Lieutenant Saoirse Calligan

Name Saoirse Calligan MS

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32
Starfleet Service Number SD-16138323-B1
Personnel Quarters 12

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Calligan-2-7-sigma-zeta
Voice Authorization Code Calligan-one-four-niner-epsilon

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 160lbs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Dark brown
Physical Description Saoirse is a petite, olive-skinned, human female with naturally straight dark brunette hair and brown eyes. She wears a light application of make-up on duty, preferring to use only concealer and eyeliner. Off duty, given the setting, she likes to upgrade her light eyeliner style for a dark smokey eyed look.

On duty, she wears the standard regulation teal divisional uniform with heels. Depending on the time she usually braids her hair in some way, preferring to use smaller braids to hold her hair out of her eyes. She always wears a french plait when on away missions. Off-duty she typically wears skinny jeans, boots, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a sleeveless longline cardigan; the clothing she was wearing when Nogura rescued her.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Saoirse is a strong-willed human female who is steadfast in achieving her goals. She is dedicated to her career with Starfleet and is grateful for the opportunity the organisation presents her. She is strong-willed and stubborn, sometimes to her detriment. However, her intentions are always positive. She works well with others usually, but when there’s pressure, she can become short and sarcastic. She never falters from her duty though and will always aim for perfection.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Saoirse one day hoped to command her own vessel. Post invasion, Saoirse's only ambition was to push back to Borg and liberate Federation space.

Due to her specialisation in biotechnology, it’s not surprising that Saoirse had an interest in the Borg Collective. Before the invasion, she had made it her mission to read as many journals on the collective as possible. She acknowledged that despite the threat they posed, they were a unique species, with a unique application of technology and it intrigued the young scientist. Now, post-invasion, she’s still as interested but uses her knowledge to help thwart the Collective’s push.

When relaxing she typically likes to hang around others but remain on the periphery, often reading or engaging in small talk with those around her. However, she will, over time, forge close relationships with select colleagues and will actively participate in celebrations.
Strengths and Weaknesses Although on paper Saoirse is a biologist with further qualifications in biotechnology. Due, in part, to her obsession with the Collective she has a fundamental grasp on both physics and chemistry. Typically she is strong-willed and disciplined and runs her department to a high standard.

She is also a compassionate woman and is always willing to give everybody one chance, specifically if they demonstrate a willingness to improve. For the most part, she can manage her emotions, but since the invasion, she has become prone to outbursts due to irritation or impatience when under pressure.

She struggles to forgive anyone who fails on their second chance but will begrudgingly, with plenty of sarcasm, tolerate their company if ordered too. Over time, she will typically ease up, specifically when impressed.

A strict pacifist before the invasion, Saoirse is eager to be a part of the fightback, willing to explore every avenue to ensure a Federation resurgence and eventually the liberation of all races within their home quadrants.

Specialist Profiles

Annual Starfleet Performance Review Subject: Calligan, Saoirse
Score: 9.2/10
Comments: Calligan is typically a professional officer who seemingly takes great enjoyment in conducting her work. She does have issues with her conduct during high-pressure situations but has never failed to complete a task despite this. Given the rarity, no formal intervention is necessary.
Starfleet Medical Physiological Profile Subject: Calligan, Saoirse
Score: 8.5/10
Comments: Despite adhering to Starfleet’s minimum requirements, Calligan avoids any exercise that isn’t deemed necessary, preferring to use her time to work.
Starfleet Medical Psychological Profile Subject: Calligan, Saoirse
Score: 8.6/10
Comments: Typically, Calligan is a well-adjusted individual with a clear set of goals. The only concern is her ability to manage her anxieties during high-stress situations. overtime she adjusts and begins to relax, but there is concern that she may need intervention if she doesn’t focus on managing those feelings.

Family History

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Born in the city of Derry November 2355, Saoirse was the first child to be welcomed into the newly formed Calligan family. Fionn Calligan and Orla O'Sullivan had gotten married just one year before, after meeting on assignment three years prior. At the time they had met Fionn was a Lieutenant within the engineering department and Orla was a civilian biology specialist. Saoirse had been a welcome addition to the household, and for the first year of her life, her father took extended leave, while her mother began to work from home to be present for their daughters' first moments.

The first ten years of Saoirse’s life were relatively stable, at least in terms of routine. Once she was toddling her father had returned to assignment aboard the USS Birmingham, an Excelsior-class cruiser posted out deep within federation space acting as a picket ship. Her mother had continued working from home until her daughter was four, at which point she returned to working for Starfleet; this time at the Academy. For the next six years, when not at school, Saoirse would usually be cared for by her maternal Grandmother Roisin O’Sullivan, a retired Starfleet Yeoman.

Although she missed her parents during these earlier years, Saoirse got by relatively well. Whilst her mother and father tried they couldn’t always make it for special occasions but her grandmother always made up for it. Saoirse would go on to reflect in later life that she had missed her parents profoundly and despite her best efforts, her grandmother wasn’t able to fill the gap.

When she was around nine years old her mother returned home with news that she was pregnant. During the early stages when her mother was still in her first trimester, Saoirse and Orla would spend a lot of time together making Saoirse incredibly happy. As the pregnancy progressed though Orla would grow incredibly fatigued due to an iron deficiency which led to a return of her ever-present grandmother, so her mother could rest.

One day before Saoirse’s tenth birthday Orla went into labour and for the first time in her life, she spent her birthday without her parents. Even the efforts of her best friend Padraig did little to liven her spirits. Two days later, when her parents returned with Aoife, Saoirse threw one of the few tantrums of her life, complaining that it had made her very sad not to see her parents on her birthday and that she didn’t want a little sister.

The next few months were difficult and though Saoirse was never malicious she refused to engage with Aoife. No matter how hard her parents tried they couldn’t quite seem to coerce her into bonding. Until she did. Seemingly out of nowhere Saoirse decided she now wanted a sister and from then the pair were almost inseparable.

When Aoife was one Saoirse entered into high school attending Lisneal College. At first, she struggled, the expectations were suddenly higher than before and Saoirse, despite being bright, struggled to acclimate. Eventually, though she began to enjoy school and found herself particularly interested in biology, computers and mathematics. She would begin to form a social circle with Padraig and a few others but still made sure she had some time set aside for Aoife.

By the time she hit her transition year at fifteen years old, Saoirse was certain her future lay in Starfleet. A year of non-academic schooling, the transition year was more focused on teaching teenagers valuable life skills such as self-defence, first aid, cooking and, after she’d turned sixteen, driving. The idea behind it was to ensure the young would eventually complete high-school with more than an academic knowledge and skill set.

During her senior cycle, she returned to academia, now with a renewed focus to get the grades she needed to qualify for the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. For the next two years, Saoirse studied English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, physics, engineering and classical studies. The extensive workload took a while for Saoirse to adapt to but she would go to graduate with marks on an average of 99%; granting her the grades she needed for Starfleet.

And so, she spent the summer after graduating secondary school preparing for the upcoming entrance exam. She still made sure to spare time for Aoife though and would regularly have movies with her sister. Despite their start, Aoife would be the hardest part of leaving home, and it was with teary eyes that she left with her father for a weekend in San Francisco before the entrance exam. The reality of the outcome had finally become clear to Saoirse and she would miss her sister more during this time than she would go on to when she officially enrolled.

Of course, her application had been accepted and she went on to spend the final two weeks of summer surrounded by her family. On the day before she was due to leave they held an intimate gathering consisting of her paternal grandparents and her grandmother Roisin, alongside a couple of her school friends such as Padraig. Now she was 18 her parents had allowed her to get merry and Saoirse may have had a tad too much leading to many tearful promises that she’d keep in touch. The day after, with the first hangover of her life, Saoirse made her way to San Francisco to begin her career with Starfleet.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History 2373-2377 SFA Sciences Biology Track

Saoirse would look back on her academy years fondly. It was the first time she was able to explore who she was without her family and whilst she missed them greatly she found independence suited her well. Halfway through her first year, due to her progress in biology, Saoirse was invited to the Young Daystroms, where she would meet Josue Torres. The two would never become more than acquaintances but to Saoirse, at the time he was considered a role model.

Her second, third and fourth years were a blur for the Irishwoman. She’d discovered an interest for Biotech and during her third year, her interest would extend to the borg collective. She began to take up computer science and engineering minors in pursuit of further understanding of biotechnological theory. It was during her final exams that Saoirse first exhibited her inability to deal with high-stress situations. Although she passed with exceptional grades the journey during those last few months had been difficult. So much so that she’d met with the Commandant on two occasions for inappropriately challenging her instructors.

2377-2378: SFA Advanced Sciences, Biotechnology track.

Despite her outbursts, it was acknowledged that Saoirse had the potential to be a brilliant officer if nurtured correctly. She spent her first year as an Ensign completing further study at the Academy, which would see her leave one year later with the equivalent of a master in biotechnology. She enjoyed the more practical elements of the course and was pleased that several modules covered the Collective.

2378-2381: USS Diligence, Miranda Class, Science Officer

Her first true assignment, the USS Diligence, was a Miranda class light cruiser that operated as a medical support frigate, usually one of the first to respond to local crises. Typically these were minor incidents, but throughout her three-year tenure, she did encounter several notable missions. The worst and the one she remembered with most clarity were the events that lead to the quarantine of Upsilon V.

A remote colony world on the fringes of Federation space. Upsilon V was inhabited by a small commune of individuals eager to get out from under the Federations gaze. This was due to the argument that nanites could develop sentience, now a topic of great sensitivity within Federation, after they’d been forced to consider artificial sentience in Commander Data, the Second Officer of the USS Enterprise who had died stopping Shinzon.

The Upsilonae, as they referred to themselves, thought they could circumvent that sentience and create what they referred to as “dumb nanites”. This failed, the nanites achieved sentience and began to infect the Upsilonae, using their matter to replicate, resulting in certain death overtime. By the time the Diligence arrived under the order of Captain Roberts Saoirse broadcast a frequency that hijacked the nanites CPU’s and bricked them. 10% of the Upsilon V population survived.

For the next couple of weeks, Saoirse was attached to a team assigned with the task of removing the nanites from the 5% of the population that had been in the early stages before the broadcast. This event marked Saoirse’s third year with the Diligence and after they’d wrapped up the science officer decided to try and gain a more serious promotion aboard a larger ship. Something that had a more scientific mandate.

2381-2385: USS Atlas, Galaxy Class, Asst. Chief Science Officer

The USS Atlas was a Galaxy-class cruiser, with a more exploratory mandate than the Diligence, and that suited Saoirse just fine. For most of her time with the vessel as it’s Assistant Chief, she had the opportunity to work on her leadership skills. She would regularly run the beta shift and got to oversee several projects. With regards to personal projects, she spent her time examining any new fauna they encountered.

By her fourth year, the vessel had been a relatively relaxed assignment. Their scope of exploration never took them too close to danger and they mostly catalogued planets within Federation space that hadn’t been surveyed yet. That was until they encountered an unusual star that emitted only UV light, casting an ethereal purple glow over its system. Initially, they anticipated the system to be dead, but then, they stumbled upon an abandoned facility.

Being assigned to an away team that consisted of herself, the Chief Science Officer Lt Peterson, and two security officers, CPO’s Dawson and K’var, Saoirse beamed down to the facility to gather intel for a preliminary report. Things had started okay, it was eerily empty, but they eventually reactivated power and began to upload their findings to the Atlas’ database. It wasn’t plain sailing though. Within an hour of their arrival, they encountered a species only referred to as X.

Hyper predators, the only intel gathered was the first case accounts of the survivors. Saoirse and CPO K’Var, who both took two weeks leave post-incident to recover both mentally and psychologically. Once recovered she put in her preliminary report suggesting that the entire system be quarantined; a request the admiralty accepted eagerly.

2385-2387: USS Atlas, Galaxy Class, Chief Science Officer,

With Lt Peterson deceased, Saoirse was offered the role of Chief Science Officer. Initially, she was reluctant to accept the role, feeling guilt at taking the place of a man she’d watched die. However, just before her fourteen-day grace period was over she accepted, Aoife could be quite persuasive.

Over time, and with a little help from the Chief Counsellor, Saoirse began to flourish in her role but also started to withdraw socially, and becoming more formal with the officers around her whenever they were on duty. She still stuck to friends she had made before her promotion, but she hadn’t been looking to form anything more than a professional bond unwilling to experience that pain again, should something happen.

The rest of her posting on the Atlas was easygoing, aside for the Attack on Mars. But then, that had impacted everyone within the Federation in profound ways. Saoirse was also impacted by the deactivation of Commander Data. An inspirational figure for the scientist who she had one day hoped to meet. It hung over her like a cloud for the last two years of her time with the ship; during the first few weeks, she’d considered resigning her post.

But she persevered, the Atlas was nowhere near the Sol system and had carried on with its work amidst the chaos.

2387-Current: USS Nogura, Galaxy Class, Chief Science Officer

Aoife graduated from the Mars Memorial technical college ready to begin her career as a crewman with Starfleet. After pulling a few strings the Crewman 1st Class would be joining the USS Atlas as an Operations Technician. Thrilled, Saoirse secured two weeks leave to attend her sisters passing out parade and to personally escort her to their shared assignment.

To accomplish this Saoirse had acquired an ageing Vulcan long-range shuttle that her family had acquired many years early and had taken great efforts to refit with a modest living space to the rear. Unfortunately, not long into their journey, the sisters discovered the Borg attack and upon discovering their ships on their limited sensors, the two sisters programmed the warp sledge component of their vehicle to jump out of the system. With the remaining shuttle pod, they reduced their power and hid within the upper atmosphere of a nearby class J planet hoping to be found by a passing Federation ship.
Service Record 2373-2377 SFA Sciences Biology Track
2377-2378: SFA Advanced Sciences, Biotechnology track.
2378-2381: USS Diligence, Miranda Class, Science Officer
2381-2385: USS Atlas, Galaxy Class, Asst. Chief Science Officer
2385-2387: USS Atlas, Galaxy Class, Chief Science Officer,
2387-Current: USS Nogura, Galaxy Class, Chief Science Officer