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Personal Log, Mission Day 146, 1530 Hours

Posted on Sun Apr 28th, 2019 @ 3:20am by Lieutenant Commander William Hunt

Computer, begin recording.

We’re due to arrive at Starbase Two-One-Four in about an hour. I’m taking a few minutes in my quarters to have a late lunch and retrieve some old files from my Foreign Service days. I’m looking forward to this new phase of the mission. And to seeing Katherine again. I knew she was offered Ex-Oh of Two-One-Four last year. Most would have called that a demotion, but she saw it as an opportunity. I miss our talks back on the Soval.

The Wastelands. The name evokes feelings of mystery and intrigue. It implies nothing good is out here. People do what they must do to survive. No recognized governments have any power out here. But some unseen force has attacked Starfleet and Alrakis Pact ships. Maybe we can solve that mystery and do some good out here.

Audible purring sound.

Aw, hi, Liv. I’m glad the Nogura permits pets. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Bringing a bit of order to this region would be hugely beneficial. Deny some territory and resources to the Pact. Open new areas for science vessels to explore a whole new region of space more safely. I saw the frame of a Dumont under construction when we were docked at 72. Maybe that means Starfleet is trying to get back to its roots. I hope so.

I don’t actually know exactly what Captain Drayton has planned for us in the region, aside from support Two-One-Four. Maybe we’ll explore strange, new worlds. The Wastelands borders Kzinti space. Maybe we’ll do something to support their feminist rebellion. Hopefully Captain Drayton doesn’t view the Prime Directive as being quite so prime a directive.

File transfer complete.

Okay. I’ll review these from my office before we jump out of Slipstream. Any historical context will be helpful. Well, time to get to it.

Computer, end recording.


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