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Lieutenant Christopher Jones

Name Christopher 'Topher' Jones

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Trill
Age 25

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5"9
Weight 154 lbs
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Christopher is a tall and athletic man. There are signs on him though which show his love for sweeter foods. His hair is usually in a messy style, on purpose. He swears by the out-of-bed look which still falls within Starfleet code. His shoulders are more broad for someone of his height, adding to his athletic silhouette. Being a mix of Trill and Human his spots are less pronounced.

He recently had a hollowed out star tattooed on the left side of his chest.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Christopher is the fun playful type who is always getting up to mischief. His friends know him as the bubbly, loveable prankster. Christopher has always been a warm and approachable person; he is everyone's best friend as people quite often open up to him. He is the bubbly, life of the party sort. Always chasing new and exciting experiences as well as new and impressive boyfriends. This is a boy who knows how to play hard, but at the same time, knows how to work hard. He takes his work seriously, most of the time, and is known to crack a joke in a tense situation. His choice of humour tends to lean to the more sarcastic side.

Christopher takes his duty seriously and gives it the respect and importance it deserves. He genuinely tries to have a friendly rapport with all the crew, so they feel comfortable approaching him at any time they need.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Christopher one day wants to join the ranks of those in the ASDB and bring to life the next generation of starships. Personally, he just wants to find someone who will love him as much as he loves them.

He enjoys playing the guitar and is known to bring it to social functions when appropriate and can often be found playing it on the holodeck to crowds of his holographic fans. Christopher also loves throwing a good party and has become adept at creating his own impressive and strong drinks, which tend to take people by surprise on their alcohol content.
Strengths and Weaknesses On his more positive side, Christopher can be described as generally optimistic and enthusiastic in everything he does. He is a kind and caring man to those closest to him and very generous in giving of his time to all who need or ask for it. In tense situations he shows a side of him no one expects, being courageous and showing a calm façade under pressure.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father - Verron Vrax (deceased) Former Ambassador to Trill
Mother - Rhinda Vron (Non-biological) Estranged
Other - Susan Jones (Biological Mother)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Christopher was born in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Christopher was born to someone else than the mother he has come to know. His father, an Ambassador to Trill, told him later in life his birth mother wanted to give him up for adoption, as she had a family of her own and had only spent, what was referred to as a 'lapse in judgement' leaving her own family temporarily.

She returned to her's, and Christopher's father began raising him on his own. His initial years in life were not average. He spent much time travelling from world to world. It gave him an interesting perspective on life, meeting so many different cultures and would be the basis for his future career choices.

The time came, and his father decided it was best to leave his job as an Ambassador for the good of his son and settle down somewhere where he could receive a proper education. It was at this point Christopher started to notice just how different he was from the other children around him. He had spent so much time embracing other races differences; he never thought himself to be different at all. His school days were average, he got buy, made no real trouble, got good grades. The only trouble he ever got it, is when he decided to strip down and rebuild the class computers one day during lunch, thus his interest in technology was born. Christopher was always teased for being a 'half-breed' or having 'drawn on spots'. His Trill spots were something he would have to become accustomed to as he grew. Christopher didn’t like that his were not as pronounced as his father’s and with the teasing felt ashamed of them. It was not until later in life he understood this to be because he had a dual heritage of a Trill and Human. He began to study both aspects of his culture. Seeing the effect a symbiont could have, he vowed never to become joined with one, never to become his father.

It wasn't until high school Christopher started noticing he was different than most of his friends. He was more interested in clubs and more academic activities, they were more into parties and chasing girls. It was at this time he began to devote his studies to starships. He was fascinated by it, how ships worked and why they did what they did. Although things were not all smooth sailing, he was getting himself into trouble; parties, a new boyfriend every month, yet somehow maintained stellar grades. Christopher, now going by Topher only, was acting out. He was bored academically, confused emotionally.

It would be his last year of high school that he settled down, all thanks to a good group of friends and finding just one person he wanted to spend all of his time with, Grayson. Grayson shared many interests as Topher but dreamed of heading to the stage. The pair were inseparable until graduation when Topher went to the Academy earlier than most and Grayson was led to the bright lights of theatre schools in New York.
During this time, the story of his birth came to a head. Feeling betrayed by his father, that he had been lied to about who his mother was and that there was a vast part of his life he didn't know, he wanted to get away. He was so angry Christopher even cast off his father's name and took on that of his biological mother. How further away you can get than space, he thought.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History On early admission, he was accepted into the academy at 17 with his basic subjects to complete a joint degree in Engineering Studies and Starship Design.

He spent the next four years here, honing his skills, avoiding love still heartbroken from his split from Grayson meer months before attending, waiting for the day he could leave into deep space. Taking on board more advanced classes than most, as well as personal research into many different aspects of his degree, which he found to be interesting and pertinent.

Christopher didn't spend his time alone though; he grew close to many of his fellow engineering students, one in particular, Finn Fulton. They had a very similar backstory, and while Christopher downplayed it and tried to forget it, Finn lived up to it and loved it. The self-proclaimed 'bad boy of engineering' took Christopher under his wing, encouraged him to love, if even only for a night and to enjoy all life had to offer. Eventually, he was talked into taking on a side job at night, bartending at a bar close to the Academy in the Castro District, Glitter. Reluctantly he donned the 'uniform' three nights a week and performed a variety of trick pours and drinks. Looking back, Christopher would have more positive memories than any other; there were many laughs and stories to tell for the future.

He was ready for his cadet cruise. Christopher was placed on a small Nova class Science Ship, the Demetri.

His first post after this was on the USS Malstrom. This provided an eventful time there as a junior officer.

The next posting he came to was the USS McAuliffe, Intrepid Class, as an Assistant Chief Engineer. His expertise was quickly becoming known thus things were starting to open for him.