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Lieutenant JG Jamie Franklin

Name Jamie Landon Franklin

Position Chief Tactical Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 24

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 6"
Weight 240
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Physical Description As a 24 year-old Human male, Jamie Franklin towers over six and a half feet tall. Yet, he is not the tallest member of his family. Though he strives to avoid the stereotypical military image many Humans in Starfleet portray, he keeps his fine dark brown hair short and off of his eyebrows and ears. Nevertheless, he does take pride in his physical appearance, which extends to the medium complexion of his skin. Though considered Caucasian, he was never been satisfied with his natural Alaskan-native complexion and maintains a strict skin care and tanning regimen. This is especially true for his face and he despises facial hair that covers his square chin and high cheek bones. He considers his face to be symmetrical and finds that his well-trimmed eyebrows and deep seated eyes compliment his medium sized nose. He also takes pride in the absence of blemishes and scars.

Though typically covered by his duty uniform or off-duty clothing, Jamie still takes his body shape and posture seriously. Despite attempting to avoid the military stereo-type, many say he displays a commanding presence. His posture makes full use of his height whether he is standing or sitting, and he is generally noticeable from across a room. Though not big on body building, his toned pectoral muscles, broad shoulders, and toned trapezius muscle is noticeable even under his duty uniform. While he does not care to wield super human strength, he prides himself on his athletic appearance and general physical health. This mindset extends to his hands as well and includes his trimmed, clean fingernails. His quadriceps and calf muscles are not large enough to distort his uniform trousers but are toned enough to provide for easy mobility and continued physical exercise.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Jamie is sanguine and choleric in terms of personality types and temperament. He is generally enthusiastic, active, and social. Also due to his sanguine temperament, he enjoys being part of nearly any crowd, especially those associated with thrill seeking and other higher risk behaviors. His choleric temperament lends itself to his extroverted and outgoing nature. He can also be described as independent, decisive, and goal oriented. His leadership potential is well-known as a Starfleet officer and he has the ability to successfully take charge and lead a group of other officers and crewmen. His choleric temperament also provides Jamie with a fact-based outlook of the world around him. However, this many times leads others to see him in a pessimistic light due to his matter-of-fact description of situations and events occurring around him. Despite this, his ambition and logical reasoning typically leads to successful problem resolution and mission accomplishment.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Jamie feels that at his young age, his ambitions should relate to his foreseeable future. That is, he does not currently have ambitions of commanding his own ship, becoming an admiral, or teaching at Starfleet Academy. Currently, his ambitions simply relate to making a name for himself as a junior officer with the potential of someday becoming a senior officer. He intends to serve his captain and the senior staff by performing his security and tactical duties to the best of his ability. As far as personal ambitions, Jamie feels that he has several years ahead of him before he must think about starting a family.

From an early age, Jamie found himself intrigued by Earth and Federation history. Indeed, he spent countless hours a week since he could read learning about Earth’s major wars, the Federation’s birth, and Starfleet’s major conflicts over the past two centuries. Most of his elective courses at the Academy were history courses. He also enjoys physical exercise and risky physical activities. For Jamie, physical activity is more than simply maintaining a healthy physique. It provides him with a means to combat stress and anxiety. It provides him with a way to fight the monotony typically found aboard Starfleet vessels. When on leave, his personality generally leads him to the nightlife of San Francisco or Anchorage.
Strengths and Weaknesses As personality traits go, Jamie is typically considered high on the continuum of openness. He possesses imagination and insight, and is generally able to exercise these characteristics in his daily duties. As such, he tends to be more adventurous than his peers, whether on leave or in the holodeck. He is open minded and usually willing to try new, innovative or unfamiliar concepts when tackling new challenges. However, he is usually not the first to approve of or implement overall change. In fact, the prospect of major change typically invokes anxiety, a sense of chaos and lack of control.

Jamie is also considered high on the continuum of conscientiousness. He exercises a high level of thoughtfulness and impulse control, though situations of chaos and change can sometimes challenge this impulse control. As part of this trait, Jamie demonstrates characteristics of preparing, finishing important tasks on time, and paying attention to detail. However, he enjoys and sometimes demands predictable duty schedules. During high tempo missions or unforeseen circumstances, the lack of a predictable duty schedule can often produce anxiety and a sense of loss of control. In some circumstances, this can affect the positive characteristics of this trait that he tries very hard to display.

Perhaps Jamie’s highest ranked personality trait is extraversion. He possesses the characteristics of excitability, sociability, talkativeness, and assertiveness. Those that know him often describe Jamie as someone who gains energy in social situations. This was extremely helpful during his time at the Academy and security/tactical officer school. Though he does not have to be the center of attention, he enjoys starting conversations and meeting new people. He has been able to initiate and maintain positive relationships quite easily. Despite displaying these characteristics, Jamie has a tendency to speak before he thinks and can sometimes allow his humorous nature to overtake a serious moment or situation.

Perhaps the personality trait with room for improvement is agreeableness. While Jamie does not demonstrate a manipulative or highly competitive attitude, he has a tendency to minimize other people’s problems despite his leadership potential. However, when aware of his feelings, he can feel and communicate with others with a high level of empathy and concern. Deep down, Jamie possesses a genuine concern for his fellow officers and crewman, but this can be diminished during times of high stress, anxiety, and a sense of loss of control over a situation.

Jamie tends to fall on the lower end of the continuum in regards to neuroticism. While his duties are stressful at times, he is typically able to remain calm and collected baring the presence of anxiety and the perception of chaos. Even still, he is usually able to recognize the onset of psychological symptoms and encourage emotional stability and reduce excessive worry. However, when challenged or unable to fully control his emotions, he does have a history of becoming upset.

Specialist Profiles

Family History

Family Jamie is not married, nor is he currently in any sort of romantic relationship. He believes that he is at a point in his life where he should be focusing upon establishing his career, reputation, and future. Even so, this mindset does not stop him from mingling with the opposite sex from time to time, though this has slowed since he began his career in Starfleet.

Jamie does not have any children, but the prospect of children at a later time in life is not out of the question. This is not to say that he does not have experience with children. Jamie considers himself close with his nieces and nephews, especially his sister’s children. Prior to leaving Alaska for Starfleet Academy, he was extremely close to his six nieces and four nephews. Even after leaving Alaska, he maintains near-daily contact with at least his sister’s three children. He even makes sure to visit them during leave and send birthday gifts.

Jamie’s parents, Jennifer and Mark Franklin have remained in Alaska since Mark moved the family there more than 25 years ago. Mark has been working in renewable energy since and is currently a director of a large energy firm. Jennifer has worked as a high school history teacher since graduating from college. Mark and Jennifer met in high school in a rural Nebraska town, where they married upon graduation. Jennifer remained in Nebraska to attend college while Mark attended college in Wisconsin. The couple have four children, including Jamie.

Jamie has two brothers and one sister. At 28, Jamie’s brother Steven is the oldest and currently lives on New Vulcan where he serves as a Federation diplomat. Steven is married to Mary, a Vulcan he met during his first months on New Vulcan. Mary is a school teacher and teaches Vulcan studies to Human children at a local secondary school. The couple have three children; two boys and one girl between the ages of one and five. Steven moved from Nebraska and Earth after graduating college. The move to Vulcan has resulted in a void between Steven and Jamie since, mostly due to distance.

Jamie’s other brother, Michael, resides in San Francisco, California where he works for Starfleet as a civilian weapons engineer. At 26, Michael is the most educated member of the family with an advanced degree in particle physics. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Michelle whom also works as a civilian engineer for Starfleet. The couple has 4 children; a set of triplet girls and one boy, ages three and five. Due to the small age difference, Jamie and Michael were the closest when growing up. The two make it a point to visit at every chance.

Jamie’s sister, Samantha resides near the family home in Anchorage, Alaska. At 21, she is the youngest and has had a harder life than her siblings. Though she graduated from high school, she has not pursued a college education or established a career. She remains at home with her parents and her three children, two girls and one boy, ages three to seven. She remains unmarried and struggling to raise her children. These circumstances make her the frailest member of the family, which contributes to the level of closeness and support between her and Jamie. This support and closeness is also the primary reason for the relationship between Jamie and his nieces and nephews.

Due to being born in Alaska and away from his extended family, Jamie barely interacts with anyone outside of the immediate family. There were the occasional trips to the continental United States to see his grandparents during childhood but this slowed during his adolescent years, especially during the latter part of high school. The last time he saw his grandparents was at his academy graduation ceremony. As for cousins, Jamie has never had much of a relationship with them. Though he has a large extended family, mostly on his father’ side, Jamie has not made an effort to strengthen these relationships or attempt to reconnect when on leave.

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Jamie was born on July 14th, 2364 to Mark and Jennifer Franklin in Anchorage, Alaska on Earth. Due to marks high-paced work as a renewable energy engineer, Jamie was primarily raised by his mother for the first six years of his life. Since his mother had other children to tend to also, Jamie learned to read at an early age. By the age of five, he spent much of his time learning about Earth and Federation history. He became intrigued about Earth history from the 16th to 21st centuries and his creativity allowed him the ability to occupy himself for hours a day creating historical presentations, drawings, and videos for his mother’s approval. It was at the age of seven that his intrigue and extreme interest in history expanded to the Federation and Starfleet. It was from this age that he knew he would one day embark on a career as a Starfleet officer.

By the age of 10, Mark began spending more time with his son as he took on the responsibilities of plant manager and was not traveling as much. This change is relationship benefited Jamie greatly since father and son shared many of the same interests, including history and Starfleet. Jamie’s interest in a Starfleet career was cemented between the ages of 10 and 16 due to his father’s interaction with Starfleet on energy-related matters. Jamie would often accompany his father to Starfleet functions, meetings, and conferences. At the age of 14, his father secured an introduction and meeting for Jamie with the Federation council, which provided him with a potential open door to his desired career in the fleet.

Despite his knowledge of and interest in Earth, Federation, and Starfleet histories, Jamie’s academic performance was never excellent. Outside of studies related to his interests, he was typically considered slightly above average. His predominant personality characteristics and traits many times led him to favor fun and adventure over his academic performance. However, the most successful and beneficial portion of his junior and senior high career was that of athletics. In an effort to increase academic performance and interest in other areas of academics, Jamie participated in nearly every athletic activity offered where he excelled in track and field, basketball, lacrosse, and wrestling. By the beginning of his junior year, Jamie had achieved a far higher level of academic performance. It was at the end of his junior year that he began the process for entry into Starfleet Academy.

In the summer of 2382, Jamie became a member of Starfleet Academy class of 2386. For those fellow cadets and faculty members that knew of him, it was strongly believed for some time that his father and his contacts on the Federation council were the reason Jamie was accepted to the Academy. While this has never been ascertained, these rumors played havoc on his freshman year. As during his earlier academic career, Jamie’s academic performance during his freshman year was considered average at best, though he continued to excess in Academy athletics. As with the rumors of his appointment to the Academy, rumors began surfacing that the only reason he had not been released from the Academy was because of his father and his friends within Starfleet. The combination of these rumors, his academic shortcomings, and his failure to create or maintain positive relationships with fellow cadets made his freshman year a living hell. Half way through the year, Jamie had made the decision to drop out of the Academy and the only reason he did not was due to his Father’s insistence. However, at the end of the academic year, he had no intent to continue. Within one week of completing his freshman year, Jamie officially withdrew from Starfleet Academy.

There is no doubt that Jamie’s father’s contacts were responsible for his sudden return to the Academy at the start of his sophomore year. Jamie does not deny the involvement and the favor his father called in to return him to the Academy. Something happened in the brief period between his freshman and sophomore year that improved his drive and desire to graduate from the Academy. By the end of his sophomore year, his academic performance rose to the level of his athletic performance. It seemed as if he had put the living hell he called his freshman year behind him. Despite his rocky first year, whatever happened during his break from the Academy seemed to affect him positively. He became part of a small group of friends that have lasted to this day and became the socially outgoing person he once was. Despite the drastic improvement in academic performance, Jamie graduated 45th in his class in 2386. However, his drive and above average performance continued into his attendance at the advanced tactical training course.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History 2382 to 2386: Starfleet Academy
2386 to 2387: Starfleet Security Officer School
2387 to 2388: Advanced Tactical Training
2388 to 2389: Security Officer – Starfleet Headquarters
2389 to Pres: Asst. Tactical Officer - USS Nogura