Futility's End

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Many light-years to the south-west of Sol, an isolated, desolate region, cut off from the rest of the galaxy by large swathes of Federation, K’Zinti and Talarian territory, exists. A lawless territory filled with many worlds all light-years apart, all free to come and go as they please. The area is known by many names, but to Starfleet it is known as ‘The Wastelands’. Beyond the edge of explored space, the people of the Wastelands, isolated and full of resentment towards the rest of the galaxy, do their best to thrive under sometimes perilous conditions. But soon Starfleet becomes embroiled in a race against the clock to make inroads into the area before the Alrakis Pact can claim new members. An area once lacking any strategic value is suddenly thrust into the middle of a bitter feud.

Beyond the border, alone and isolated, four Starfleet vessels go their separate ways to spread the word of the Federation, but they got more than they bargained for when the Federation's deadliest foe makes a surprising resurgence...

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Included Missions

Episode 6: War Crimes

Post Count: 60

Several months ago, a lone Cardassian endeavoured to start a new life on a Federation world, far from the history of his people and his crimes. Breloc Tejar had never intended on getting caught, but an oversight in his forged documentation led to his detention and, ultimately, his upcoming trial as a war criminal for atrocities carried out decades earlier during the Occupation of Bajor. Fast forward several months and Tejar’s trial has caused countless headaches for Starfleet Command, the Federation Council and even President Bezar himself. With concerns for the criminals safety, the Federation Council has ruled that his trial should take place on the more neutral world of Trill, much to the disdain of the Bajoran people. Tensions continue to rise, with protests about the trial even reaching the streets of Earth’s capital itself.

Following the loss of the USS Ulysses, the death of a traitor and the discovery of a new threat to galactic peace, Captain Colby Drayton teams up with Commander Tara Neprem to take command of the USS Nogura. Starfleet Command orders the Nogura to escort a Federation Ambassador to Bajor in an effort to placate the Bajoran people and take some of the heat out of the highly contentious situation, however, an explosion rocks the ship and almost kills the ships Andorian Engineer. Subsequent investigations point to an unexpected, and unnerving link between the Captain’s previous command and his new one.

Could the ship and her crew be at risk once again?

Episode 7: Into The Fire

Post Count: 59

Whilst the Federation have been negotiating with the Alrakis Pact for more time to explore the Inconnu Expanse, Pact vessels have secretly made inroads into a desolate region known as the Wastelands. In this lawless frontier, respect is earned, not given. Upon receiving intelligence regarding Pact activities in this unexplored territory and faced with the prospect of losing ground in this modern day space race, Starfleet dispatches an initial Task Group to the Wastelands, led by Captain Drayton and the Nogura, to make contact with those worlds closest to their borders and to expand the Federation’s sphere of influence, whilst preventing the Pact from doing the same.

Beyond the border, alone and isolated, the four Starfleet vessels go their separate ways to spread the word of the Federation, but has someone already beat them to it?

Episode 8: Leviathan Wakes

Post Count: 0

An unknown alien threat has proved to be a menace for several weeks, their ships travelling through subspace corridors, relatively undetectable, and exiting these corridors to strike their targets before disappearing into the darkness. Several vessels have been lost or damaged as a result of these attacks (most notably the Renown, the Odyssey and the Potemkin). Starfleet Command has deemed the continued exploration of the Wastelands to be a hazard due to the as yet unidentified alien threat that still resides within it, opting to limit the Starfleet presence in the region. The Task Group previously assigned to the area has been recalled to Starbase 214, the nearest Starfleet facility to the expanse, to set up a defence perimeter whilst it undergoes repairs. This drastic move leaves the crew of the USS Nogura as the sole Starfleet vessel in the Wastelands, and one with a large target on its hull...