Tick Tock

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 12:35am by Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Farrell

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Bolarus
Timeline: Day 1 at 0930


The wall mounted clock was nothing short of irritating as those present this morning, in one of Bolarus’ largest buildings, sat in the humid room, waiting patiently to speak to various people about a variety of projects. The building was home to several branches and divisions of various Starfleet and Federation engineering faculties and the waiting room was where visitors to all would wait until they were called, directed or escorted to their destinations. On this particularly sunny summers day, four individuals were waiting in the near tropical heat.

The first was a rather chubby, rather happy Bolian who had been sitting there the longest. He looked like quite a pleasant man and tried to dress as smartly as he could, but his shirt buttons were bulging and his collar had traces of some food or beverage that he had been too eager to devour. Sweat patches began to form under his bulging arms and he was clearly uncomfortable in the heat.

The second waiting individual was a lanky, blonde woman with flowing hair that fell over and behind both shoulders. It looked messy, yet stylish. She was in business attire of her own, pinstripe and with heels that made her almost 6 inches taller. She sat with one leg crossed over the other and her hands clasped together in her lap as she waited. Her five nose ridges gave her away as a Bajoran.

The third individual was a younger man, a Terran by look (but one could never be too sure), who had been stood in the corner communicating via his hand held device for most of the time he had been in the waiting room. His clothing was pristine, his hair slicked back and tucked behind his ears but the whole time he had been there, he had been making eyes at the blonde woman nearby. They seemed to know each other as they occasionally exchanged glances.

The fourth individual had been there the least amount of time and had swiftly identified the younger man in the waiting area as the one most likely to cause trouble. The fourth person, a dark skinned gentleman with a slight hint of stubble upon his cheeks and chin, was quite clearly the odd one out in the mix. Although he was as hot as the others and was as tired of waiting as them, his Starfleet uniform clearly set him apart from the others.

“Yes, Morek, I know… I should be there after lunch… I don’t know what’s taking so long. No, no, she’s here with me… Yes, of course! Look, you don’t get to be a genius without knowing what you are doing. Yes… Good bye.”

The Starfleet officer was about to tell him how pleased he was that the conversation was finished when the building's receptionist totted over in her own heels and addressed the group. “They are sorry to have kept you waiting Doctor Jarod, but the Board will see you now. Fifth floor, middle turbo lift,” the polite woman smiled at the greasy looking man as he made his way over to the turbo lift, the Bajoran woman following suit.

“Finally! I’m a very busy man you know,” he frowned before waltzing off towards the elevator, not bothering to wait for the blonde to follow.

With the man out of earshot, the Starfleet officer looked at the receptionist and shook his head slowly, “Is he always like that?”

The receptionist simply smiled and changed the subject, but a knowing look on her face indicated that the officer was spot on. “Mister Rebechi will see you now, Commander,” she spoke before spinning on her heels and walking away, only looking back once with a cheeky grin.

“I’ve got to get me one of those…”

The Lieutenant Commander ran a hand through his short dark locks as he looked at the last remaining visitor sitting down. “Get yourself what?” the Starfleet man asked.

“A uniform! It’s such a babe magnet,” the Bolian announced before downing a bit more of his morning beverage.

The Starfleet officer smirked, slapped the seated man on the back and then made his way to the steps. A glance back at the reception desk, a wink to the woman and he set off on his stroll up the stairs. Had he not been in Starfleet and had the level of fitness he did, he would have most certainly taken the lift, but a stroll up four flights was nothing for a man in his physical condition. He passed one or two individuals, sharing a polite nod and a “hello, how are you?” every so often before arriving at the fourth floor, looking for the door he wanted. It didn’t take long to find it.

A plaque on the door read “Tomas Rebechi, Chief Executive, United Technologies Aerospace Group,” and that was the man he was here to see. Striding up to the door, he pressed the chime, waiting to be granted permission to enter. Soon, an “Enter” from within signalled that he had permission to enter the room and he stepped forward slowly.

The instant coolness hit him, the breeze of the powerful environmental controls a welcome change from the sweltering heat down in the waiting area. Behind the desk, near the glass windows, a smart gentleman with the top two buttons of his shirt undone, sat tapping away at the computer console before him until he eventually looked up and saw the Starfleet man in the doorway. “Hey hey, look who it is!” He rose up with a smile and offered a hand in the military officers direction. “Long time no see Seb, come in. Sit down,” he gestured as the two shook hands.

Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Farrell, nicknamed Seb by his friends, graciously accepted the offer of the seat. “Yeah, it’s been a long time.” The broader of the men nodded slowly. The two had known each other some time ago and hadn’t seen one another in a while, the Commander’s assignments with the fleet often keeping him busy and off-world.

“So…” Tomas smiled as he slowly swung on his chair a little, “what makes a successful man like you want to leave Starfleet?”

Sebastian let out a sigh as he considered his answer carefully before opting to be truthful. Life in Starfleet had got a little monotonous, dull, and it was time for a change. “To be honest with you, it is just time for a change. Life in the fleet isn’t what it used to be. Too many drills and training scenarios for combat that will never come. I joined up for the exploration, but things have changed,” Farrell revealed, almost feeling guilty for wanting to leave. It wasn’t often that people chose to leave the fleet these days.

“Ahhh, yeah. Mars,” Tomas nodded slowly, well aware of what the attack on Mars and the subsequent Romulan Supernova had done to Starfleet. “Well, I may have just the job for a talented pilot like yourself,” the man revealed as he rose from his seat again and walked over to a nearby bookcase. He waved for the pilot to join him as he pressed a button on the wall beside it. Several rows of books began to spin around a central axis and disappeared behind the bookcase as a new, large computer screen with the UTAG logo on it appeared out of nowhere.

”You engineers certainly like your toys,” Farrell mused as he watched and waited patiently.

Rebechi tapped away on the screen and brought up the schematics and blueprints for a seemingly new spacecraft. “This is the X-31, a prototype Starfighter that we have designed for Starfleet, to replace those ugly Valkyries you guys fly,” Tomas smirked as he pointed out all the different schematics for Sebastian to read.

Farrell slowly nodded as he took in the plans on the screen. “What do you need me for? To offer you some insight on things?” the Pilot queried as he crossed his arms across his chest and looked over the design some more.

“No. We want you to be our test pilot,” Rebechi smiled as he started to walk back to his chair. “We’ve built the craft. In just over a week, we’ll be ready for our first test flights and we want you to be the one to test her out. And all future craft produced by UTAG,” he grinned as he slouched in his chair once more and glanced over at Farrell, who was standing staring at the screen.

Test pilot for a new, experimental fighter? And other ships to come off the production line? Maybe that was just the kind of excitement the Commander needed.