War is Only Half The Story

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Missions from the starships Solaria and Ulysses, along with Deep Space 11, prior to their mergers with the Nogura at different points.

Group Post Count: 132

Included Missions

Dramatis Personae (USS Solaria)

Post Count: 34

In Solaria's first mission, Captain Colby Drayton must lead a crew of replacements on a mission into the Northern Expanse of Federation space and deal with the lingering threat of the Rihansu Resistance. But, is everything as it seems?

Imperfections (USS Ulysses)

Post Count: 31

A routine shakedown of some of the ships systems is brought to a halt by the sudden realization that the are not alone in Belkan's Drift. Hiding behind one of the larger asteroids, a lone Borg Cube is hibernating, regenerating after sustaining substantial damage. Commander Quinn and her away team face a race against time to solve the mystery of the Cube, before the Drone's become active and perceive the Ulysses and her crew as a threat to the Collective... ...But the Ulysses isn't the only vessel to have detected the Cube and the crews every move is being watched very closely...

War is Only Half the Story (DS11)

Post Count: 28

Whilst the Consortium threat at large may have subsided, danger looms in the darkness. But in the aftermath of conflict, New Bajor rebuilds and Starfleet regains the upper hand. Deep Space 11 is almost complete and the hero of the hour, Commodore Nilani Azulas, leaves behind her old posting to assume command of the station and begin a secret mission. Alongside Rear Admiral James Ryan, the Task Force Executive Officer, the Commodore must plan a clandestine purge of all known remaining Consortium assets. Using any means necessary, Commodore Azulas and her new crew will finally inflict the killer blow that will end the Consortium once and for all...

Homer's Chronicles(USS Ulysses)

Post Count: 37

With Starfleet’s enforced withdrawal, a number of worlds in the Gavarian Corridor were left to fend for themselves in a hot zone rife with conflict. Now that Starfleet has returned, a substantial amount of work is required to rebuild trust and diplomatic links with the independent worlds of the Corridor. Before Ulysses can play her part in the developing situation in the region, she must stop at the ever dangerous Belkan's Drift - a massive asteroid field notoriously difficult to navigate - in order to conduct some final tests...