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Lieutenant Commander Garen Romaes

Name Garen Romaes

Position Departed Crewman

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 38

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 183lbs
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description A male of the Bajoran race, Romaes is of average height and relatively stocky for a male of his species. At a distance, nothing really stands out about this particular five foot nine inches, one hundred and eighty three pounds Starfleet Officer, but when you look closely, the details show. He wears his brown hair short and well kept; his eyes show warmth and passion. His dark blue eyes hide the pain of years gone by and the struggle to come to terms with recent losses. His body is covered in scars from wounds left to heal as attestation to the many trials he has gone through in his lifetime. His uniform is always in pristine condition; no creases, no dirt. His boots are constantly shined as is his earring which he wears on his right ear as a symbol of his faith in the Prophets, and as a link to his past d'jarra. Most significantly in terms of appearance, he has five clear creases on the bridge of his nose.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Career wise, Romaes thrives under pressure and is dedicated to Starfleet. Ruthless and calculating and with a keen strategic eye, he is an experienced, efficient and popular leader among his people, commanding the utmost respect (a respect that's well earned). Finally, battle hardened after the trials and tribulations of the Dominion war, Romaes is a confident tactician who finds defeat extremely hard to take. With his parents long since dead and no other family of his own, Romaes is, essentially, married to the Fleet.

Garen Romaes is a friendly man and deeply religious. Well mannered and talkative, he is able to put even the most intense of people at ease. Laid back and care free off duty, his attitude changes the minute he dons his uniform. Serious and concerned only with duty, he is an experienced, efficient and popular leader, commanding respect. He is passionate about his beliefs and anyone who questions the will of the prophets is liable to receive the most painful of tongue lashings. Finally, battle hardened after the trials and tribulations of the Dominion and Chakilian Wars, Garen is a confident tactician who finds defeat extremely hard to take.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Since achieving his ambition of following Ro Laren into Starfleet following the Dominion War, he has been helping the Bajoran Militia to convert to Starfleet. He now desires to ensure the security of the Federation alongside his Bajoran people. He aspires to use his knowledge and expertise of the Gamma Quadrant, the Wormhole and the Prophets to assist his new CO.

Food is a passion of his and he enjoys nothing more than cooking for his friends and colleagues. He shares an interest in literature and archaic Bajoran music forms. Like most of his family, Romaes likes to eat. Romulan Osol twists and Jumja sticks are his favorites. His beverage of choice is the aromatic Kali-fal. Because he likes to eat, he can often be found exercising and keeping fit in order to stay in shape.
Strengths and Weaknesses A brilliant tactician Romaes is able take in an immense amount of knowledge in one go and is able to sift through the information his brain stores at rapid speeds. He has made it his life's work to commit many a tactical and evasion maneuver to memory and develops swift counters and is renowned for his knowledge of tactics from races such as the Cardassians and Romulans. Romaes is a strong-willed man, both a strength and weakness at different times. When making decisions, it is hard to convince him that he is wrong and he is known to stand firm on most things.

His weaknesses include being too friendly, sometimes being too popular and having to live up to quite a reputation.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father: Commodore Garen Tal (Former CO of the USS Patriot, Deceased)
Mother: Garen Kial (Deceased)

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Born to the Garen family in the year 2351 in a small farm house in the Kendra Province, Romaes was the only child of Tal and Kial. The Garen family were one of just twelve families allowed to retain their land during the Cardassian Occupation, on the condition that all crops and produce were given to the Cardassians. As a result, the family were seen by many as collaborators. Underground however, the Garen family helped only long enough to guarantee their sons future. When he was just eight years old in 2359, Garen Romaes and two other children from his village (Klein Jenia and Klein Sandar) were escorted from Bajor on a transport ship with only Garen Kial as a parental influence – the Klein parents jouned Tal in the Bajoran Resistance.

Almost two weeks after leaving Bajor, the transport arrived at its destination, the planet Betazed, deep within Federation space. The Garen and the Klein children kept in regular contact with their families via couriers and whilst their family members struggled against Cardassian oppression, the three children received Federation schooling and were brought up to hold true to the Bajoran faith whilst also believing in the ideals of the Federation.

When the children reached the very young age of 16, Jenia and Sandar opted to remain on Betazed and continue schooling with a view to becoming members of Starfleet. Romaes, had other ideas. Seeking to find his mother and father once more the young Bajoran returned to Bajor in 2372.

When the he reached Bajor, he met up with his mother and father and discovered they had been members of the Shakaar Resistance cell. They had been responsible for bombings and even assassinations of Cardassian occupiers. Finding this hard to accept, Romaes joined the Bajoran Militia, working to protect Bajor in a way that didn't involve terrorism.

On Romaes’s 21st birthday, he found out that when the Cardassians finally withdrew from Bajor after over fifty years of occupation, his parents had been captured and spent a large amount of the time he was on Betazed in a Labor Camp. By his own admission, despite having very little experience of the Occupation, Romaes developed a deep hatred of the Cardassians.

As a member of the Militia, he served on Bajor until late 2373 when, just before the outbreak of the Dominion War he transferred to work aboard Deep Space Nine as a member of the Stations security personnel under Constable Odo.

When DS9 was evacuated of Starfleet personnel in early 2374, Romaes remained behind with all of his Bajoran colleagues. Much to his anger Romaes was now working with the same people who had imprisoned his parents and killed countless more Bajorans. Thankfully, just months later, the station was returned to Federation hands after the success of Operation Return. Romaes saw out the remainder of the War on Deep Space Nine. He was soon promoted to First Lieutenant (and eventually Major in 2378), Romaes assumed a position as one of several Military Advisors to the Provisional Government, dealing with all matters to do with the Militia. He had built up quite a reputation over the few years he had served and had a lot of support from his superiors.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History In 2382, Bajor finally became an official member world of the Federation. With that membership came the disbanding of the Bajoran Militia. Romaes humbly requested commission into Starfleet and when confirmation came through in late 2382, Major Garen Romaes became Lieutenant Garen Romaes. For the first six months of his new career as a Starfleet Officer, Romaes oversaw the successful integration of the remaining Bajoran Militia forces into Starfleet, not an easy task for anyone to undertake.

In mid 2384, Romaes assumed the role of Chief Flight Controller aboard the Excelsior class USS Livingston. Garen excelled in his role aboard the Livingston, being a part of two successful first contact missions and the rescue of the crew of a stricken Cardassian Freighter in the Velos System, all sandwiched into a three-year mission of exploration.

In February of 2387, Lieutenant Garen Romaes was reassigned to the command of Captain Khalil Faroun El-Amir aboard the Ambassador class USS Prestige – a fitting name for an aging lady. El-Amir and Romaes immediately gelled, and Romaes quickly became a trusted member of El-Amir's senior staff. Upon the retirement of the Prestige in 2387 (following an incident in the Mourir Nebula) Lieutenant Romaes was transferred to the USS Ulysses (Galaxy-class) under the command of Captain Colby Drayton as Lieutenant Commander and Strategic Operations Officer. The new Commander served during the Ulysses’ first mission under the new command team after its launch following a refit in 2389 and was integral in rescuing several crewmates from a Borg Cube whilst also helping to expose the involvement of a Romulan Warbird in the encounter. For his efforts, Captain Drayton recommended Romaes for an executive officer position and he was soon headhunted for a vacant role aboard the USS Nogura under its new Captain, Lapzik Ghein.