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Lieutenant Naddia Yole

Name Naddia Yole

Position Assistant Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 27

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 1.74 m
Weight 68 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Physical Description Thin with long dark hair she normally keeps it back in a pony tail or up to keep it out of her face when she’s working. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder blade of the crest of her family’s house, the Twelfth House of Betazed.

Personality Profile

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father - Asmov Yole - Senator, Betazoid Senate 22nd District

Mother - Cassia Yole - Chief Architect - Yole and Associates Architecture

Brother - Commander Mius Yole - Executive Officer - USS Yu’lantor

Brother - Symon Yole - Junior Architect - Yole and Associates Architecture

Sister - Inspector Deanni Yole - Betazoid Police Force

Pre-Starfleet History

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History In 2361 Asmov and Cassia had their fourth child and second daughter. Asmov was a senior Magistrate in the City of Rixx on Betazoid. Cassia was a architect who had recently opened her own firm. Naddia was the youngest, and with three older siblings ‘grew up fast’. She did well in science and math at school, and was social but often didn’t have close friends.

Her oldest brother had joined Starfleet when he was old enough and as her idol Naddia always wanted to follow in his foot steps. While Mius joined Starfleet to serve, her second brother Symon followed their mother’s footsteps and became an architect.

When she was 18 and graduated near the top of her high school she joined Starfleet and headed to Earth for the first time. Accepting into the Engineering program in her second year her academic skills served her well. However she had an aversion to combat and fighting, and often scored poorly on the range. Despite her weakness in tactical scenarios she graduated and scored high enough to earn a posting to a front line ship joining the galaxy class USS Yosemite as an Engineer.

The Yosemite served as flagship to Vice Admiral Eric Patton who commanded Starfleet operations along part of the Klingon boarder. It meant that the assignment often left little excitement, the Yosemite would often perform presence missions or following up on oddities encountered by the rest of the task force. 10 months into her tour she was made the team lead for the Computer Systems division. Her Vulcan Chief calling her work, through and efficient. A little over a year later she was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made the Deputy Ops Chief on the USS Razzula, an Intrepid-class vessel under Patton’s force along the boarder.

Two years along the boarder began to weight on Lieutenant Yole, she wanted to explore and see more than the same dozen sectors of space. In early 2386 the Razzula was reassigned to a deep space exploration group operating on the far side of Romulan space. Finally she was able to explore and discover new things.

The change to a bridge position served Yole well, her engineering background especially in computer systems served her well. The Razzula encounter numerous new phenomena on it’s mission, a new type of nebula that the ships Captain petitioned Starfleet to design Razzula Class nebula. Starfleet denied the petition.

Yole was still a very reserve person, she maintained friendships with most of the senior staff but kept her distance, especially from those under her command as to not seem weak. Yole had only maintained the minimum weapons prophecies required for her posting, and almost failed the tactical portion of her bridge exam. The one member of the crew she did open up to was one of the security deputies, the two had brief romantic relationship before she broke it off to focus on her career.

In late 2387 she was promoted to Chief Operations Officer. She remained in this posting for another 11 months before her Captain recommended her for posting as Chief Ops Officer aboard the USS Solaria along with her promotion to full Lieutenant.

2379-2383 Cadet, Engineering
2383-2384 Ensign, Engineering Officer - USS Yosemite (Galaxy Class)
2384-2385 Ensign, Computer Systems Team Leader - USS Yosemite (Galaxy Class)
2385-2387 Lieutenant JG, Deputy Chief Operations Officer - USS Razzula (Intrepid Class)
2387-2388 Lieutenant JG, Chief Operations Officer - USS Razzula (Intrepid Class)
2388-Pres Lieutenant, Chief Operations Officer - USS Solaria (Galaxy Class)