy to tri-ox compound, suggest use of breather masks.
Starfleet Medical Psychological Profile Subject: Torres, Josue Angel
Score: 8.5/10
Comments: Torres is stable, and fit for duty. He shows a slight tendency to temper in stressful situations but manages to find ways to exercise this without undue negative impact on others. Tends to disorganization when not stimulated, and can find his mind wandering if he does not have clear goals. Has been given tools to help him combat this and shows promise as can be seen in addendum to this review.

Family History

Family Santiago Torres M.D. (Father)
Lidia Torres M.D. (Mother)
Juan Paulo Torres (Brother, Science Officer)
Pilar Diaz (Maternal Grandmother)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Josue was born in Havana, Cuba, the second child of Santiago, and Lidia Torres, and younger brother to then nine-year-old Juan Paulo. Only one member of his family had ever been in Starfleet, with both of his parents being doctors at a local hospital. Being left in the care of their grandparents, especially their grandmother, Pilar, however, was a strong influence on both boys, explaining how both would eventually enter Starfleet later on in life.

As a young boy, Josue would spend as much of his time at the beach as he could, badgering his brother to take him as often as they could get away with it, and spending hours swimming, playing in the sand, and diving, learning about the many different forms of life there were in the ocean. His passion for learning and his love of science would be born there, on the beaches of Havana.

In school, Josue was a devoted student, even in classes most of his peers would consider boring or a waste of time. Instead of laughing, and cutting up, disrupting the class, Josue would devote his full attention to his lessons and give his best effort on every assignment, even doing his best to influence those around him to do the same. On the playground, however, he was a different boy altogether. Wild, free, and playful, he would flit from one area to another, playing soccer one minute, and then climbing the jungle gym the next, before finally switching it up to play some basketball.

This versatility would serve him well as he progressed in school, helping him learn how to divide his attention effectively to achieve his goals. Once he got to middle school he would begin to take play a little more seriously as well, going out or the school track team, and the soccer team as well, and even get involved in the student council in a small way. His coursework would also begin to mature, with him taking more serious studies to prepare him for his eventual entry into more advanced education. It was also at this time that Josue’s brother entered Starfleet, as an engineer, and inspiring an even greater drive in him to do something similar.

In high school, Josue began to take serious stock of what he truly wanted his future to look like. He’d already decided that he wanted to join Starfleet, but now, he really needed to lock down in what capacity. His grandmother, Pilar, had been in the Command track from the very first day she joined the Academy, and his brother, Juan Paulo, had chosen Engineering, but really, neither of those seemed a good fit for him. It was during a discussion with his guidance counselor that she brought up his long-held love of science, which she also commented shone quite brightly in his accomplishments in his science-based classes, as well as his awards and accolades from science fairs throughout his educational career.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Two years later Josue stepped onto the campus of Starfleet Academy, for the first time, as a brand new science cadet, taking the first steps in what would become a four year path into the most interesting adventure he could ever have imagined. From the very first day he put his skills in self-discipline to good use, devoting as much of his time as was possible to his studies, and his fitness, eschewing more frivolous matters, such as having a personal life, or friendships beyond simple acquaintances in class. This changed, however, during his second year at the academy. Faced with the fact that he was settling into a burn-out, and potential depression, Josue sought out a solution.

That solution came by way of a campus club, the Young Daystroms, with a strong focus on science-related projects, and events. In the first year of being a part of that club he’d won two awards, and found himself in a position of leadership that would translate into a huge boost of confidence for him when it came to his more advanced courses, and team building expectations in his third year at the Academy.

It was during that third year that Josue truly began to shine. His academic accomplishments had spoken for themselves all along, but his tendency to self-isolate had been worrisome to more than a few of his instructors. Now, however, they saw a completely different side of him. He truly began to come out of his shell, and come into his own, stepping up in group activities in ways they hadn’t seen previously, and even taking charge when he felt the situation warranted it.

His fourth year at the Academy came as a surprise to Josue. Instead of the usual planet-based curriculum, he was assigned to the USS Archimedes, for a Cadet cruise, a position only given to those who have shown extraordinary fitness in their chosen field. He was both thrilled, and simultaneously incredibly nervous about the opportunity. He knew it was here that he would prove himself more than at any other point in his time at the Academy, and strove to do the best possible to show himself worthy of the trust they’d placed in him.

When his year aboard the Archimedes came to an end, and graduation was at hand, he left the ship feeling that he had accomplished more than he ever could have had he still be on campus, and had gained experience, including making some mistakes, that had helped mold him in ways he couldn’t have dreamed of. He walked the stage with a smile, and a swelling of pride in his heart that showed in every glance, every movement he made.

After graduation, Josue would be assigned to the USS Budapest, as a science officer, skipping the junior position due to his cadet cruise, but still being granted only the rank of Ensign, serving under a Vulcan Chief Science Officer named Satep, who would have a truly instrumental role in Josue’s career.

While Satep was a dispassionate, acerbic, and arrogant man, he was also a supremely capable science officer, and one who strove at all times to instill confidence, and discipline in his department. He saw something unrefined in Josue and began to work on honing it, bringing it out where it could be most useful, and by the time his first year was over on the Budapest, Josue was already the team lead for one of the ship’s major research projects, showing a true talent for the work, and motivating the team to accomplish the goals set by Satep in ways that impressed even him.

His posting to the Budapest would continue for another six years until he was twenty-eight years old. During that time Josue would work his way into a senior position in the science department on the ship, and also earn himself a series of promotions up to that of full lieutenant, at the request of the ship’s command crew. From there he would be transferred to the USS Wyoming, to serve under Lieutenant Commander Adeyemi, as he assistant chief science officer.

Aboard the Wyoming Josue would achieve his first crushing sense of defeat since joining Starfleet. A departmental argument, born from a misplaced sense of ownership of a project, would lead to a total breakdown in the workflow that would see the project completely fail, and find Josue in the ship’s sickbay with a fractured nose from a rather surprisingly strong jab thrown by the arguments instigator. Josue had been tasked with mediating the dispute by Commander Adeyemi, and in the end, she held him fully responsible, even requesting that he be removed from his position as her assistant because of how badly he had handled the situation.

A series of discussions with the ship’s command crew cleared Josue of any wrong-doing and ensured he would remain where he was, as it became clear that the parties involved had been involved in similar disputes when at the Academy, and they had never resolved amicably then either. This was a small victory in Josue’s eyes, as he ultimately planned to make his way into a command position, so he began seeking out the ship’s Grazerite executive officer, Commander Tarsha-Elye on a regular basis, and mentoring with her.

Over the three years he would spend on the Wyoming Josue would gain much knowledge from both Adeyemi, who eventually came around to see him as a valuable asset, and promising officer, and Tarsha-Ele as well, who would continue to mentor him, and help him learn the skills he would need to be a competent, and strong department head, and also help him maintain a firm heading on his path to command. It was with this knowledge in hand that he would be transferred to the Oberth-clas USS Jetanien, as her Chief Science Officer, and an increase in rank from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander.

It would be while stationed on the Jetanien that Josue would find himself caught up in the massive Borg incursion that would come close to the total destruction of Starfleet. An encounter with a Borg Probe ship would lead to the death of most of the ship’s crew, and leave Josue in command of the remaining crew, trying to limp the tiny vessel as far away from the fighting as possible so that they could attempt to find help. It was only sheer luck that allowed them to somehow find their way inside sensor range of the USS Nogura, the ship that would rescue them from almost certain death, and also lead to Josue’s field promotion to Commander, and his installation as the ship’s executive officer.

Service Record Starfleet Academy - 4 yrs (Science Cadet)
Cadet I-III - Earth
Cadet IV - USS Archimedes (Science Cadet)
USS Budapest - 6 yrs (Science Officer)
USS Wyoming - 3 yrs (Assistant Chief Science Officer)
USS Jetanien - 2 yrs (Chief Science Officer)
Lieutenant Commander
USS Nogura - Current (Executive Officer)