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Lieutenant Commander Zar

Name Zar

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 44
Starfleet Service Number SV-505-49-4117
Personnel Quarters Deck 3 Section: 21 Alpha

Command Codes

Command Access Authorization Code Proht-Delta-517
Voice Authorization Code Zar-Gamma-Pi-7

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 259 lbs
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour None
Physical Description Zar is one of the tallest members of his family standing @ Six foot five inches, and inherits that height on his mother's side of the family. His eyes are a deep dark blue during the day, and lighten up to a light blue in the evening. He also has a scar on the right side of his cheek from an injury during his training mission aboard the USS Hood. Once his shirt is removed he also has a scar on his upper left shoulder from a disruptor blast from a Klingon Disruptor. He also has a slight build on his abs and pecks, and has faint blue hairs across his chest, arms and legs and all the way down to his ankles.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Zar is usually a strict looking individual but that's because he wants to make sure that your genuine before he opens up to you. He also his very warm and loving once you get past his walls, but once you betray his trust he is unforgiving. He prides himself in his family heritage and history dispite not walking in what his family wanted him to do. He enjoys a good fight and argument, just for the sake of arguing. He takes his duties very seriously, and he doesn't mind taking the heat when do what is right when other say it is the wrong thing to do.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Zar enjoys listening to classical Bolian and Earth music, and often listens to Klingon Opera. He also enjoys collecting pieces of art and also building model ships from Earth and Bolian history.

Specialist Profiles

Annual Starfleet Performance Review Commander Georgina Graves: Commanding Officer: Outpost 275

I find myself writing this performance review as one of the most important reviews I have written in my Starfleet Career. Normally the officers that I have been assigned over have been borderline okay, or either fresh out of the academy. Being placed as an outpost on the outer edges of Federation space does not give us first precedence to the cream of the crop personal. I thought the exact same way when Lieutenant Commander Zar was transferred under my care, I remember the conversation I had with an Admiral Holtz; he felt like given the circumstances any one of us would done the same thing to save a group of people, but are not brave enough to break the rules. When Commander Zar arrived, I found a man who looked as if he had been broken; and the cares of the entire world were on his shoulders. I can understand how he felt, because I read his personal file over and over and over again.

Since his arrival Commander Zar has thrown himself into his duties, and actually made vast improvements to the outpost; he worked diligently with the engineering crews, and managed to bring critical updates through the routine supply runs. In four months time Commander Zar has managed to bring in the supplies to update all the outdated EPS relays on the stations, added four additional worker bee's to upgrade all sensor nodes and networks. Two months ago we received all the updated panels that we needed in our operations center. He also made sure that our 60 year old phaser systems were also updated and somehow managed to attach three additional cargo shuttle craft to our outpost. I can certainly say that I am so very proud of the work that he has done, and he has also taken the time to teach our tactical and security officer who himself has improved in his work duties. I know what Commander Zar has done in the past, however I truly believe from the work I have seen from him these past two years, that Starfleet is under utilizing his talents and that he has served his punishment out.

As much as I do not want to loose a valuable officer like him, I do believe his talents are not being used to his fullest ability, so therefore I am giving my full endorsement to any ship or base that can utilize him to the fullest of his ability. No matter what he has done in his past, it does not define him as a man and as a officer.

Commander Georgina Graves
Starfleet Medical Physiological Profile Lieutenant Daniel Hart: Chief Medical Officer: USS Rutherford.

Commander Zar has been with us for over six months now, and has extensively tried to evade his five year physical. However when I finally cornered him down he started passing with flying colors. I checked him over for any muscle sprains or tears and I have discovered nothing, he is currently up today on a few of his inoculations; and I was able to administer a few more to him. I also double checked his wounds he said he received during the Klingon Federation War and also the Dominion War., and he says that they do not pain him. I also suggested that I could remove them but he quickly objected as he stated it was a badge of honor to remember those who served and died.

I see no reason to with hold Commander Zar from his command duties, he seems to be pretty nice once you get underneath that hard personalty that he likes do display. I am placing his next medical exam five years out for 2389, and whoever wants to deal with him good luck as he surely dodge every attempt.

Family History

Family Mother: Council Member Julza (Representative of Bolarus IX)
Father: Commodore Kelzar: Head of Operations for the 9th Fleet.
Brother: Lt. Polzar (CTO USS Virginia)
Sister: Ens Zajula (Cargo Shuttle Pilot: Starbase 12)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Zar was born in 23 to one of the traditional Bolian families on Bolarus IX, the Proht's who were known for their many generations of children working in the Bolarus political structure; and were also know as some of the finest educators and inventors in Bolarus history. In fact the Proht's were one of the ruling Monarchical families when the Bolian people were dealing with their middle age periods. The Proht's were actually one of the ruling families that joined forces with the Brott's and the Krhot's to unify the planet in the spirit of peace and end the decades of wars and civil wars across the planet. When world wide peace was declared the Prohts were actually the first ruling presidents for the next two hundred years.

When the Bolian's discovered warp drive and were contacted by the Vulcan people nearly 100 years later the Prohts were tapped in leading diplomatic talks. Even when Bolarus joined the Federation the Prohts were tapped to lead all diplomatic efforts, and became the first diplomats and council members to the Federation. Zar's mother Julza was a Federation Ambassador when she met then Commander Kelzar Commanding Officer of Starbase 29. A diplomatic trade conference was taking place on the base and Commadner Kelzar was representing Starfleet during the talks. The two of them fell in love and soon married and Julza gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the family ancestral home on Bolarus.

Zar did not grow up as traditional Bolarus children do, because of his family status he was placed in the finest of schools for education and training into the family business (politics). The first born child usually walked in the footsteps of tradition in which the family was known for; and for the Prohts that was diplomacy and politics. At the age of 12 Zar's mother was elected to the Federation Council representing Bolarus Prime, Zar's family was transferred to Earth where not only he received a culture shock but was the first time that he left his ancestral home.

When Zar turned 15 years old, he spoke with his mother and father and asked if he could pursue a career in Starfleet, as he wanted to break away from tradition and follow his own path. His father was supportive of his idea but his mother was not; she had been guided by tradition all her life and with her father the family Patriarch still alive, she knew the disastrous repercussions that would happen should he follow his path. If a first born child rejected the traditions of the family, he would be disowned and his family name would be stripped from him; and he would be forced to go throughout the universe with one name.

His mother Julza did not want that for her son and asked him to reconsider his decision and in time would learn to accept his path. Zar slowly started to rebel against his teachings and was turning into a rebel. At 15 he was arrested for stealing and soon joined a gang of kids, that bullied and beat up other kids for fun. At one point when he turned 18 years old he stole a shuttlecraft just to show off for his friends, and each time he was given a warning because of his mother's position. He was brought before a judge and was warned that another offense would land him in prison for the next ten years.

Fearful of her son's path she turned to her father and expressed her son's wishes. Zar's grandfather was angry and started to cast him out of the family, when Zar's father Kelzar stepped in. He suggested that Zar be allowed to join Starfleet as it would provide the training that he needs to lead the family. He said that Zar could not lead the family if he was not taught how to lead, and that he needed to grow apart of family tradition. After much conversation Zar's grandfather agreed to the change in tradition he was allowed to join Starfleet soon as he graduated from school.

Even though Zar rebelled he managed to keep his grades up in school, and where as everyone he hung out with were held back; he managed to graduate with honors, despite his criminal record.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Starfleet Academy (2363-2367)

As a freshman cadet, Zar was assigned to team Delta 5 under the leadership of Junior Cadet Fredrick Powers, as most of the team had graduated the previous year. On his team was Sophomore cadets Alice Rogers and Sturek , and cadet Henry Brooks. A team once noted for its long standing tradition of being the party team, Cadet Powers saw to maintaining that tradition as Delta 5 hosted a party nearly every weekend. In fact one party got so out of hand that all 200 hundred cadets that were at the party were forced to clean every classroom and hall at the Academy. Zar wasn't expected to become a legend so soon at the academy, but his fate was sealed when he earned the nick name Warp Core (Story for another time)

During his first year at the academy Zar focused on diplomatic studies as his minor and his major was a focus on Engineering and Advanced Tactical Training. He found a love for 3-D chess, and was also come to be known as a good pilot.

During his second year as a Sophomore, Delta 5 threw the largest party for their senior most member Fredrick Powers who was graduating and assigned to the USS Buran as their helm officer. They managed to break a standing record as the longest party in Starfleet Academy history (4 days straight). However it was brought to their attention that Delta team would be facing a school suspension if they did not clean up their act. For that reason the school's then commandant Commdore Josephine Grant made Zar leader of the group, and said if he placed one "big blue toe" out of line they would face a board of inquiry and possibly expelled.

Zar brought his team together, and decided to change the tradition of Delta group; and they were no longer going to be known as the party team, but more they were going to be the team to beat in the simulator. Zar trained his team harder than before and found their scores in the simulator at the top of the Academy list. For this reason they threw a party on a much smaller and approved level, yet everyone who was their chanted the name Warp Core.

Zar's Junior year, would be a year of sorrow for his team. They found out that their good friend Fredrick Powers had been killed at the Battle of Wolf 359, but his body was never recovered. It was at the end of his academy year that Zar's grandfather died due to an unreported illness that he kept from his family.

During Zar's senior year he signed up his team to serve on the same training cruise ship the USS Hood (Excelsior Class). Zar was assigned as the CTO for the Rutherford and the rest of his team were given assigned duties. While on their training cruise the Hood was patrolling along the Federation trade lanes and the ship encountered Orion pirates attacking a freighter convoy. The Hood managed to disable two of the four Orion ships, before her shields collapsed and boarding parties beam aboard to take hostages. The Hood's crew fought off the boarding parties, during the repealing action Zar was seriously injured when a Orion welding a knife cut open the right side of his face, during hand to hand combat. It was during that engagement that his team was overrun and five Orions managed to transport to the bridge in which the XO Commander Peters was killed along with the ship's operations officer Lt. Julian Frost.

While resting in sickbay the ship's CO, Captain Robert DeSoto assured the cadet that he did not fail but that he tried his best. He informed Zar that once he graduated from Starfleet Academy that if wanted to serve aboard the Hood he would be welcomed; and he also told Zar that the scar on his face would be a reminder of his hard work and dedication to the cause.

Zar graduated with full honors and near the top of his class 3rd out of 575 cadets, and was awarded a purple heart for his injury to his face. Upon picking his assignment he discovered that he would be assigned to the USS Hood along with his partner in crime Ensign Henry Brooks.

STARFLEET CAREER: (2367-Present)

When Zar and Henry arrived on the Hood, Zar was assigned as a Junior Tactical Officer working on the Gamma and Delta shift twice a week; and the rest Beta and Gamma. While Henry was assigned as a Junior medical officer working the opposite shift of Zar. Zar was disappointed about not working with Henry but at least he was glad that they were able to be roommates together.

In 2368 the Hood was undergoing a minor refit and most of the senior staff was on shore leave when the call came in from Captain Picard to have the Hood join a task force along the Klingon Border. Ensign Zar was appointed as the Acting CTO of the Hood during the blockade of along the Klingon Border to keep Romulans from proving supplies and help to the Duras family.

Because of his role during the Klingon Civil war and his handling of a department despite being short staffed he was awarded a captain's commendation and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

In 2372 the USS Hood was assigned to the Klingon Border due to Captain DeSoto's experience, and it was there that he would make a name for himself aboard the Hood as the Fighting Bolian. It was during this that the Hood was tasked with evacuating civilian personal, and the now Lieutenant Zar who was the Chief Tactical/Security Officer of the Hood found himself personally evacuating people often times forced the fight delaying actions until help arrived. Once Starfleet had evacuated all civilians from the war zones, the Hood was tossed back into battle to stabilize the line.

At the end of the Klingon/Federation war the USS Hood underwent repairs and a major refit to her weapons and space frame, as many Excelsior class starships were heavily damaged and also destroyed during the brief war. Her warp core was upgraded along her with shield systems, impulse engines, and her phasers and sensor arrays. By 2373 the Hood was sent to the Federation/Cardassian border in an established build up due to Jem-Hadar ships coming through the worm hole, and Zar made it his duty to make sure everyone on the Hood was trained to deal with hand to hand combat. He and his security team officers worked and trained, and when war was declared the Hood was sent into battle.

(THE DOMINION WAR 2373-2375)

The USS Hood was attached to the sixth fleet and more than a couple of times found herself behind enemy lines, as the line continue to shift due to the rapid advancement of Cardassian and Jem-Hadar ships. Lieutenant Zar and the ships helmsman Lt. Nancy Starks developed a few creative tactical manuevers,in doing so they were able to make the strengths of the Excelsior class stand out versus her weakness against Cardassian and Jem-Hadar ships. In 2374 the USS Hood participated in Operation Return, and then also fought along side the USS Defiant in the First Battle of Chin'toka. She was slated to join the fleet in the defense of the Chin'toka system during the second battle, but she sustained heavy damage during a fight protecting supply convoy's to the front lines. When the war ended the Hood was apart of Diplomatic negations with Captain DeSoto's experience.

(Post Dominion War/ Reconstruction 2375-2382)

After the war's end the Hood played a major part in helping the rebuilding effort, and Lieutenant Zar found a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. At this time Starfleet was hurting for experienced officers, and so Lt. Cmdr Zar found himself being transferred to Starfleet Academy in teaching Advanced Tactics; and it was also during this time that Zar found himself taking additional classes in engineering and science work. In 2378 after spending three years teaching at the academy, Lt.Cmdr Zar was transferred back to the USS Hood as their Chief of Operations and Second Officer. Life aboard the Hood was busy as the ship was mostly responsible for transporting supplies and personal to different colony worlds; and a year later Lt.Cmdr Zar found himself as the XO of the USS Hood.


In 2382 Captain DeSoto informed Zar of a command position that would be open in a couple of years, and he wanted to make sure that the Bolian officer would be interested in the job. It was rumored that Captain Doubis was seeking for a promotion and a desk job and would be taking over the command of a newly commissioned Nebula class ship to help her step up the ladder. Captain DeSoto informed Zar that he would not be disappointed if he jumped at the chance because it might be years before another change would come up again. Zar asked for a week to think about it, as he himself had grown comfortable with the Hood and was use to Captain DeSoto’s command style; however after speaking with his Mother and Father he agreed to take the position.

In 2381 Lt. Commander Zar transferred to the USS Rutherford as her Executive Officer, and her task would be Deep Space Exploration of the Beta Quadrant. Six months after his arrival on the Rutherford he was promoted to a full Commander, and Cmdr Zar set off to make sure that the Rutherford was operating a peak efficiency. In 2383 Captain Dubois was promoted to Rear Admiral and transferred out Executive Officer of Sector Gamma Hydra. Commander Zar was promoted to the rank of Captain, and took command of the USS Rutherford.
The Rutherford was then transferred to the Alpha Quadrant to chart a newly discovered Sector of space by the USS Delware. The Rutherford spent two years charting the area of space, and as they were two months ahead finishing up they came across a pre-warp civilization. The species were known as the Korelleans, and since they would have finished in two months, took this time to study the pre-warp civilization. A month into the surveying mission the science team noticed that the entire planet was being affected by a plague of Tuberculosis which was killing millions of people on a weekly basis. It was determined that the disease was so advanced that all humanoid life would stop within the next seven months.

Captain Zar argued internally with himself for two weeks, until he decided to take a shuttlecraft and in disguise provide the cure to the Korellean people. Breaking the Prime Directive to save another planet by giving them not only advanced technology to help them quickly replicate the drug but the cure itself. When Captain Zar returned to the Rutherford, his first officer who was “Duty bound” informed Starfleet Command of his actions and Captain Zar was placed under arrest. The Rutherford returned back to Federation space and Captain Zar was placed under a Board of Inquiry.

His two former commanding officers Captain DeSoto and now Vice Admiral Holtz and a few officers spoke at his trail. His senior staff and even his daily logs reflected the struggle that the Bolian captain had while watching those people die. Because of his stellar record the Judge Advocate General reduced his sentence time two years, however he would be stripped of command and reduced in rank to Lieutenant Commander. After the hearing the now Lt. Cmdr Zar was transferred to the penal colony on New Zeeland.

In 2387 Lt. Cmdr Zar was released he was assigned to a backwater outpost on the outer edges of the Federation in the Beta quadrant, he figured that he had failed his family and let them down, but no matter how many times he went over what happened in his mind he still would have done the same thing.
Lt.Cmdr Zar spent two years as the Outpost Operations officer, and since his posting the outpost's CO gave Zar a commendation in restoring Outpost 275 and making her the most operational and efficient outpost in their sector. It was because of this commendation that Lt.Cmdr Zar was offered a position as an operations officer aboard the USS Noguar, he thought long and hard as he had rebuilt his life under Commander Kelly Stewman but later he found out it was her who recommended him for the position; as she said that a decision in which others themselves were not brave enough to take could cast doubt the one who could and did.
Service Record USS Hood NCC-42296
Class: Excelsior Class Starship
Commanding Officer: Captain Robert DeSoto
Service length: 7 years
Positions Held:
Junior Tactical Officer:2367-2368: Rank: Ensign
Assistant Chief Tactical Officer:(2368-2371): Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Tactical/Security Officer: (2371-2374): Lieutenant
Lieutenant Commander (2374-2375)

Starfleet Academy:
Location: Earth
Commanding Officer: Admiral Gareth Holtz
Service Length: 2 years
Position: Professor of Advanced Tactical/Security Tactics (2375-2377)

USS Hood NCC-42296
Class: Excelsior Class Starship
Commanding Officer: Captain Robert DeSoto
Service Length: 3 years
Position: Executive Officer (2377-2380): Commander

USS Rutherford NCC-65828
Class: Nebula Class Starship
Commanding Officer: Captain Harriet Dubois
Service Length: 5 years
Position: Executive Officer (2380-2381)
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Service length: 4 years (2381-2385)

Federation Penal Colony
Location: New Zeland
Period: (2385-2387)

Outpost 275
Commanding Officer: Commander Georgina Graves
Service Length: 2 years
Position: Chief Operations Officer (2387-2389)

USS Nogura NCC-78204-A
Class: Sovereign Class
Commanding Officer: Captain Colby Drayton
Position: Chief Operations Officer (2389-Present)