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Commander Tara Neprem

Name Tara Neprem

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (joined)
Age 30

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 120lbs
Eye Colour blue
Hair Colour auburn
Physical Description Tara has a sleight frame and keeps fit with rigorous workouts. She has long, curly auburn hair which she usually keeps loosely braided. Her eyes are a deep blue and her facial features are rounded and delicate and she bears the recognizable Trill spots. She carries herself with poise and a subtle grace.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Tara was once a rather subdued personality, preferring reason and diplomacy over aggressive behavior, but since being joined she has become more outspoken, even boisterous and pranksterish from time to time, but for the most part she’s still humble and soft-spoken. Despite Arjin (Neprem's prior host) having been with symbiont for a relatively short time, he made a significant impact on Neprem, and compounded with the manner of his death and the complications of the joining with Tara, Arjin is a very strong influence on Tara's new personality. People who knew her before the joining would recall her as being somewhat odd, maybe eccentric, and having been raised in the Caves of Ma'kala, the Guardians had their own subculture on Trill which often caused Tara to feel alienated in social settings. Though with joining and the experiences of other lifetimes, she now understands and assimilates social rituals, like the shaking of hands, better than she did before, but this comes with the down side that she has been known to forget which life she's in at the time, referring to herself as Arjin or Kareel or assuming their memories and experiences as her own. Though this can often be confusing for people around her, she has come to accept this as the new normal for her, even to the point that she talks to her symbiont like there's nothing odd about that, and she can't decide it she is left or right handed now (being left-handed before joining).

Having once been in Command, she carries herself as a superior Officer should and expects nothing less than the best from and for her subordinates, but in truth she's glad she's no longer in Command. With Arjin influencing so much of her personality, and considering that he was nowhere near ready for Command, Tara resigned from her duties as Executive Officer and then took medical leave to have testing done with Symbiosis Commission. She has since passed a psyche eval to return her to duty, but she is not certain if her future lies with Starfleet anymore...

Past hosts-
Arjin: Loves a good laugh and does whatever he can to make Tara have some fun. In life he was always cracking jokes, but now he spends most of his time filling Tara's head with innuendoes and dirty limericks to make her laugh.
Kareel: A motherly figure who does what she can to break up the bickering between Tara and Arjin.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests It had always been Tara's ambitions to be joined, her driving force for all her achievements, though how that finally came to be was not what she had been hoping for. While advancement of her career was also once an important milestone for her, but she may no longer be fit for Starfleet; now she simply wants to find peace within herself.

As for hobbies, Tara rarely takes time for herself, she loves working and tinkering. Sometimes she can be a bit of a workaholic, but when she does take time for herself, she can often be found curled up with a good book or playing her piano. She meditates regularly and occasionally indulges in Arjin's love for unhealthy foods, which often means she needs to spend extra time in the gym afterwards.

Tara also owns a Great Pyrenees named Sage
Strengths and Weaknesses Tara is focused, but she can become single-minded in her tasks. She can become a bit spacey if she and her symbiont (specifically the Arjin personality) are in disagreement over something. She's an excellent Engineer, a wonder at blending Starfleet technology with outside technology. Her personality is still in flux, which can often make her unpredictable, and she now has a terrible fear of Nor-class docking pylons, as Arjin was killed in one when a ship blew up while disembarking.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father - Pell Nerri
Mother - Lina Dalma
Pet - Sage, a Great Pyrenees

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Tara Dalma was born and raised in the Caves of Ma'kala, taught to be a Guardian like her parents before her. But she wanted more than a life in the caves, and more than anything she wanted to be joined, a rarity that she was even genetically compatible as most Guardians are not, so she left the caves in search of a path that would earn her a symbiont. She stayed with a foster family in the city and found her path leading her to Starfleet. Because of her unusual upbringing, she had a great deal of schooling, not to mention social skills, to catch up on before she could even take the entrance exams. With the help of another Officer she'd met through the Symbiosis Commission, she got a recommendation for entry and passed her exams. In the Academy, she found that she excelled at technical tasks, choosing to go into Operations once she graduated.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Her first and longest assignment was on the Nor-class Deep Space 12, and she found she had a special knack for integrating alien technology with Starfleet equipment. She spent most of her career on DS12, learning and evolving as an Officer, climbing the ranks until she was Chief of Operation for the station, and eventually even Second Officer. In 2387, she was called away to assist the USS Venture; the Venture's XO had fallen ill and they needed help, so she was shuttled to the Venture as a temporary replacement. She didn't socialize much with the crew at this point, more focused on keeping the Venture from falling apart, but she did develop a good working rapport with the crew and the Captain.

With tensions growing in the Gavarian Corridor, a number of the Venture's crew were transferred to Deep Space 10. When his former XO showing no signs of improvement, Captain Hunter asked Tara to stay on as his Executive Officer. She accepted, with some reluctance, feeling somewhat out of her element in a position of Command, but under Hunter's guidance she grew to accept and flourish in this new role, especially on another Nor-class station where she felt more at home, and she grew comfortable with her responsibilities. It was here that she really began to bond with the crew; now that she knew she was here to stay, she made more of an effort to connect with her subordinates and make friends, and she proved to be a calm and clever foil to Captain Hunter, who often needed a calm influence to counter his temper.

After a traumatizing attack on DS10, Tara was forcibly joined with a dying symbiont that didn't want her; symbionts did not want the eccentric Guardians that cared for them in the symbiont pools as hosts, and as a result the Neprem symbiont attempted to reject Tara, but she held on, being the only way the symbiont could survive until a more suitable host could be found. With her training as a Guardian, she was able to keep the awareness of Neprem at bay, keeping their minds separate so that Neprem could eventually be removed, but such an act of compassion moved Neprem, and it eventually accepted Tara, allowing the blending to happen so they could become one. But the trauma and initial separation coupled with her ability as a Guardian to manipulate the zhian (or soul) of a symbiont, caused a divide between her and Neprem. Sometimes her personality is properly blended, but sometimes the zhian (or soul) of Neprem takes over, almost like an alternate personality. She can communicate with the zhian of her symbiont as though speaking with another person. As a result of this unconventional joining, she has trouble distinguishing her past from that of her past lives. It's not unusual for her to refer to their past lives as her own, even going so far as to refer to herself as a male when talking about Arjin's life. She's also having something of a sexual identity crisis. Neprem's last host was male, and though Tara herself is straight she now finds herself attracted to women.

As a result of taking Neprem, Tara began to question her worth as an XO; she had essentially abandoned her post to undergo the procedure, and she remained bedridden while Neprem recovered from the damage it incurred during the attack, meaning she was unable to function, she was letting down her Captain and her crew in the worst possible way. And later, as she recovered and resumed her work, the conflict of her identity caused issues and it was growing harder and harder for her to maintain her responsibilities. Though she had initially turned down Starfleet's offer for Medical leave, she was considering it once the crew was transferred back to the Venture. Then without a word to any of her friends, she just left; she could not hold herself together any longer, so she returned to the Caves of Ma'kala to seek help.

Tara struggled long and hard whether to return to Starfleet; though for a while she had done well in Command, when she faced the critical test she failed. She has had to undergo rigorous psych evals from both the Symbiosis Commission and Starfleet before she could be allowed to return to duty, and while her mental state was not by any means 'normal', she had learned to cope and was managing it well. Starfleet and Tara both agreed that she was not ready for Command level responsibilities, but neither she nor Starfleet has come to a decision whether she should be allowed to return to duty in any capacity, and if she did return to Starfleet then it would be with a demotion.

Tara's Leave of Absence would be cut short before a final ruling could be made; a man-hunt had been called for Nathan Hunter following his actions with the Consortium in the Gamma Quadrant, and as one of his closest friends, Tara was needed to help profile and capture Hunter. Tara hates the idea of hunting down her Captain and friend, but it is her hope that she can help him find his way back to sanity.

[2372 - 2376]
Starfleet Academy

[2376 - 2387]
Deep Space 12
Operations to Chief of Operations/Second Officer

USS Venture
Executive Officer

Deep Space 10
Executive Officer

[2387 - 2388]
USS Venture
Executive Officer

Caves of Ma'kala, Trill
Medical leave

[2388 - present]
USS Nogura
Mission Advisor