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Sudden Loss

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Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: USS Nogura, Bridge
Timeline: Day 4 at 2130

One Month Ago

Rokan wandered into Heihachiro's just a few minutes before seventeen hundred hours. There was to be an event this evening, Commander Hawkins had requested that all senior staff be present and accounted for. Coming in from the left bar side entrance he had sworn there had been some light buzz going on but a hush filled the lounge as he wandered in and suddenly the Chief Operations Officer became very self-conscious. "There is the man of the hour, punctual as always." the Captain called out as they wandered over towards Rokan, a smile on their face.

Rokan looked out and noticed not only was all of the senior staff present, but nearly his entire department was as was the engineering team and others he had chosen to call friends. The ship's Commanding Officer was now by his side, his charismatic presence felt throughout the room as he continued to speak. "As many of you know Rokan here was one of the first to join the Federation and Starfleet under its Cardassian program. But more than that he has become an invaluable officer not only to Starfleet but to us here in his short time aboard the Nogura, making his presence felt by all. Especially when he wants to send a message to your replicators with cold coffee." The room broke into laughter at the joke and Rokan couldn't help but smile.

"I've only made that habit when you leave me out on the away missions Captain." he fired back, a smirk on his face. It was Hawkins' turn to laugh now as he patted his senior officer on the back. "So you have Mister Dukal, so you have. And on that note, let's talk about why we are here. For those of you who do not know Lieutenant Dukal recently completed the first series of leadership courses with Starfleet and under our First Officers and mine supervision. It is with that in mind and based on his meritorious service to the Federation that today I herby promote Lieutenant Dukal to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all privileges provided forthwith."

The room filled with cheers and clapping as the Commander turned to pin the hollow pip onto Rokan's collar. "Thank you, Sir, I am humbled and grateful for this. I promise to live up to the expectations that come with this."


Rokan pulled himself from the floor of the bridge slowly, the room was still spinning around him as the smell of burnt-out conduits, smoke, and even seared flesh filled the air. Reaching up to wipe his ridged forehead he wiped away warn liquid which happened to be blood and then got himself to his console as sparks shot off once more nearby causing him to dodge them. All around him bodies were laying on the floor, the Captain, their former First Officer was barely was hanging on at the tactical station as Lieutenant Scott appeared to be unconscious on the floor next to her. The asteroid field was supposed to be their safe space, they had already survived one assault with the sphere. They had been recovering, trying to get things back in order. And for hours they had been, working tirelessly to figure out who was still alive and who wasn't. And just what was still working on the damn ship. When the Commander had explained to him that he was the highest-ranking senior officer after her left alive he figured she simply needed his support. Until he realized she was making him acting First Officer, something he had not been prepared for. But this was war, and he would do what was necessary. He always did.

"Commander Jurot, I'm rerouting power to the shields from what resources we have left but that will only put us at twenty percent. What are your orders?" Rokan called out, smoke filling his lungs as he spoke.

"Get to the conn Rokan and prepare to ram us into that interceptor if you have to. I am done with the damn Borg and they will not go any further!" Came the order as the now Captain worked tirelessly to fire off another salvo of quantum torpedos. Anger seethed in her words as she held back tears from all that had been lost. Her former lover and the ships former Captain. So many crew members and senior officers she had called friends. She was doing what she could, in the few hours of so-called peace she had trying to figure out just what they had left Rokan had tried to motivate her the best he could. But even he seemed lost in it all. And worst of all right now, she knew she was injured and she had yet to take care of herself. Her sides ached, dried blood was crusted on her face, and her uniform was torn in several places, as were many of the bridge officers who were present during the first attack.

Suddenly the ship rocked again just as the Cardassian officer reached the conn and behind him, the tactical station blew out. Lieutenant Commander Jurot went flying backward, her body falling into a lifeless lump on the floor of the bridge as fresh blood poured from reopened wounds on her head. "Damn it." he muttered as he keyed in commands, fingers sliding across the console, plotting a course. Standing up and looking at the scene of the chaos once more behind him, Rokan clenched his fist before retaking his seat. "Rokan to Sickbay, I need medical personnel up here now." The only response he got, however, was dead air, and just as he was about to lay in the course multiple warp signatures emerged in front of him. Borg Cubes appeared outside of the asteroid field on the cracked view screen and at that moment Rokan had wished he was a religious man.

Just as he was expecting a coordinated assault meant to destroy the Nogura however the most unexpected thing occurred. In what he could only guess was communications amongst their hive mind ordering the current interceptor that had been attacking them to break off, suddenly all of the vessels jumped to warp at once, deeper into Federation space. Now in what was supposed to be its spot of safety the Nogura was once more alone. And it left Rokan amongst a pile of bodies scattered across the bridge and with none of the other departments checking in. The last thing he remembered thinking was how he had failed to live up to his promise to both Hawkins and Jurot.

As those thoughts filled his head Rokan Dukal, acting First Officer of the USS Nogura lost consciousness and slumped over on the conn.


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