Whispers In The Dark

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The Patrolstar Achilles takes centre stage as she scouts ahead of the main fleet in an effort to plan a route through a treacherous area of space. Their task is soon made more complicated when a Raptor goes down on a nearby planet and search and rescue operations are hampered by plasma storms in the planets atmosphere. As the survivors desperately take shelter, whispers in the dark begin to spook the team. What could possibly be lurking in the shadows?

Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 2:00am

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Less than a week since the last crisis threatened to bring down the fleet, attention has turned to navigating through a particularly treacherous corridor of space.

Whilst Solaria and the fleet remain behind in a relatively safe star system, the Patrolstar Achilles takes centre stage as Colonel Wolf leads Reconnaissance efforts in a bid to find the best route through an area of plasma storms. But during a routine patrol of a nearby system, a Raptor crew crashes on a nearby world and Achilles is forced to halt its mission to find the survivors. As efforts are complicated by plasma storms in the atmosphere, the survivors are forced to take shelter.

But soon, they begin to hear voices, whispers in the dark and they are faced with the very real possibility that they are no longer aloneā€¦