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New Years Day Briefing

Posted on Sun Feb 4th, 2018 @ 6:31pm by Commodore Nilani Azulas & Lieutenant Commander Garen Romaes & Commander Tara Neprem & Commander Audrid Kane & Lieutenant Commander Arnon Barak MD, PsyD & Lieutenant Naddia Yole & Lieutenant Louis Rashkae & Lieutenant Raygi Benyan & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed

Mission: Episode 3: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD072

As was her usual preference, Captain Azulas had opted to call a senior staff briefing now that the ship was underway and operating perfectly. She led the group from the bridge into the observation lounge on deck one and took her own seat at the head of the table.

Tara followed the Captain as she exited the Bridge. Tara knew she wouldn't likely have much to contribute to this meeting since she had a very specific purpose on this ship, to hunt down Nathan Hunter, but she was still a 'Mission Advisor', so she had to go to these meeting regardless. Upon entering the observation lounge, she took a seat at the table and waited for the others to file in.

Yole passed off the Ops station to Ensign Calista Prill before following the queue of senior officers into the large conference room. She took one of the seats facing the large windows in the centre of the table.

Getting up from the tactical station that she now occupied as the Chief Tactical Operations officer, she had been amazed that she had been allowed to stay on, this pleased her and had sent a message back home to let her family know, as she rose from her chair allowing it to be taken by her junior officer, Lisa headed towards the Conference room.

Rashkae wandered into the conference room with a large mug of tea cradled in his big hands. The PADD he would need, for this briefing was tucked in his pocket. Settling himself down in a chair he took a sip, waiting for the others.

Right behind the Science Officer came Dr. Raygi. He took the liberty of stopping by the replicator terminal and ordering a bojnoggi. The slightly thick Tellarite concoction had the consistency of a creamy soup, but also as much caffeine as two cups of Terran coffee. He took a seat next to the CSO and gave all present a polite nod of acknowledgement.

Kolbeck had entered the observation lounge with an engineering PADD tucked underneath his right underarm, while carrying his stainless steel mug of double cream, double sugar coffee in his right hand.

He had just begun a full working review of the internal dampeners and SFI systems, which had his department in full workload at the moment.

Taking a seat amongst the crew, Van sat down his attention at focus.

Audrid would walk in last, having had some conversations with new crew members run late. She took her seat next to Nilani.

Arnon arrived and took a seat at the table. He waited for the meeting to begin, excited to learn what their first mission would involve.

"Now that we are all here, I want to take this time to congratulate you all on coming together and getting this ship ready for launch so swiftly," Nilani smiled as she looked around the table at the assembled crew. They had truly come together as a unit to work their magic. "I know the name change was added work, but the name 'Nogura' holds significance in this region and I want to share with you some of the reasons why this ship and her name is so important," she told as she rose from her seat and slowly started to walk around the table. "Nogura was the ship that rescued the starship Nelson from Consortium hands at Bopak. She fought the final large engagement of the conflict and survived. She was the first ship to break the Consortium blockade and make it through the Wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant. It was down to the Nogura's success that Starfleet prevailed out here. Many will tell you that other ships played their part, which is more than true. Many gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom, but it was the Nogura that was the spark that lit the fire and burnt the Consortium down," she declared proudly before stopping behind her chair again. "It is a name feared by the Consortium and our enemies. It is a name that breeds confidence in our Starfleet forces and is a name that exudes hope for those civilians that come across her. The name 'Nogura' has a legacy, built upon the sacrifice of many men and women in the name of all that we hold dear. It is down to us to ensure that the Nogura legacy continues for many years to come," she then moved over to the nearby wall mounted display in the well lit room and activated it.

"This is Kylata III. A barren world that, until recently, was totally unsuitable for humanoid life. That changed in recent months as Starfleet adjusted to life after the Consortium and began colonization efforts around the quadrant. Kylata III is the first world to undergo terraforming by Starfleet here in the Gamma Quadrant," the Trill returned to her seat slowly. "Lieutenant Rashkae, could you fill us in on the Terraforming process please?" she requested, looking down the table towards her scientist.

"Of course Captain. Ideally terraforming is individualized for each individual planet. The primary problem with Kylata III is that it's core isn't dense enough to have enough gravitational pull to keep hold of an Oxygen Nitrogen based atmosphere. In response to the atmosphere being leeched away, the nutrients in the planets soil and the surface water also disappeared. We speculate that a few hundred million years ago the planet looked something like this..."

He flicked a switch so that the planet as it was now and the planet as it had been- lush and bluey-green, with oceans and lakes, a deep navy almost purple shade.

"How are they terraforming then? Pressure domes?" Yole asked watching the world spin.

"They will eventually do that, yes." He turned the display so that they could see "What initially was done, was the increase of planetary core mass by drilling in at these points here." he gestured to the glowing red spots on the planet. "There they injected heavier core materials gotten from a planet with a dying star."

"We've received a call for help from the scientists on Kylata," Azulas butted in, knowing that for some in the room, the science would soon become overwhelming, even for herself to a degree. "The scientists are having trouble stabilizing some of the core materials and the planet has been undergoing seismic tremors. They need us to help," the Captain concluded, looking around to see if anyone had anything they would like to add or even ask.

“How large is the science team?” asked Raygi, tapping the fingers of his right hand softly on the polished table. “Just so I have an idea of how many potential casualties to be prepared for.”

"Six people on the team," Azulas confirmed to the Doctor with a nod.

"Do we know what kind of support they need from us? Any sort of heavy equipment, Hazmat gear?" Yole asked.

"We aren't entirely certain right now and we wont until we get there," the Trill was frustrated that she couldn't better answer the Ops officers question but had to be honest.

"How long have those six been working on the site by themselves?" Arnon asked.

"Several weeks," the Captain revealed.

Arnon nodded and made a note on his PaDD to observe the scientists for symptoms of mental and emotional stress stemming from isolation.

After Arnon's question and answer Kolbeck then offered.

“Engineering would be able to modify a Type II Geophysical Probe if necessary.” He paused. Kolbeck eyed the information on the display screen for Kylata III. The data looked to be extra polar orbit sensor based on many Federation Starships.

“From an Engineering standpoint, I’d be interested in the latest data regarding the Barotropic instability of Kylata’s planetary polar vortices.” Van paused and took a drink from his silver mug. The coffee almost had burned his tounge, as was the mouthful of scientific terms being thrown.

Lisa asked "and the status of the Security down on the planet captain?" as she wanted to know if the Security detail was staffed enough to look after the scientists down on the planet and was they doing their jobs as the scientists had asked for help.

"There is no security detail Lieutenant. This is a science mission and Starfleet felt there was no need to send one. I want to reiterate; this is a call for technical help, not tactical," the Captain responded.

"I understand that Ma'am, but there must be a detail down there," replied Lisa, as she knew Starfleet would never send scientists to a planet like that without any backup.

"This is not a Starfleet posting. This is a civilian run operation so there is no security presence as agreed by the Civilian scientists and Starfleet Command. To do so would draw even more attention to the planet, more than our impending arrival will cause," the Captain countered. "

"So, we don't really know what we're going into, we're not really sure what exactly they need, and we're not entirely sure what the tactical situation will be when we arrive." Yole said, it was a tad bleak in the way of shakedown missions.

"A true Starfleet mission," the Captain smiled.

"And a Tactical nightmare as well," replied Lisa still not happy that the scientists were left defenceless and all they were doing was terraforming a planet, but still they should have been protected and have the security disguised as scientists.

Arnon raised an eyebrow, looking very much like his people's Vulcan ancestors when he did it.

"Maybe we should avoid getting ahead of ourselves, Lieutenant Creed," he said. "We're talking about six people trying to terraform a planet. Six Federation scientists who've been through extensive background checks, medical exams, and psychological testing, both prior to their employment and then again prior to being assigned to this mission. The 'enemy' is an uncooperative planet, not the Consortium or the Dominion's Jem'Hadar. There's a difference between caution and paranoia."

"What's our ETA?" Yole asked her eyes shifting back to the image of the planet.

“I believe the Kylata System to be roughly two days away at maximum warp,” Lieutenant Shantic told as he did his best to recall as much as he could about the local systems in the Gamma Quadrant.

"That should give us time to prepare for the most lively situations when we arrive." Yole added.

"Very well then," Nilani spoke as she rose from her seat. "Commander's Silur and Neprem. Lieutenant Creed. Please remain behind. The rest of you are dismissed. But before you go I just want to say, happy 2389!"

"Aye Ma'am," replied Lisa as she thought to herself oO I hope I haven't over stepped the mark, Oo as she remained in her seat and wondered if this was something else that was going to be thrust upon them.

Yole rose and returned to the Bridge to retake her station, followed by several other members of the staff. The question on some lips was why had a few been asked to remain behind?


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