Freedom's Legion

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Now that the Alrakis Pact missions have come to light among the Federation public, various dissident undercurrents within the Federation threaten to boil over into civil unrest. Pockets of protests arise mostly in the frontier colonies, but also here and there among the core regions. With firm denunciation from the Federation Council and Starfleet Command, no one has been brave enough to step forward to publicly unite the malcontents of the quadrant.

At most, there is a loose network of cell leaders called the Shadow Court which works behind the scenes to stoke the flames of secession in every frontier and core world of the Federation. No one member of the Shadow Court is aware of all others, as they are decentralized and ununified. Any declared leader would likely be denounced by other cell groups.

The mostly peaceful denizens of colonial outreach programs and sympathizers from Federation founding planets try to spread awareness to the general Federation population of the harsh realities of frontier life. The particular emphasis on the strain and hardships of wartime on their fledgling societies. Spaceport pamphlet holders, survey takers in the streets, outspoken activists of all stripes. These are the people on the FNS discussion panels talking about ‘the forgotten colonies’ and those people who spent their lives tilling a field only to be told by a distant ‘Earth’ their world and hard work were being given to people who wanted them dead a decade before.

But there are also those extremists who help organise peaceful protests that somehow turn violent; the people who carry Starfleet stun batons among the crowd so when they are found in the aftermath it’s clear who came looking for a fight. This group, known as Freedom's Legion, is also the movement that connects the disparate cells, providing arms, communications, and encouraging the more bloodthirsty if needs be. These Legionnaires are backed financially and logistically by groups like the Alrakis Pact and the True Way (Cardassian terrorist group dedicated to the downfall of the Federation), with remnants of The Circle (Bajoran extremists for an independent Bajor), Terra Firma (22nd century human xenophobic movement), and the Order of 12 in the mix.

Freedom’s Legion begins with a media campaign throughout the Federation, designed to related to encourage domestic terrorism and ultimately destabilize the peace among the movement’s more militant fringe.

How will the crew of the Nogura become involved in the movements efforts?

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Included Missions

Episode 6: War Crimes

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Several months ago, a lone Cardassian endeavoured to start a new life on a Federation world, far from the history of his people and his crimes. Breloc Tejar had never intended on getting caught, but an oversight in his forged documentation led to his detention and, ultimately, his upcoming trial as a war criminal for atrocities carried out decades earlier during the Occupation of Bajor. Fast forward several months and Tejar’s trial has caused countless headaches for Starfleet Command, the Federation Council and even President Bezar himself. With concerns for the criminals safety, the Federation Council has ruled that his trial should take place on the more neutral world of Trill, much to the disdain of the Bajoran people. Tensions continue to rise, with protests about the trial even reaching the streets of Earth’s capital itself.

Meanwhile, following the loss of the USS Ulysses, the court martial of Captain Colby Drayton finally concludes aboard Deep Space Ten. With the Captain free to resume his career, his posting as the new commander of the Nogura is confirmed just in time for her next mission. Starfleet Command orders the USS Nogura to escort Trill’s Ambassador to Bajor in an effort to placate the Bajoran people and take some of the heat out of the highly contentious situation, however, it quickly becomes apparent that tensions are being stoked by a new wave of anti-Federation propaganda on Bajor’s streets. Nogura’s new mission becomes an investigative one as they try to track down those responsible for stoking the fires of dissent among the planet’s populace...

Episode 7: Protestations

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With the crisis on Bajor abated, Nogura is on her way to conduct a scientific survey of the Briar Patch when word reaches them of a terrorist plot to release a deadly bio-virus on Sigma Serpentis. The plot had been detected by Serpentian Security working with a Starfleet science ship, the USS Constellation whilst investigating anomalous power signals in the planets weather control array. While this would be major news by itself, it is soon eclipsed by an announcement by the Arellian Cry, a major news network. They revealed that the planetary government had been aware of the bio virus being released as early as the turn of 2389, but had placed a gag order on all involved in order to limit the impact on the government during a somewhat tense election period.

In addition, Starfleet Command had enforced this issue, restricting the knowledge to only a handful of members of Starfleet. With the revelation that Starfleet and the Federation knew about the bio-virus plot, Nogura is dispatched to the planet to boost security during the election. But, soon after the ships arrival, anarchy breaks out and an anti-Federation protest turns violent, the people heeding the words of anti-Federation political groups. Dissidents storm the Federation Consulate and take a number of hostages, leaving the crew to play negotiator in an effort to rescue the hostages before there is any loss of life.