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Captain's Personal Log, Supplemental (MD146)

Posted on Sun Apr 7th, 2019 @ 7:11pm by Captain Colby Drayton

Computer, begin log entry.

Expectations. Life in Starfleet is full of expectations. The expectation that you know every Federation law and rule inside out; the expectation that you are willing to risk your life for the life of anyone you may come across, even strangers, in an effort to fulfil the Starfleet mandate of protecting sentient life. Hell, even the expectation that everyone should desire to one day sit in the big chair.

Every year, at the very end of the year, during the last days of December, I try to find a sort of motto that I should live by for the coming year. My mother used to call these ‘New Years Resolutions’, and she expected us to make them and to try to stick to them. I always expected to fail and so did she. Often, the motto or resolution is not even written by me; it may be a famous sentence, quote, or verse of a song that inspired me at that particular moment of the year. The advantage of living in our century is that we have millions of ideas to choose from. I do not have a real archive of this yearly routine, so over the years, I have forgotten almost all my mottos, except one — a very classic motivational one — “expect the unexpected.”

I think that there are several ways of reading and interpreting these three words together. Clearly, they are a mantra that every Starfleet Captain should follow. If you are a very forward-thinking person, you might think that the unexpected is something concrete. Expect what you think you cannot reach, and you will arrive at the top of that mountain.

Expect the unexpected, in the eyes of my good friend Idra Kizohl, means you can turn the situation upside down and read the story in a completely different way than the secure, vertical path. This multi-dimensional and multi-direction point of view is an inner characteristic of optimistic people, who seek to transform even the worst situation into a positive life change. In order to do this, the person must be very creative and, in some cases, think outside the box, creating new directions that did not exist before, without expectations, just living in the present. Expect the unexpected is a mantra Idra and I have often discussed in the course of our duties and I like to think this way of dealing with things applies to me, but Idra would be howling with laughter if she could hear me recording this right now. “You? Creative?” she would laugh. And she would be right! I don’t have a creative bone in my body. What I can do is strategize, and that requires thinking outside of the box, right?

We spend our lives setting ourselves different goals and challenges. I want to command a starship by the age of thirty-five, be an Admiral by forty and President of the Federation by sixty. Needless to say, I am not on course to achieve any of those goals or challenges. So, how can we transform the disappointment of not having reached the goals we were expecting?

I’ll let you know when I figure it out…

Right now, expect the unexpected is very much the motto of our new mission. We have no idea where our endeavours in the Wastelands will take us, or what we will come across - but one thing is certain…

…we need to expect the unexpected.


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