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Lieutenant JG Yla Marloen

Name Yla Marloen

Position Chief Flight Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mylion
Age 24

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m
Weight 65Kg
Eye Colour Grey with a greenish edge
Hair Colour Black
Physical Description Young, confident and perhaps a bit to much so would be the first feeling one gets when looking at Yla. The necklace is the next thing that draws the eye, it almost feels out of place and yet she is never seen without it.

When she moves it again shows confidence and yet also some elegance as she moves past people and other obstacles in her way. Her voice is just a tad lower in tone than what one might expect, but it is above all rough and a bit harsh.

When allowed she is found smoking a local weed to her home world, it is mostly harmless and mainly dulls the senses just a little, though smoke remains smoke it does however not leave much residue behind.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview There is without question confidence in her and regularly it flows over into arrogance. It is not that she is a smart ass, she fully accepts there are things to learn, but she does tend to believe that which she knows she knows perfectly and she will not shy away from a challenge.

She also still has a bit of that rebellious side, growing up a world seeing a new light and hope and prosperity where well spread even admits the chaos of cities still with plenty of ruins from wartimes.

Despite her flaws, her abilities are not to be denied, she can sense a ships fine movements and whether she is flying a capital ship or a fighter she can extract the maximum performance out of it. She does prefer flying shuttles and fighters manually, but does not mind the more relaxing experience of sending a capital ship on it’s way.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests A social creature she loves to hang out with people whether it is in a bar, in the gym or on the holodeck she simply does not fancy it much being on her own and alone.
Strengths and Weaknesses She is a powerful Psychokinetic user.
Excellent pilot as far as her mechanical skills go.

Not a great leadership type person.
Confident to the point of arrogance.
Still has a rebellious streak.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Born in Ynivol one of the largest cities on Myl Yla is part of the baby boomer generation of the Mylion. With peace in place and rebuilding underway the birthrate had seen a massive spike unlike anything in record history. For Yla it meant lots of people of her own age to play with and get into trouble with. As a child the ruins of buildings make for an excellent playground and like most children her parents where far to busy to really care to much. So Yla like many others crew up carefree and without many restrictions.

Schooling for the Mylion was a though one seeing the amount of kids in need of it, classes hence where large and facilities and equipment where not at a level to really cope with it all. However they made do as they knew this generation would be the first to grow up in lasting peace and would form the future of their people. Federation aid was also helping a lot, though the Mylion people where careful not to accept to much aid wanting to ensure their own nature and culture would be strengthened before letting others come in to strongly.

By the time she became a teenager the rebuilding was happening at it’s fastest pace and normal life started to resume. Though she would help out like anyone else, she also enjoyed her continuous freedom with an active party life supported by a job in a local bar. Onwards like this she went though keeping her grades above the norm showing she had a sharp enough brain. By the time school was done she had a choice, study on Mylion or see what the now universe had to offer and like quite a few of her peers it became the later choice.

The starfleet academy entry exams where hotly contested on Myl and Yla knew she needed her full focus for it so she quite her party life and went full into the study for 2 months prior nearly driving herself crazy. However it paid off as she passed and found herself walking on Earth a few months later a planet that looked quite similar if somewhat less destroyed than her home world.

Academy life was something she enjoyed quite well, most of her peers loved going out and having fun as much as she did and well at times they took it a bit to far. Knowing they pushed the limits Yla ensured she kept her grades well above the norm. By the end of the academy she was firmly on track as helmsmen and if not for her antics and many notes on her file she could have made it out as a lt. Jg from the gate, but instead she became a plain old ensign like most, but found herself as the chief flight control officer on the USS Groningen a defiant class vessel tasked with convoy escort duty.

The small ship and crew was both though and welcoming to Yla who loved to be around people and hence had no issues with the shared quarters, but did find the lack of variety in the crew a bit boring after a while. During her time on the Groningen she became known as an excellent pilot even when things got a bit hot a rare few times. However she also became known for her forever love of a good party and a drink and more than once she had to be picked out of the brig cell on a station or city. In the hopes for better sense as she grew older Commander Orrillion still promoted her to Lieutenant Junior grade after 18 months.

However things did not really change much and 2 years after arriving she found herself looking at transfer orders now that the Groningen was stuck in a dry dock for 2 months to undergo some minor refits. The USS Solaria was on the list and without knowing much about the ship she hitched a few rides to arrive to her new home.

The Mylion:

Sometimes it is simply an accident that leads to evolution in ways no one had foreseen. Before we get to that particular accident let’s look at where the Mylion where standing just 30 years ago.

A humanoid species the Mylion are rather boring and on sight not different from humans, to a degree that they share many of the same features. However The Mylion nerve system is a lot more complicated and this offered them heightened senses. Some Mylion are also well developed telekinesis users an ability that made them highly valued in combat. Speaking of Combat the Mylion’s would put the humans to shame when it came to conflict with a dozen somewhat equally sized empires being in a constant war with each other with allegiances between them constantly shifting. This all led to an immensely powerful industry and for a pre warp civilization highly advanced technologies had been developed. They are also known to be extremely capable at recycling just about anything, after all centuries of war left natural resources somewhat scarce. The wars also had a dire impact on their world, with nuclear radiation relatively high everywhere and general pollution rampart. It is to far a thought that without certain events a century later they would have wiped themselves out completely.

However beside the empires fighting each other there was a large global resistance network of people who where fed up with all the useless wars that never ended gaining them anything as all the spoils only went to the those in power. A truly united faction that simply sought to have peace by any means they could, as long as it would not harm the common citizen most of which where simply trying to survive. Their luck however would change when the USS Alkmaar an Nova class vessel crashed into one of the most inhospitable mountain ranges which was firmly in the hands of the rebels. The rebels rushed towards the crash site not knowing what it was, but eager to find out. The crew of the vessel had susrvived the crash, but many had injuries and the vessel was a write off. Either way there where no match for the Rebel forces which took them captive and started to dig through the vessel. After learning who the crew where and where they where from the rebels respected that they could not help, but that did not stop the rebels from figuring things out on their own. The warp core had been ejected and that technology did not really interest the rebels to much, but replicators, phasers, advanced energy shields, anti matter weapons and all where a huge boon. So as the starfleet crew was still held captive and well taken care off the Rebels started to reverse engineer what they found.

2 Years later the flag of peace and freedom hung from every major government building and military installation as the long and well entrenched rebels finally had found the means to free the people. The Starfleet crew had been rescued many months ago, but starfleet had kept an eye on things knowing what had been set in motion could not be made undone, sometimes the prime directive could not stop things from happening. The transformation was an amazing thing to behold and showed just how tired the people where of war and those who held the power that kept the wars going had found themselves mostly ending up death, cause a justice system was not exactly in place. So now with peace a new government was formed and a new constitution was written which mandated above all the duties one had to others and to nature. Militaries where disbanded and the money would go first to cleaning up their world, rebuilding and science. For that later part attention was put once again to the data they still had from the starfleet vessel.

5 Years later the first Mylion vessel the M.C.R.S.V Hope broke through the warpspeed barrier making official first contact with the Federation finally a possibility. After appologies where made by the Mylion for capturing and holding the starfleet crew relations went well as the Mylion people desired peace above all else for they knew war all to well. So they joined the United Federation of Planets opening up the universe for the Mylion a long time after it perhaps could have been had they not been fighting all those times.

These days the Mylion homeworld is still undergoing treatment as radiation levels have dropped to acceptable levels (guests are still taking anti radiation medicine) and nature is slowly recovering with the aid of the people from the pollution all the war had caused. The planet would never be the same, but a unity drives the people forwards to restore their home and make it a true home once more.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History 2382-2386 ‘Cadet’ Starfleet academy
2386-2388 ‘Ensign’ USS Groningen
2388-current ‘Lieutenant jg’ USS Solaria