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Rallying Cry

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 10:44am by Captain Keziah Nazir & Lieutenant Commander Garen Romaes & Lieutenant Thaddeus Scott & Lieutenant JG Marcia Byers

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Bridge/Shuttlebay
Timeline: Day 4 at 2205

There was still a great sense of awe in the cockpit of the Runabout Tycho as her occupants struggled to believe their swift change in fortunes, no matter how temporary it turned out to be. From thoughts as dark as being the last survivors in the Federation to thoughts of utter glee at the sight that lay before them. One of the most recognizable designs in Starfleet history, the elegant Galaxy-class starship that sat less than a dozen kilometers away, was the answer to their prayers. Or so Captain Nazir hoped.

"Commander," the Trill spoke quietly as she placed a reassuring hand on the Bajoran's shoulder, "open hailing frequencies, local area only." Her order was unusually clear, but she could afford to take no chances. By ordering it to be confined to the local area, there was no chance (at least she hoped there was no chance) that the Borg would detect it and thus, them.

After a few seconds of tapping, the Bajoran nodded in confirmation that the channel was open.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, and clutching the headrests of the chairs either side of her for support, the Trill addressed the ship hanging in front of them. "=/\=Unidentified Federation vessel. This is Captain Keziah Nazir, formally of the USS Ulysses. Please respond."

[Bridge, USS Nogura]

On the bridge of the Nogura there was tension and excitement as the very first hail came through since Rokan had initiated the beacon calling for survivors of the Borg invasion. Repair crews had attempted to restore some sense of dignity to the bridge and injuries were being treated the best they can. Survivors had been accounted for and those who were in the best of shape had either been assigned to search teams, triage teams, or repair teams. "Commander, do we answer the hail?"

Rokan snapped back from his thoughts, tugging on the sleeve of the red command uniform that had been replicated for him. He was still getting used to the color and the responsibility. "Can you confirm their identification Lieutenant Scott?" the Cardassian asked as he looked to the assistant chief tactical officer with both hope and pessimism. T

Thaddeus worked at the tactical station to confirm what he could while they ran on low power, his fingers sliding across the console in front of him. And then it happened, he smiled and even before he spoke down on the center of the bridge Rokan knew the answer. "Open hailing frequencies Thaddeus lets not keep them waiting then."

"Hailing frequencies are open Sir." the Lieutenant responded the excitement in his voice infectious as a few other officers who were working to make repairs stopped what they were doing and turned to listen.

"=/\=Greetings Captain Nazir, this is Lieutenant Commander Rokan Dukal, First Officer of the USS Nogura. I see you found our beacon.=/\="

"=/\=You are a sight for sore eyes, Commander. Permission to come aboard? =/\=" the voice of the senior officer on the Runabout enquired eagerly.

Rokan motioned to the tactical officer to restore power to the shuttle bay and lower shields as the conversation continued with the runabout. "=/\=Captain, we'll be happy to recieve you. Direct your runabout in to our bay and we'll see you there. =/\=" As soon as the First Officer finished Thaddeus spoke up. "Sir, should I send someone to go meet them?"

"You'll join me Lieutenant. Have the Marines send down a couple of their men to join us as well.” Rokan responded as he waited for the Shuttlecraft to give it’s final reply before making his way down to the bay. “Expecting trouble sir?” Lieutenant Scott asked. “I’m always prepared Lieutenant. Especially after the last few days.”

"=/\=Affirmative Nogura. Runabout Tycho, out."


[Shuttlebay One]

Rumours spread like wildfire on starships at the best of times, but rumours of two Runabouts full of survivors had drawn a large crowd to shuttlebay one on deck 4. In fact, the crowd threatened to grow so large that there might not have been enough room for the two craft to land, had it not been for the Starfleet Marines who had entered the bay and begun to clear out some of the gathering personnel.

There was a definite sense of excitement in the room, one didn't need to be a Betazoid to work that out, and the sound of the warning klaxon, signalling the opening of the bay doors, did nothing to dampen that excitement.

Rokan was more than grateful for the marines and their ability to clear out the crowd. As the group of crewmen and officers formed anxiously behind him now lining the deck the Lieutenant Commander turned to them, reminding them what this moment could hold. “I know you are all anxiously hoping that once I and a few others step down there and receive the first shuttles to arrive since our fight with the Borg that things will drastically change. I wish I could say that was true. But what I can tell you is that down there are our fellow Starfleet officers. They have lost their fellow crewmen, family, and even their ships. We will welcome them with open arms and show them the support only the Nogura can give. Because we’re in this together. Don’t overwhelm them. Be prepared to help them. And keep on being strong right now, I’m proud of you all.”

Turning around the Cardassian didn’t even wait for a reaction, instead he let out a deep breath and then stepped off into the landing bay. Behind him a small chorus of cheers and claps had broken out, a sign of agreement and support for the officer who had stepped up so far amidst the chaos. Inside the bay with a phaser holstered on his hip he was joined by Lieutenant Scott and the Marines. Coming to the rear of the shuttles they patiently waited for the survivors to disembark.

Soon enough, the first of the two Runabouts put down on the deck plating of the craft, her thrusters cutting out and engines going offline. There was relative silence as the crowd watched, and waited. Then, a hissing sound signalled the opening of the door on the side of the craft and a figure emerged from the vessels interior. Then another, and then a third. First to the deck plating was an Ensign in command red, followed by a Lieutenant in operations gold. Both looked a little worse for wear, but happy to be safe again. The third man looked a little more anxious as he surveyed the craft. In command red and with two solid gold pips and a black one, he was clearly an officer of great importance. That was until the final figure appeared in the doorway.

Taking a single step down and onto the large nacelle that acted like a stepping stone to the deck plating, the long haired brunette surveyed the crowd in silence. There was a definite air of authority about her, the way she held herself, the way she made slight yet deliberate movements. Eventually, she had seen enough and her eyes settled on the man who seemed to be leading the assembled crew. She elegantly jumped down from the nacelle and slowly made her way across to the Cardassian.

"Captain Keziah Nazir, reporting," she spoke, formally offering her hand in greeting.

The hissing doors and arrival of the shuttles crew coming out of them led to the Marines tightening their grips on their phaser rifles at first, and then when they saw the Starfleet uniforms tensions eased as they went forward with Lieutenant Scott to greet and process the first official survivors to come aboard. The lieutenant commander however patiently waited for the one who should have had more pips amongst the crowd and then he saw her and she made a beeline straight for him. With her hand extended the Cardassian reached out and gripped hers, offering a shake.

“Welcome aboard the Nogura Captain Nazir. I’m Lieutenant Commander Rokan Dukal, acting first officer.”

"From what I am told, that's acting commanding officer," the Trill elaborated with a smile as she released the man's hand and looked out across the assembled crew. "Permission to address your people?" she queried of the Cardassian. She could, of course, have done what she wanted - the pips on her collar gave her those rights - but she would do this properly.

“That’s right. And I’ll do what’s best for this crew. At all costs Captain.” Rokan replied with a sharp smile as his hand was released. Things might have been temporary as the Trill Captain reminded him. He was protective of them all and had been since coming aboard even as a department head. But now it was different. He turned and stood carefully by her side, looking at the crew. “Feel free Captain. They are very anxious, I know we all are right now. I am sure they could stand to hear some additional inspiration right now.”

Placing a reassuring hand on the Cardassian's shoulder, the Captain took a single step forward, glancing around the seemingly ever growing group. "Crew of the Nogura," she called out, "my name is Captain Keziah Nazir and until today, like many of you, I was living a charmed life. My ship, the Ulysses, was my pride and joy. Like many before me, I had ambitions, wants and desires. I'm not afraid to admit that the Admiralty was where I wanted to be when the time was right," the Trill spoke, open and honestly, as she started to pace before them. "But it seems fate has a different plan in mind for each and every one of us. The Borg, our age-old enemy, is back, and back with furious vengeance in mind."

The broad shoulders of the Cardassian officer tensed at the touch of the Captain at first before finally relaxing. Rokan’s eyes scanned the crowd that had gathered despite the Marines best attempts to tell them to stay in the corridors. Despite his best attempts to remind them of the fact the crew coming aboard would need to not be overwhelmed. Listening to Captain Nazir speak the opinion of Rokan started to shift as well. Folding his arms behind his back he quietly listened to the speech as it began.

"Forget everything you think you know about today's events," she called out again. "Andor, Betazed, Bajor, Vulcan. All gone. Earth..." she stopped to look at the floor nervously for a second as she composed herself. It had not escaped her attention that a large amount of those assembled were (seemingly) Terran. "Earth... Birthplace of the Federation... Is gone. Everything we held dear has gone."

The words were worse than Rokan had feared. He knew at this moment many were going to be feeling lost, in fact looking into the crowd he could see Lieutenant Scott comforting a fellow officer, one of the Betazoid officers, no doubt overwhelmed by the emotions on the ship. “The Federation may have been ripped apart, but we will persevere. You all know years ago I gave up one home after war had torn it apart and was adopted by a second home, this home. I will be dammed if we let the Borg have it.”

"Today, we will gather every survivor we can possibly find. We will raid the nearby space station for supplies and, if possible, any additional starships for tomorrow, we will show the Borg that resistance is never futile when dealing with the Federation!" Nazir exclaimed, loud and proud, with a fist in the air as she felt the fighting spirit of the ship's crew wash over her.

The crowd cheered immediately as Captain Nazir finished her speech, many raising their fists in unison with her. Clearly, in Rokan’s determination, she had an infectious mannerism and speech to herself, a way with the crowds as it were. And he had to admit the speech was inspiring. But at the same time, he was realizing she was planning to take command of the ship and he was left anxious. Still, he smiled and clapped, showing his support because either way she was right, and they would resist and put the Borg back in their place. And then he walked up behind the Captain and placed a hand on her shoulder and spoke quietly. “We need to talk...”


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