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Ensign Nathaniel Wick

Name Nathaniel Cassius Wick

Position Chief Flight Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 80kg
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description Tall and wiry, Wick is always found with an easy smile or ready smirk. Those who know him recognise his appearance to always be calculated; he scrubs up well for duty or formality, dark hair swept back, clothes and uniform well-presented. Off duty he may appear relaxed, hair rumpled, clothes casual, but the air of artful indifference is a product of hard work. While he looks fit and able and certainly meets Starfleet fitness standards, his physique is nothing exceptional within the service.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview On the surface, Wick is the first with a joke and the last to take something seriously, though experience is tempering this tendency on a professional basis. Much of this disguises that this is a deeply driven young man, ambitious and eager to prove himself and his talents. His broad range of interests can make his intellect come across as flightiness, and his confidence can either hold him in good stead or put him in risk of leaping before he looks.

In matters social and diplomatic he has demonstrated being an excellent judge of character and conversation, but still has a natural talent for putting his foot in his mouth at the wrong moment. Appropriately prepared and motivated, he can diffuse tensions with jokes and show great empathy, but is capable of moments of thoughtlessness.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests If asked, socially or by professional mentors, Wick claims his ambitions lie in starship command. Academy tutors acknowledged his potential but noted how the ambition may not have been that considered; what young officer with leadership talent would not want to be a captain? Records in his file from those who have tried to professionally nurture him observe Wick craves validation of his talents above all, whether he realises it or not, and that the captain's chair both represents this and is a goal likely some convenient ten years away from requiring him to rise to the challenge.

Wick takes an avid interest in Federation history and politics, being specifically well-studied in human-Klingon relations. He loves music, primarily contemporary Federation, but has a fondness for Earth opera. He captained a Parrisses squares team at the Academy and pursues the sport still.
Strengths and Weaknesses A bright and capable officer, Wick is flexible and good at thinking on his feet, which makes him useful in a crisis. Conversely, he sometimes relies on this natural talent and his work occasionally shows the flaws of a lack of preparation. His eagerness to prove his worth can motivate him to be a supremely hard worker, though may lead to his valuing the acclaim over result or a team.

He's well-read, with broad interests and has a knack for politics and diplomacy. Good at being liked, he can effectively motivate others and in a leadership position establishes a positive working environment. He has, however, limited experience of genuine combat, has never shown much interest in honing his skills, and routinely scores only averagely in hand-to-hand or phaser drills.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Father: James Wick
Mother: Lieutenant Eleanor Bristow (KIA, 2374)
Sister: Lisa Wick

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Nathaniel Wick is the elder child of James Wick, an artist, and Lieutenant Eleanor Bristow, a Starfleet officer. He spent his first years on his mother’s starship assignments until her career took her to postings unsuitable for family, whereupon he, his sister, and his father returned to Earth. The seeds of a difficult childhood were sown there, as his father failed to receive much recognition or acclaim for his work and grew increasingly bitter.

This first manifested in nothing more insidious than his father’s emotional withdrawal. Young Nate, bright at school and already well-travelled, began to consequently drift in his studies, able to get by on natural talent and never given enough direction to truly focus. This would change at the outbreak of the Dominion War, for though the conflict never seriously impacted their part of Earth, it would impact his family with the death of his mother in battle.

Nate talks little of those years; an embittered, grieving father, a drive to escape, an aspiration to live up to his mother’s legacy. He sought to follow her footsteps and join Starfleet, applying when he was seventeen. To his heartbreak he was not accepted; for years he had waltzed through school doing well on natural talent without having to exert himself, which was insufficient for the elite Academy. Rather than stay at home, he took a year out to work with the merchant navy, getting hands-on experience of hard, practical work, and honing his studies. His application for the Academy a year later was accepted.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Wick excelled at the Academy, hungry for success and recognition. Here he received his first serious counselling over the death of his mother and his treatment by his father, but as he flourished in the new environment there were no sincere concerns noted. He focused his studies on diplomacy and politics, trained in starship operations and minoring in helm and navigation, as well as taking additional courses on the command track. Socially he surrounded himself with other bright, talented cadets, who joined him in forays into team sports, the Academy newspaper, and have gone onto other promising assignments in turn.

Graduating high in his class, Wick was assigned as a Materials Officer on the USS Nottingham, a large patrol ship focusing on border security and disaster relief. For three years he demonstrated his aptitude at crisis response and learnt the ropes of starship operations on a large, complicated vessel, but put in for a transfer as soon as he could. The Nottingham was an excellent stepping stone for a young officer, but he craved a greater challenge.

2381-2385: Starfleet Academy
2385-2388: USS Nottingham, Materials Officer
2388-Present: USS Nogura, Chief Flight Control Officer