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Lieutenant Thawn Seyla

Name Thawn Seyla

Position Chief Tactical Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 36

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 168 lbs.
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Physical Description Tall and athletic, Thawn makes for a clean-cut, professional figure. Dark hair is kept tied back and out of the way, rarely let down even if off-duty, and there are few indulgent frills to anything of her attire or presentation. With sharp features that might be deemed ‘handsome’ rather than pretty she can be striking in her own, particular way, but overall is not somebody to nurture her appearance, or stand out in a crowd unless one is looking for something very particular.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Thawn does not come across as the warmest or the friendliest; while she is not necessarily rude, she is brisk and business-like in her manner, and it is behaviour that does not easily invite familiarity. Once outside of strict professionalism she has a streak for sarcasm a mile wide, along with a sardonic and somewhat cynical perspective on matters. While she is easily labelled cold, it is not enormously difficult to tell there are things that she cares about, and people – but outside of her professional interests and responsibilities, those are few and far between. As with many of her people, she is intensely spiritual, though tends to keep her beliefs and religion to herself.

Her commitment to her work is unquestionable, as it takes up much, if not all, of her life. As an officer she is fiercely protective of her subordinates and team, and has garnered something of a reputation as a determined, insightful, and dogged investigator, if a hard-nosed one. She presents less of her academic interests and capabilities, tending to trust her gut and instincts.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Thawn seems to be approaching a crossroads in her life, forced to decide between pursuing the personal or the professional. The professional appears to be winning handily for now.

While an avid student of politics and criminology, as well as military and political history, not all of Thawn’s hobbies lend to the professional. Her fondness for the outdoors keeps her mentally as well as physically sharp, and she has developed a love for human colonial jazz, most any kind of competitive sport, and has a not-so-secret fondness for model-making.
Strengths and Weaknesses Thawn is a seasoned officer, with particular specialisations in criminal investigations and strategic law enforcement. But her experience and insights hold her strong on starship life, as she brings to bear the tactical and martial aptitude necessary for her position with a core ethic of service and ideals over militarism. She is a keen observer of people, insightful in assessing them and circumstances, and stubborn enough to see more or less any project through.

That stubbornness can be a weakness; it is difficult to make her back down if she thinks she is right. Her standoffishness does not usually make her hard to work with, but it makes it hard to get close. Hers is a perspective which has been deemed more cynical than the average Starfleet officer, which can and sometimes has, with her personal manner, made for an isolated lifestyle.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Fiancé: Karsk Zedian
Father: Thawn Torid (Deceased)
Mother: Thawn Amiya (Deceased)
Brother(s): Thawn Brolin (Deceased); Thawn Venrir

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Thawn Seyla was born in Jalanda City on Occupied Bajor to a family whose interests were more in surviving the Cardassians than fighting them. This desire was thwarted when her neighbourhood was suspected of harbouring Resistance fighters fresh off an assault on a prison camp; when they were not found or given up by the locals, Cardassian law enforcement slaughtered the inhabitants of the whole street. Seyla survived only by the luck that she and her elder brother were visiting family on the other side of town at the time; her younger brother Brolin, sick and at home, was not so lucky.

Found in the wreckage after their return by the actual Resistance fighters, who had in truth moved on from the city and only returned as the heat died down, Seyla found a new life with them. Her brother Venrir remained with family, and this separation caused some bad blood between the two. As a scrawny teenager, she found a role in the Resistance for duties where getting into small places and being unnoticed would be of use, though she was sixteen by the time the Occupation ended, and had seen her share of warfare by then.

She returned to her family and remained on Bajor for the following years of rebuilding, though at eighteen took advantage of an offer to young Bajorans to attend universities in the Federation, to improve education and prospects to youth. Studying on Alpha Centauri for three years, when she returned with a degree in politics, she joined the Militia.

While trained further in combat, Bajoran space was sufficiently protected by the Federation that Thawn found most threats to be internal. Her assignments were primarily concerned with domestic security and law enforcement, though as Bajor’s membership to the Federation again entered negotiation, she began to work more with Starfleet. Specifically they drew on her increasing expertise of threats to local security such as pirate groups and crime organisations that attempted to exploit a non-Federation world’s infrastructure. This experience, and her skills, left her ideally placed to be among the members of the Bajoran Militia integrated into Starfleet upon Bajor’s joining of the Federation.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History Thawn spent a year at the Academy to round off her training, before being assigned to the USS Daisho as Chief of Security. It was considered to be a peaceful posting to help acclimatise her, though internal patrols led to extensive dealings with piratical threats and other domestic security concerns. She found it a mixture of invigorating as problems were solved, but frustrating as the Daisho would usually only concern itself with immediate threats before moving on, and so sought a transfer after several years – this time to the Federation Marshals Service.

For four years she worked with the Service, focusing on counter-terrorism investigations inside and out of Federation space. While preferring to be hands-on in her work, Thawn was well-suited as her strategic mind allowed for long-term planning to uproot threats wholesale instead of only answering immediate dangers, as she had found so frustrating on the Daisho.

Her reasons for leaving are unclear. Her records were updated to note an engagement to Karsk Zedian, a fellow Bajoran ex-pat who worked as a political operator, and her next post was to the Taiwan, another starship with a core worlds focus that might have made distance in a serious relationship easier. But neither showed any signs of giving up their career to be with the other, and within some months Thawn again requested a transfer, seemingly tired of the Taiwan as she had tired of the Daisho, and was posted to a more ambitious assignment on the USS Nogura.