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Lieutenant JG Dadora Jecia

Name Dadora Jecia

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Halanan
Age 32
Starfleet Service Number DJ-99240136-BCV

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 5'6"
Weight 126 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Dadora is of average height and build for a Halanan woman. She does tend to highlight her hair within regulations. She is athletically fit and works out as the opportunity presents itself. She has no visible scars thanks to dermal regeneration, but it is not without lack of trying.
Annual Medical Review Physically, Dadora appears to be in excellent health. She exceeds all typical points of concern where physical health is concerned.

The results of her psychological review have been flagged, though only continued observation is recommended. There are no apparent signs that her ability to carry out her duties will be compromised.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Dadora, or D.J. as affectionately called by her friends, embraces life and all that it has to offer. She isn't afraid to try new things, and enjoys learning about new cultures. At the same time, she quite practical and is often aware of her own limitations. Yet, if there's nothing to lose, one can always count on D.J. to go for it.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Dadora enjoys the rush of adrenaline, as it the purest way to remember that she's alive. One of the things she enjoys is rock-climbing. It's not uncommon that she'll make attempts to do so in the gym or in some holographic program. Despite the enjoyment she gets from rock-climbing, she's yet to meet the challenge of the most desired rock face of all, Galartha.

Dadora enjoys trying new things: foods, dances, games. Her philosophy is that life is meant to be experienced. She's an extrovert in nearly every sense of the word. She's also keeps an open ear for other arts: such as music and theater. Learning how other cultures express themselves is a window into who they are as a people.
Strengths and Weaknesses Among Dadora's strengths are her sense of focus, her loyalty and her determination to always complete the task. Dadora, especially recently, has become quite good at working under pressure. She isn't easily rattled, and typically finds a way to focus on the task at hand.

Dadora is loyal to a fault. Many of her former supervising officers have found her to be incredibly loyal. In fact, her people truly value pledges of loyalty. This extends beyond professional obligations. Halanans are known to mate for life. It isn't uncommon for them to date frequently in search of that mate. However, once committed to that person on an intimate level, that is whom she is bonded with for life.

Extreme emotions seem to trigger a Halanan's psycho-projective telepathy. In a heightened emotional state, Halanans have the ability to unknowingly project an energy-based, and on occasion, tangible doppleganger displaying those emotions. When this occurs, the Halanan is in an unconscious state, oblivious to the doppleganger. Halanan children are trained at a very young age to control this, though it is still known to occur. Likewise, this is the reason Halanan typically remain on their homeworld. Her doppleganger, Jori, does not emit any detectable life signs.

Dadora is an extremely capable pilot, however, following a recent incident, she transferred to operations, in some ways resetting her career. She is familiar with warp engine systems and capable of initiating repairs. She's not afraid of being a grease monkey. She also has a working knowledge of astrophysics and computer science.
Annual Psychological Review Jori...

It's a name that Dadora doesn't recognize, yet visual records show her to be identical to Dadora. During a mission, Dadora served as pilot of a shuttlecraft that nearly crashed. When it appeared that all hands had lost consciousness and death was imminent, the shuttle suddenly corrected itself and was piloted to safety. The distress call was made by someone calling themselves Jori. Once the shuttle was recovered by its mothership, the person Jori was nowhere to be found... and only Dadora was closest to the controls.

Dadora recognized this for what it was and agreed to undergo a study to help Starfleet Medical understand the Halanan phenomenon even more, however there has been no discernable way to have both psyches active at the same time.

Dadora recognizes Jori as a stranger with her face, and nothing more. Dadora has agreed to continue a steady regiment of counseling to ensure that an incident similar to the one she experienced does not occur again.

Family History

Father Mykal
Mother Lurann

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Dadora grew up on New Halana. She was an atypical Halanan that was given a typical Halanan upbringing. She was always naturally curious about the world beyond, and never satisfied with the status quo. Her parents attempted to appease some of her curiosities, exposing her to what they believed to be harmless bits of other cultures through books and holovids. Though, they only added fuel to the fire.

Once she became of age, Dadora pleaded with her family to allow her to enroll in Starfleet. It was the one thing her parents wouldn't hear of. Unbeknownst to them, she enrolled regardless. She was fearful that it would tear her family apart, but it was a risk she was willing to take.

On the very day she was expected to leave, her parents did go to see her off. She hugged them both so tightly, nearly having second thoughts of leaving altogether. But her parents made her promise to tell them all she could about every planet she visited, one last bit of encouragement for her to be the young woman she'd always been... an explorer.
Starfleet Service History Service Record

2385 - 2389: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
Dadora's first year at the Academy was certainly a challenge. It wouldn't have been a surprise if she returned home after it. However, she persevered and finished in the top ten of her class.

2389 - 2391: USS Ganymede - Flight Operations - Ensign
A deep space assignment on her very first posting.

2391 - 2394: USS Bellerophron - Flight Operations - Ensign

2394 - 2395: Starbase 83 - Support Craft Pilot - Ensign
There was a lot of ferrying dignitaries to and fro. That's what she recalls the most. What she truly enjoyed about this posting was the fact that these different cultures came to her, rather than having to seek them out aboard a ship.

2395 - 2397: USS Cochrane - Asst Flight Operations - Ens/Lt.(jg)
Her first promotion, and also her largest tragedy. When piloting a shuttle down to a planet, some planetary phenomenon forced the passengers to lose consciousness. Every attempt she could recall was futile and it seemed that all hands would be lost as the shuttle's autopilot failed and Dadora lost consciousness as well. It was here that Jori manifested and piloted the shuttle back so that the Cochrane could retrieve the shuttlecraft.

2397 - 2398: Starfleet Medical (Medical Leave of Absence)
On voluntary LOA so that doctors at Starfleet Medical can further study psycho-projective telepathy of Halanans.

2398 - 2399: USS Spectre - Operations Officer - Lieutenant (jg)
Opting to transfer out of flight operations, Dadora chooses operations. She finds its difficult for any pilot to totally cede control, and finds this an acceptable avenue.

2399 - Current: USS Nogura - Operations Officer - Lieuteant (jg)