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Lieutenant Gayathri Suresh

Name Gayathri Suresh

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Terran Hybrid

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs
Eye Colour brown
Hair Colour black
Physical Description Suresh has all the typical Vulcan features- pointed ears, upswept eyebrows, but looks generally Eastern Indian (human). She has wavy black hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes framed with dark shading, which gives her an intense, brooding look. She is petite and slender, and very pretty, in a dramatic, intense way. She has a rich Indian accent, and sometimes wears her hair up in a ponytail.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Suresh is quick-thinking and resourceful. She's witty and sometimes very sarcastic, but is also guarded and not open or easy to know. She is efficient, but sometimes swayed by emotion. She always considers it her first priority to help others and save lives and injury, no matter how dangerous (or evil) the patient is. She has something of a challenging, almost prideful attitude, especially towards Vulcans, due to her upbringing, along with a generally very human attitude.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Outside her passion for the medical field, Suresh's hobbies include reading, tabletop RPGs, chemistry, and collecting art. She has a wide knowledge of art history, and is very good at playing the cello. She can speak several languages- English, Hindi, and a little bit of Vulcan. She is very ambitious, and seeks promotion and leadership. She is an avid fantasy reader, and often is seen with at least two fantasy books at hand.
Strengths and Weaknesses Suresh's strengths are that she is intelligent, quick-thinking, resourceful, efficient, clever, has a strong sense of duty, handles responsibility and power very well, handles pressure and drama very well, is generous and helpful, and has a strong sense of intuition. Her weaknesses are that she is prideful, emotionally persuaded, not easy to get along with, can be prejudiced, slightly rebellious and power-hungry, and a perfectionist.

For physical abilities, Suresh is capable of both mind-melds and the Vulcan nerve pinch, but since she was never instructed how to do a mind-meld, she refuses to try, considering it not worth the mental risk. She has used the nerve pinch before in medical emergencies, however, although she highly prefers an anesthetic, considering the nerve pinch a "crude and primal maneuver that should not be used in medical cases unless in emergency".

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Spouse: None
Father: Aditya Suresh
Mother: T'Par
Sibling(s): None

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Suresh's mother, a Vulcan, died in childbirth, leaving her to be raised by her father, a human. She grew up in New Delhi, India, with a normal education. She was very ambitious and curious, and avidly studied chemistry and biology as a child. She never knew any other Vulcans, and as a child was sometimes teased for being a hybrid, which resulted in a semi-conscious challenging arrogance towards Vulcans as she grew up. She started studying to get into Starfleet when she was in middle school, and tried to get in on her first year of college. She didn't get in the first time, but she kept trying and got in on her third try.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Suresh graduated Starfleet when she was 24 and was assigned to the starship Vision as a nurse. Soon after she was assigned, she performed exceptionally well and was promoted several times (also due to the stepping down of the previous Assistant Medical Officer) to Assistant Medical Officer. After that, she was assigned to the starship Solaria for her first assignment as Chief Medical Officer.