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Take her out!

Posted on Wed Jan 31st, 2018 @ 10:03pm by Commodore Nilani Azulas & Lieutenant Commander Garen Romaes & Commander Tara Neprem & Commander Audrid Kane & Lieutenant Commander Arnon Barak MD, PsyD & Lieutenant Naddia Yole & Lieutenant Louis Rashkae & Lieutenant Raygi Benyan & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed & Ensign Kyran Dorn & Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter

Mission: Episode 3: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD072

It was the first day of a brand new year and the day of the Nogura's departure into the echelons of Task Force Nine's active starships had finally arrived. Captain Drayton and the last of his yard engineers had left, the final paintwork having been completed over night. The bridge had been alive with activity since the early hours of the morning and all systems were go. Rumours about their possible missions were rife across all decks, ranging from peace talks with the Dominion to proper exploration out in the wilderness.

Although his normal place would be in Sickbay, Raygi had been invited along with all senior officers to be on the bridge for the launch of the Nogura. The Bajoran Medical Chief has decided to be social and attend the launch. Thus far, he was not disappointed; the ship was immense, and a marvel of Starfleet ingenuity and technical skill. I just hope nobody gets seriously hurt, he thought to himself. There were several strategically placed emergency med kits on the Bridge just in case.

Arnon arrived on the bridge and stood unobtrusively to one side.

Captain Azulas strolled on to the bridge from the aft turbolift, a silver plated mug bareing the ships name in her hand, steaming with fresh coffee. The joined Trill wandered over to her new command chair as she sipped on her beverage. She looked around and noted who was present.

Shortly after Nilani, Audrid would also arrive on the bridge via turbolift. She had just finished a few conversations with new crew members and as such hadn't been on the bridge since the start of the shift. She walked to her designated chair and sat down, excited to finally be back in one of those on a Sovereign Class again.

"Captain on the Bridge!" Andy called out, snapping to attention next to the rear MSD. The ex-Borg woman was finally out of the yellow Corps jumpsuit and in a proper uniform, crisp and tidy for the occasion.

Nilani nodded in appreciation to the Master Chief despite their earlier encounter and was grateful for the show of respect. Glancing towards the Conn, the Captain addressed the occupier of the station. “Lieutenant Shantic. Are we ready for warp dive?”

“Engineering reports ready ma’am,” the Bajoran smiled as he turned briefly to face the Trill.

“Excellent,” she remarked in response before looking towards the Ops Officer. “Lieutenant Yole. Clear our departure with station operations,” Azulas ordered as she slid down into her comfortable chair.

"Aye aye ma'am." Said Yole. Tapping to access communications. "USS Nogura to New Bajor Spacecontrol, requesting permission to depart."

"Control to Nogura, you are cleared to depart, be advised there is some heavy solar flare activity, your recommended departure bearing is 093 mark 112." Came the voice back over the comm.

"Copy that Control, Nogura out." She said closing the channel and sending the bearing to the CONN station next to her. She turned back slightly to face the centre of the bridge. "We are clear to depart Captain."

Nilani turned to her Executive Officer and gave her a gentle nod. It was time to do this. She turned her attention forwards and smiled as she gave her next commands. "Ops, disconnect umbilical supports and clear all moorings. Helm, ahead one quarter impulse power. When clear, make your course bearing 093 mark 112, full impulse."

"Umbilicals clear." Yole said, "All moorings clear."

"Ahead one quarter impulse." The CONN officer said as the sleek lines of the Sovereign-class ship pulled out of her dock.

"All systems are green Captain, our current heading out of the system is clear." Yole said.

With the ship underway at last, gracefully gliding through the New Bajor system at full impulse, the Captain reached for the controls on her new command chair and opened a ship wide communique with the standard boatswains whistle signalling the channel to be open. "=/\=All hands, this is the Captain. Our inaugural mission sees us responding to a request for assistance from the terraforming scientists on Kylata III. Whilst this is not a distress call in the usual sense, we will be proceeding at warp speeds. Report any system problems to main engineering immediately. Azulas out."

Tara sat in the third Command chair, reviewing reports on her mini console for Starfleet Operations for the area to which they were headed. As they finally got underway, Tara looked toward the Captain and favored her with a smile; Arjin had once been part of the first departure of a new ship, but for Tara this was her first time to see such an event, and it was quite exciting! Watching the crew alone seemed to be quite enthralling for Tara as well, they seemed to have such a wonderful chemistry; all except for her, the odd woman out, or so she thought, blissfully unaware of the tension between Andy and Nilani. It was going to take time to find her place on the crew, as temporary as that may be, and she hadn't the foggiest idea how to do that.

Lisa sat in her seat at the Tactical station knowing that there was not much she could do right this minute, but enjoy the ride, she said," watch it we don't want the paintwork scratched," as she had been down to the armoury yesterday and made sure everything was in place.


In main engineering Lt. Kolbeck was busy with Lieutenants th'Zorati and Smyth. The powerful Sovereign Class engines were at full peak ready for any orders from Captain Azulas.

Kolbeck himself was interested in what the ship's engines could do, despite Federation specs, there would no doubt be issues to arise.

Lukiz was standing at the pool table watching over the different aspects of the propulsion system, hoping things would go without a hitch. He still resented the assignment of a new officer as Chief Engineer, but was grateful to be serving with Azulas again and knew the ship was in safe hands. “All propulsion systems are performing within normal parameters,” he remarked to no one in particular.

Talia looked at her fellow overlooked colleague and made a note of his statement. She was overlooking the structural integrity field, ensuring that the system had no problems when the ship travelled faster.

"=/\=Bridge to Engineering. We're going to be going to warp shortly. How do you want us to proceed?"

=/\= Engineering here. Now or never Captain. =/\= Van replied.

He walked up beside Lieutenant Smyth and looked over his readout consoles. The dominant power plant engines of refined dilithium were at full refinement.

=/\= Systems are at full and awaiting your orders Ma’am,=/\= Kolbeck replied with confidence.

[Strategic Operations/Intelligence]

Ensign Dorn was working at his station, in his office when the ship began it's inaugural departure from drydock. He tried his best not to watch the planet disappear from his view-port as it began to travel the appropriate speed for a ship of it's magnitude. All Kyran could think about was the conversation he recently had on New Bajor before the voice of the captain came overhead.

Making a note to pull all information of Kylata III and the terraforming operation currently underway, Kyran began to prepare a simple intelligence briefing for the senior staff which would come in handy should any of them find themselves on the surface of the planet. If it was under any sort of terraforming, he would hope that surface visits would be out of the question.

Science appeared to be running smoothly at this point and Louis felt no need to comment, he simply began the routine diagnostics that were part of the daily routine. Starting with internal sensors, he watched the activity on the bridge with a smile upon his lips.


"Okay Mister Shantic. Warp one and cycle," the Captain smiled as she gripped the arm of her chair. The ship had undergone warp stress tests and other diagnostic routines during her construction and testing, but this was the first time she would be doing it without heading back to the shipyards.

The Bajoran at the CONN nodded slowly as his hands danced over the controls and the ship slipped seamlessly into the lowest warp speed. "Warp one and cycling..." the Bajoran echoed. "Warp two... warp three... warp four..."

So far, so good.

"Warp five... warp six..."

Suddenly there was a rumble, the ship shuddering. "=/\=Engineering?" the Captain called out over the open comm channel.


Down in engineering the slight vibrations within the ship were becoming more pronounced. The Nogura’s core was still operating at 99.8% efficiency despite the structural groans of the bulkheads.

Often the maiden flights of Starships endured such shakedowns.

“th'Zorati, keep an eye on the dilithium intermix chamber…” Kolbeck received a PADD from Lt. Smyth while he ordered the Lieutenant to keep check of the critical ratio streams being fed into the ship's nacelles.

Kolbeck looked at the PADD with the updated SFI coefficients being worked. He set the PADD down on the Engineering central readout table only to see the micro vibrations begin to slip the PADD.

=/\= Captain I’m attempting to re-initialize the SFI… =/\=

Kolbeck swore under his breath, his eyes dancing around the multitude of displays. All systems were operating at peak efficiencies despite the slight turbulence occurring.

The nail-biting eased up when the ships SFI systems became re-initialized, as the Nogura sensors acted dampening the dangerous vibrations experienced.

A moment after the vibrations began to subside Van slapped his left side communicator.

=/\= Engineering here Captain. We’ve re-set the ships internal dampeners. There was a slight delay in the field mechanics relays. All seems correct for the moment. Warp cycling remains good to go. =/\=

Van turned to look at the Nogura core as the intermix chambers worked, transferring the plasma propellant to the nacelles.


With the vibrations subsiding, the Captain and her crew seemed to relax somewhat as the Bajoran at the conn steadied the ship at a more than suitable warp seven. For now, that was all that was required to get them to Kylata in good time.

Nilani was watching the viewscreen, deep in concentration before tapping the controls on the arm of her chair. “=/\=Senior Staff report to the observation lounge,” she ordered before rising from her chair and leading the exodus to the observation lounge.

It was time to bring her people up to speed and get information that would help with the completion of their mission. Or so she hoped.


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