Lieutenant JG Tali Tal'an

Name Tali (Talis'anra) Llalir Tal'an

Position Chief Flight Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Rihansu
Age 28

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 114 LBS
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Tali's body draws stares. This fact, combined with her Romulan heritage, ensures that she can never truly be able to blend into her surroundings. Stunningly curvaceous and radiant, she possesses an appearance that sticks in the minds of most people she meets, leaving a lasting impression. She stands 5 fleet, 7 inches, which ensures that she's only slightly shorter than most of the people around her. She is noted for her physical beauty almost as much as her skill at a helm and her notorious attitude.Her cold gray eyes seem to hide some secret simple truths of existence and have alot to do with the sense of presence she projects. Her dark brown-hair is always kept well-styled and is usually worn in a stylish ponytail when she is on duty. Her voice is low and sultry and adds to her attractive and mysterious allure.

She has several tattoos on her body including one on the right side of her toned stomach, one on her left breast, one in the middle of her back, and one on her left ankle.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview The first thing one notices about Tali is her beautiful appearance; the second thing is her sharp attitude and unrelenting determination. A social butterfly as well as a strong-willed rebel, Tali is exactly what her chosen life has made her. She has scrambled away from a life of status, ease, and comfort to do grunt work and fly starships. She is a hesitant convert to Starfleet and the convictions of the Federation are still difficult for her to internalize. Tali is a trained liar, she's course, she's rude, she's impatient, and she's stubborn; she's also very intelligent, decisive, authoritative, observant, and charming.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Tali loves to party and hang out with friends. She is a woman who loves her sports as well, and spends much of her free time doing physical exercises and dancing. She enjoys the company of men as much as any woman, but her charm and stunning beauty allows her to attract attention most others cannot. Her love for travel and exploration is more than fulfilled in her military career.
Strengths and Weaknesses [+] Charming
[+] Bold
[+] Original
[+] Practical
[+] Very Observant

[-] Easily Bored/ Constantly Seeks Excitement
[-] Very Sensitive
[-] Poor Planner
[-] Independent-Minded
[-] Aggressive and Blunt

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father: P'tral Tal'an
Mother: Tilara Tal'an
Brother(s) 4 borthers

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Talis'anra Llalir Tal'an was born in the large economic center of Kaero on Romulus. When she was just a little girl, her father became the Grand Arbiter of the city, giving him sweeping governmental authority. She was near royalty where she was from, and never missed an opportunity to rebel against the expectations that had been placed upon her. She spent much of her time getting into trouble, fighting, drinking, and stealing. Because of who her father was, she always got away with it.

When she was young, Tali was very curious and kind, but as she entered school, that changed. Very quickly Tali had become a different person in many ways. She developed into a very voluptuous and socially dominant- looking girl, and developed an attitude to match it. In the time she’d been in school, she had become "queen bee" and wielded a fantastic amount of social authority. Tali gave her parents hell during this time; they barely knew what to do with her. She had not become the girl they had tried to raise in many ways. Anyone else would have been severely punished for behaving as she had, but her father's high status completely protected her.

After Tali graduated from school, excellent grades and terrible behavior marks caused her parents to have faith that she would mature with time. They were wrong, for the most part, as she took the first job she could as a weapons smuggler. During these years, she learned the tricks of the trade and developed a personality and a dangerous streak that matched her behavior. After the destruction of her homeworld, she felt a stronger calling to gain prestige and power a different way: by ascending in the Romulan Navy. Fortunately for her, this was not a time when the Romulan Navy could afford to be picky about its candidates.

Mean and fiercely competent, and more than a little cocky, young Cadet Tali Tal'an walked the halls of the makeshift War college like she owned the place. She excelled and amazed her instructors with her flying abilities, but her ability as an officer was deniable since she seemed to have a particular lack of discipline. She made more friends than she’d realized and more enemies than she’d like to admit in many places. Those who liked her found her charming, witty, smart, sexy, and confident, while those who disliked her found her arrogant, rude, and impatient. She thrived nonetheless.

When she graduated from the War College, Tali was assigned as a Flight Controller on the IRW R'Morr as an Uhlan. She served their with excellent flight marks for three years before she decided to leave the service. She felt that her people had truly lost their way since the explosion that destroyed their homeworld. She knew she had to get away, so she went to the farthest place she could find: the exchange program with Starfleet.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History BLACKSKY WEAPONS CARTEL 18-20
Pilot and weapons runner

Piloting and Navigation Concentration

IRW R'MORR 22-25
+ Promoted to Uhlan
- Assigned as Flight Control Officer

+ Promoted to erei'Arrain
- Assigned as Assistant Flight Control Leader

+ Promoted to Ensign
- Assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer

+ Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade

-Assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer