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Lieutenant Marcus Alexander

Name Marcus Lee Alexander MD

Position Assistant Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29
Starfleet Service Number MA-59784561-JDJ

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 180lbs
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Marcus is a light skinned human male. He is 29 years old. He measure 5'8" with a stern, tone build. His hair is dark brown and cut short with a stubby beard of the same color. His usual stern look makes him appear gruff, but this appears is in contrast to his caring heart.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Marcus appears to many as a gruff individual, but once you get to know him he is caring and outgoing. Even since his days at the academy, Marcus has been known to play practical jokes. He is well known for his sarcasm and southern charm. He has a charming disposition and is a romantic. Never married, Marcus enjoys the bachelor life with in Starfleet.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Marcus wants to continue his service in Starfleet as a Chief Medical Officer in deep space. He one day wants to command a Search and Rescue Starship. Marcus doesn't have any plans of settling down any time soon.
Strengths and Weaknesses Marcus has been declared a medical genius by his superiors. He is sharp minded, quick thinker. He's never been afraid to get his hands dirty.
His biggest weakness is sarcasm. Sometimes he makes people mad, not knowing if he's being serious or not.

Specialist Profiles

Starfleet Medical Physiological Profile Marcus Alexander maintains a healthy well being. No medical conditions throughout his service. Obtained a broken wrist at 11 from playing with brothers. Healed with no complications.

Family History

Family Marcus is the middle child of Admiral Robert Alexander and Marcia Alexander, MD. He an older brother, younger brother, and an older sister. The family traveled across the galaxy due to the father’s various Starfleet assignments. The family were exposed to countless alien species. Their mother would work on the various planets with Doctors Without Borders. The Alexander family became well known. The children grew up both the elite and in the slums of the worlds. These influenced Marcus greatly.

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Marcus was born in the town of Troy, AL on Earth. He was the third child of Richard and Marcia Alexander, MD. Marcus's father was assigned to various Starfleet vessels and Starbases. The family either moved together or Marcia and the children would go without their father. During the Dominion War, Marcia joined the Federation's Doctors Without Borders. The family visited multiple planets providing aid including Betazed, Vulcan, Raeya III, and Qo'nos. Marcus developed many friendships and relations with the native cultures. He also became fluent in several languages. Marcia train her children to assist her in medical relief which influenced Marcus to become a para-rescue specialist and eventually a medical doctor. After the war, Richard was promoted to Admiral and the family returned to Earth. The years passed, and Marcus finally applied to Starfleet academy and to his mother's somewhat disappointment, he accepted the position.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Marcus followed in both of his parents footsteps. He was accepted into Starfleet Academy and soon knew the medical services were his passion. Marcus trained while in his early days at the academy as a combat medic specialist. After graduation, Marcus was assigned to multiple search and rescue missions along the Federation border. He performed in para-rescue missions as well as relief missions. After two years Marcus quickly moved up through the ranks. Marcus's mother convinced him to continue his medical training to become a medical doctor. Marcus then spent the next few years following his mother's advice while serving at Starbase 12. Marcus excelled in medical school and graduated top of his class, specializing in trauma services. He then serviced as a Junior Medical Officer at the Starbase. Marcus's superiors noticed that he surpassed most of his peers in skills. Many attributed to his previous service as a combat medic. Marcus, growing bored with the monotonous life on a starbase requested a transfer to the front lines. With many recommendations, Marcus transferred to the USS Polaris as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the ship mission for deep space exploration. After the USS Polaris was destroyed by the Tzenkethi, Marcus transferred to the USS Columbus as Chief Medical Officer. After the destruction of the Columbus by the Orion Syndicate, Marcus took a leave of absence. He went back to help with the Starfleet reorganization on Raeya III. After his leave, Marcus returned to help with the new Columbus-A. After the Columbus-A was drydocked infinitely, Marcus applied for a transfer to the USS Nogura as Chief Medical Officer.
Service Record 2378: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
2382: Graduated Starfleet Academy
Class Rank 2 of 232
2382: Assigned to USS Lionheart
Ensign: Paramedic/Search and Rescue Officer
2383: USS Lionheart
Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
2385: Graduated Starfleet Medical School
Assigned to Starbase 12
Lieutenant: Junior Medical Officer
2387: Assigned to USS Polaris
Lieutenant: Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2388: Assigned to USS Columbus
Lieutenant: Chief Medical Officer
2389: Assigned to USS Nogura
Lieutenant: Chief Medical Officer