Lieutenant JG Eric Newton

Name Eric James Newton M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Starfleet Service Number ST-583-4198

Command Codes

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 170
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Physical Description Unimposing from any angle. He is slender and at best, average muscle tone. His black hair is trimmed but full. He is currently in the process of growing a full beard. His blue eyes look brighter against the teal of his uniform.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Off duty he is friendly and cheerful. He is a little adventures and enjoys meeting new people, part of the reason he joined Starfleet was to meet people from all races.
On duty he is cautious and analytical. He has a positive bedside manor and holds himself to an extremely high standard.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Hobbies include hiking, hockey, and researching exobiology.
Interests also include old Earth fantasy and medieval lore including alchemy. On the off days he wishes to be alone, he enjoys fishing.
His ambition is to one day be able to have enough experience and research done to be able to teach Exobiology at the academy.
Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths: Friendly/outgoing, strong self starter, patient.
Weaknesses: Lack of self confidence, prone to anxiety, gullible.

Specialist Profiles

Annual Starfleet Performance Review Review done three months ago. Meeting and exceeding all but one field. "Eric has been doing well in all his fields. Confidence is lacking as he is double checking many diagnosis with me to confirm accuracy. He has been accurate every time and while this is fine on rare or hard to determine cases, I am hoping to see him reduce the frequency over the next year. I am also going to slowly add some responsibility to his schedule so he can get used to making unilateral decisions. I have high confidence he will develop a good practice." Lt. Com. Rodriguez, M.D.
Starfleet Medical Physiological Profile No major issues recorded. Minor increase in cortisol levels indicating higher levels of stress, but not out of control. To be monitored.
Starfleet Medical Psychological Profile He has been seen multiple times for anxiety. The most recent recommendation was to begin meditation during attacks as well as exercise and herbal supplements. These failing, pharmaceuticals may be required pending effectiveness of the previous options.

Family History

Family Tony Newton - Father
Angel Newton - Mother

Pre-Starfleet History

Pre-Starfleet History Eric was born and raised on Mars. His parents worked at Utopia Fleet yards. His father was a gamma welder and mother worked in one of the many offices as an operations clerk. His home life was good and he did fair in school. He was reluctant to go to university, but his parents encouraged him to follow a scholarship he was offered for hockey. He was told that the shipyard would always be here if he wanted to follow in his parents footsteps, but this was his opportunity to make his own path. He reluctantly agreed. School was not his idea if fun, but he knew his parents wanted him to at least try one year. Even if college did not work out, he knew he'd get to play more hockey there than he would on Mars working in the shipyard.

He left Mars and traveled to Earth for what he thought would be a year. During his year he discovered science and specifically, anatomy and pathology. He became fascinated by the intricacy of all life and how every system had to work exactly together in order to function. While he was far from first in his class, he had started paying attention more and working hard. His scholarship ran out at the end of his first four years but he was able to sign up with Starfleet to pay for his graduate school in exchange for service. After another four years of grad school he was a certified doctor and ready to begin his residency and his service.

Starfleet History

Starfleet Service History On 2379, Eric entered service and began his internship at Earth Space dock. Since Earth Space Dock was a hub of activity, most interns were stationed there in order to gain fast experience with a wide variety of species. Along with this experience was advanced facilities and enough staff to effectively train the new doctor's.

After two years, Eric finished his internship in the middle of his group and was ready to begin his residency. He was transferred to the USS Nagato - an Olympic class hospital ship to begin his three year residency. While a hospital ship was not what most would call action packed, it did allow for more independence and a chance to get used to working on a starship facility. It also took him to new locations and learned to practice on even more diverse species of people.

During this time he lost a patient. He had an elderly patient that was complaining of sleep issues. After a general history and finding out he was worried about some properties he was looking out for, Eric prescribed Imaprovaline to help relax and allow him to sleep. Unknown to Eric, he was also drinking a local tea that had a therapeutic effect and acted as a muscle relaxer. This and an undiagnosed sleep breathing disorder, in conjunction with the Imaprovaline caused the patient to stop breathing. While it was not his fault, he still took the weight of losing the patient hard and began to question if he was asking all the right questions after every patient.

In 2384 after his residency was completed, Eric was transferred to the USS Gato - A Sovereign class where he was assigned as a medical officer where he slowly began building his confidence for independent practice. He had developed the habit of double checking his diagnosis with his CMO, which Dr. Rodriguez was determined to break him of. He pointed out to Eric that it was not feasible for a Doctor to ask everything someone had eaten in the last three weeks and a patient that was unresponsive could not answer even if he asked. Through that gentle encouragement, Eric was slowly beginning to rebuild his confidence that he was making the right choices and becoming a capable doctor.
Service Record 2379 - Enrollment into Starfleet, Earth Space Dock
2381 - USS Nagato - Resident Physician
2384 - USS Gato - Medical Officer