Lieutenant JG Danica Vega

Name Danica Jessica Vega

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran
Age 24

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75 M
Weight 63.05
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dirty Blonde
Physical Description Fantastically beautiful, tall, and thin, delicate features and a killer smile; Danica causes people to do double takes. Her mixed race makes her seem a bit more ambiguous than most other humans. Dani is relatively tall and thin, but not waifishly so. She keeps herself in shape usually by jogging, but is not overly muscular or toned. She has light caramel skin that is even except for a distinctive beauty mark on the left side of her chin. Her hair is a wonderfully curly dirty blonde and is worn anywhere from up in a loose bun to out in full glory. Perhaps her most distinctive feature is her eyes which are big pools of captivating blue. When in casual settings, she typically wears necklaces and earings that compliment her outfit.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Full of an energy and assertiveness that denote a confidence beyond her rank and station, Dani glows bright gold to the outside world, in a manner of speaking. She has always been the one to speak up when others wouldn't and has never had a problem putting herself in sticky situations because of fear. She is tougher than most and she is eager to let everyone know it.

She started as an engineer mostly out of her father's example and loves to tinker. Though she isn't afraid to get dirty or hurt, she's the type that always makes sure her nails are clean and her hair is perfect, at least at the beginning of the day. She is, in fact, quite aware of her image and seeks to paint herself in the best light in every situation. At times she fails, but the effort is always there.

As a result of her need to constantly be more responsible than her age would typically call for, Danica can be considered a bit closed and abrupt. This abundance of assertive energy does not, of course, stop her from believing herself still too buttoned up and kind at times when someone tries to take advantage of her. It can, at times, produce something of a constant victim mindset. She is also particularly suspicious of flirtation and suspects that those who do it are shallow and malicious.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Dani wants to be thought of positively by those around her. She seeks to be seen as competent and strong, and very little gives her that more than vocational recognition. She wants rank and position that she feels reflect her abilities.
Running, Climbing, Banter, Socializing, and tinkering
Strengths and Weaknesses + Bold
+ Rational and Practical
+ Perceptive
+ Direct
+ Sociable

- Insensitive
- Impatient
- Risk Prone
- Defiant

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father Solomon Vega
Mother Maia Vega
Brother(s) Cal Vega (Oldest)
Sister(s) Cressida Vega (Older)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Dani was born at Ita Colony on Lyra IV. She was the youngest of three kids born to two very highly educated people. Her father was one of the colony's leading engineers and her mother was a local geologist. The colony was a large thriving community, but unfortunately sat very close to the Nausicaan border. Between supply raids, Dani was able to learn a bit of their language.

Being the baby of the family, Danica naturally expected to receive a wealth of attention when she was young. Her older sister's chronic illness quickly put an end to that, however. Cressida had always been very sickly, and though she was Danica's older sibling, their roles seemed often reversed. Slowly, a resentment started to build up in Dani because she wanted to be able to look up to her sister like "normal" girls did. As they got older and Cressida began to date, this only got worse. Her bad health was soon replaced with worse boys. The company her sister kept made Dani very upset and she was known for defending her sister from her terrible boyfriends with words and sometimes even violence.

Though she had alot of attitude and personality, Dani was always very serious about her school work. It was troublesome to many of her classmates since things seemed to come very easily to her. In honesty, she wasn't very much smarter than anyone else, but she was able to keep her mind on the tasks in front of her a bit more than people her age. Focus was a trait she shared with her father, who she became very close to in her teenage years. He was her primary influence for deciding to become an engineer.

Cressida joined Starfleet Academy just a year before Dani, but they spent a rather limit amount of time together during their time there. Danica focused heavily on her schoolwork, but learned a bit more how to open up to social situations and actually became a bit of a social butterfly. During her time at the academy, she also worked in an old car repair shop in San Francisco with an older student named Rial. The Bajoran girl and Danica made fast friends and exchanged rude jokes over studies, fun, and work alike. There friendship wasn't particularly deep, but they kept each other comfortable an entertained.

Danica not only avoided dating during her time at the academy, but guys who asked her out, as often as they did, were often publicly scolded by her. Her experience with her sister during their teenage years taught her the worst about romance; she felt deep pain for wounds that indeed had been inflicted on someone else. She never agreed to more than first dates, and even then one wouldn't have been wrong to suggest she was only using the men for the free food.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History During her last year at the academy, Danica was assigned to the USS Gemini as an Engineering Officer. She was a bit annoyed at first that this was the same ship on-which her sister was an intelligence officer. She relented to the fates and roomed with her, expecting that there would be more tension than ever before, but she was pleasantly surprised at how well they were getting along and how much they'd grown since they were teenagers. Danica started to return to her extremely protective ways again when Cressida began to date Cyrus Law, the marine in charge of the Gemini's special ops unit, but no amount of threatening could keep them apart. When Cressida found that she was unexpectedly pregnant, Danica was even more concerned. Even after their marriage, Danica still regards Cyrus with suspicion and thinly veiled resentment.

During her time on the Gemini, the ship was caught in an anomaly that threatened to crush it and kill everyone on board. Even though Danica was relatively inexperienced, she proved to be a great help to the Chief Engineer and helped to avoid the deaths of everyone onboard. After her cadet tour was done, she returned to the academy with accolades to finish her studies. After almost a year of grueling work, Danica graduated from the academy and was assigned as an engineer aboard the USS Valkyrie.

Danica was given charge of the Maintenance Sub-department right away and was entrusted with a great amount of authority. The Chief Engineer saw alot of himself in her and wanted to give her opportunities to improve her leadership skills. After two years of distinctive service aboard the Valkyrie, Danica was promoted to Lieutenant JG and transferred to the USS Solaria.


-Accepted to Starfleet Academy

+Promoted to Cadet, 4th Class - 18
-Worked in local repair shop for old cars

+Promoted to Cadet, 3rd Class - 19
Engineering Major
Propulsion Engineering Concentration
Flight Operations Minor

+Promoted to Cadet, 2nd Class -20

+Promoted to Cadet, 1st Class - 21
- Senior tour aboard USS Gemini as Engineering Officer

-Graduated from Starfleet Academy


+Promoted to Ensign - 22
-Assigned as Engineering Officer

+Promoted to Lieutenant JG - 24
-Assigned as Engineering Officer