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Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter

Name Andrea Lynn Carter

Position Visiting Officer

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran/ex-Borg
Age 41

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 140lbs
Eye Colour blue and green
Hair Colour red
Physical Description Andy's a little on the petite side with unruly, curly red hair which she usually keeps knotted at the nape of her neck. Having been assimilated by the Borg, she does have several noticeable implants, one above her right eye as well as an ocular implant to replace the missing eye. Her ocular implant iris color was never adjusted to match her natural piercing green and remains a pale blue, making her odd-eyed. She also has an extensive exoskeletal frame, plainly visible around both hands. As a side effect of the nanoprobes, Andy looks remarkably young for her age, but she wears her age in other subtle ways.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Andy is a straight forward individual with a no-nonsense attitude about her work. She's personable and loves to joke around off-duty; what you see is what you get with her. She may be considered a work-a-holic, but she genuinely loves her work. She's dedicated and loyal, there’s just about nothing she wouldn't do to help a friend. She does tend to shy away from large gatherings, which does hamper her ability to make friends, but she still finds ways to interact with others.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests For Andy, being in Starfleet isn't about rank or achievements. Each new posting is a new exploration in itself as she learns about the vessel she's assigned to. The more experience she gains, the more she wants to continue learning. Even the tedious parts of the job are a thrill to her. Forget command, she would rather be in the heart of the ship getting to know 'her' better.

On the rare occasions she actually takes time for herself, she can usually be found in the holodeck practicing archery. She never met a genre of music she didn't like and she can be heard singing or humming, usually badly out of tune. She plays the violin, but this is a well-guarded secret, very few have ever heard her play.
Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths: Andy wants the job done and she wants it done right and she's not afraid to get dirty to do it. She doesn't whine about how it can't be done or there isn't enough time. She gets it done. She is resourceful and creative when it comes to finding a fix to unusual repair jobs.

Weaknesses: Andy doesn’t like being a bridge officer. She would much rather be working on the ship (or station) rather than filling a comfy seat. She also has a bad habit of not remembering names. She makes it a point to remember department heads and senior staff, but everyone else more or less devolves into 'hey you' and 'you know who you are'.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father - Franklin Carter (dec. 2364 SS Tsiolkovsky)
Mother - Adele Carter
Son - Jonathan Peter 'JP' Hanson

Andy has been known to 'dabble' with Starfleet Admiral Mitch Hanson, with whom she has a son.

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Andy was born and raised on science ships. When she wasn't playing or taking lessons, she would follow her mother about learning about the ship. She took to the various sciences pretty well and her mother expected her to continue to learn about them, but Andy started showing more interests in engineering and ship operations. Not wanting to stifle her interests, Andy's mom, captain of the USS Avalon by this point, gave her the room to grow and learn. During a 5 year, deep space mission to study a series of nebulae, the main sensor array malfunction and Andy stayed up all night with the engineering crew to help getting it working again. With some innovative repair work, they got the array working and it was a clear sign to her mother that Andy was ready for bigger and better things. She asked Andy about Starfleet Academy, but Andy wasn't hearing of it. She was ready for her uniform; she would learn what she needed as she went along. She wouldn't officially get her uniform until her 18th birthday, but she was allowed to start a duty shift as an apprentice the next day.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History At the end of the deep space mission, the Avalon returned to Deep Space 7 for a refit. Andy decided to take up work on the station and requested a transfer. She worked the cargo bays for a year before she caught the eye of her next commander. Her efficiency and 'no nonsense' attitude about getting things done had drawn attention and earned her position aboard the USS Hiroto. Later, a transfer to the the Hiroto's sister ship, the USS Saburou, would see her taking on more responsibility as the Assistant Chief of Operations. She served aboard the USS Lexington as Chief of Operations during the war, where she assimilated by the Borg early in the assignment.

Her time as part of the Collective did not last long, but the need for able hands for ship repair prevented her from taking the time necessary to have her implants removed. The only times she would stop working was when it became medically necessary to have an implant removed and as a result, she became dependent on them.

After the war, she took a leave of absence to get herself ‘right’. The war had been hard on everyone, but dealing with the war as well as coping with her assimilation had left Andy feeling stressed and worn thin. She took the time to visit some family on Earth and also to take a stop by Starfleet medical to get some implants fixed, upgraded, or removed and to visit the shrink. After some rehabilitation, she returned to the Lexington until her friend and Captain, Mitch Hanson, was transferred to Starbase 909, at which time she also put in for a transfer, the Lexington not being quite the same without her dear friend. She served for several years on the USS Wildcat before being offered the opportunity to teach at the Beta Ursae Minor Academy Annex. The lifestyle didn’t really suit her, but she stayed for as long as she could tolerate it and eventually requested reassignment, something ‘interesting’ and was then sent to the Gama Quadrant to build ships in their new shipyard above New Bajor.

2363-2365 - unranked Apprentice, USS Avalon
2365-2367 - Operations, USS Avalon
2367-2368 - Quartermaster/Transporter Chief, Deep space 7
2368-2370 - Operations, USS Hiroto
2370-2373 - Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Saburou
2373-2375 - Chief of Operations, USS Lexington
2375-2377 - LOA
2377-2380 - Chief of Operation, USS Lexington
2380-2383 - Chief of Operations, USS Wildcat
2383-2387 - Instructor, Starfleet Academy
2387-present - Corps of Engineers, Deep Space 11
Currently on assignment with the USS Nogura