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Those Little Insecurities...

Posted on Tue Mar 13th, 2018 @ 7:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Arnon Barak MD, PsyD & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed

Mission: Episode 3: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Location: Counseling Offices
Timeline: MD072

Arnon was once again recording session notes while seated at his desk in his office.

"Having now finally met the client with the fetish involving a spatula, a garden hose, and a bucket of carnivorous shellfish," he was saying. "I was able to clarify how the process works for her. She apparently pours the carnivorous shellfish all over herself and lets them bite her. I was able to learn that she does this on the holodeck with the safeties on, so she is in no real danger. She lets the shellfish bite her for a bit, while she cries out to her lover to get the shellfish to help her. As part of the game, he refuses, telling her she deserves to be in pain, that she's a bad girl. They go back and forth until she uses the safe word, which is apparently 'pickled Andorian cabbage.' No mistaking that one I guess. When he hears the safe word, her partner uses the garden hose to blast the carnivorous shellfish off of her. At this point, she strikes a provocative pose with her backside in the air and he begins to spank her with the spatula, punishing her for being bad. I was happy to learn that they eventually get around to having actual sex. Apparently, while attending a barbecue at someone's beach house as a teenager, she was attacked by carnivorous shellfish. A very handsome man used the house's garden hose to get the things off of her and used a spatula to smash the ones that wouldn't wash off. Funny how these things develop."

The comm unit on Arnon's desk beeped.

"Computer, pause recording," Arnon said. "Go for Doctor Barak."

"Doctor Barak," Chief Markos Ileos, Arnon's trusted assistant, replied. "Your next appointment will be here in just a moment."

"Ah, yes," Arnon said. "Who am I seeing next?"

"Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed," Markos replied.

"Yes, of course!" Arnon replied. "Wait, she's not the one who collects her boyfriend's ear wax, is she?"

"No," Markos said patiently."That one will be here later this afternoon. Lieutenant Creed is the Chief Tactical Operations Officer."

"Right!" Arnon said. "Send her right in when she arrived."

"Of course, Doctor," Markos said.

Chief Markos Ileos was seated at his reception desk in the waiting room of the Counseling offices. He was a large man. He stood about six foot six or so. He weighed around 250lbs and the only fat on his body was from the bacon and egg sandwiches he'd eaten for breakfast. He was Human...partly. The truth was that he was what he liked to call an 'interplanetary love child'. He came from a commune where many different species lived and interbred for many, many years, so he was made up of the DNA of many different species. He'd served as a Special Aerospace/Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SAARC) and later as an Independent Duty Corpsman, before taking the job as Arnon's assistant a few years back.

"Good morning Doctor, and how are you?" asked Lisa, as she was on her rounds checking that all the terminals were securely connected with the proper security clearances to the database as she didn't want someone seeing something that they shouldn't.

Chief Ileos looked up at the lieutenant with a puzzled expression on his face. Had the woman really mistaken the reception area for one of the counseling rooms?

"Uhm...Ma'am," he said. "I'm not Doctor Barak. He's in his office over there. You can go right in. He's expecting you."

"Thank you Chief," as Lisa headed towards the office and pressed the door chime as it was only proper to press the chime and not just walk in as she knew that it was wrong to do so, She also knew that most probably that the Chief counsellor might have mistaken her visit for a session. as she hoped to god that he hadn't.

"Come!" Arnon said, rising from his chair to greet his next guest.

Upon entering the room, Lisa looked back at the counsellor and said," Greetings counsellor, I am Lieutenant Lisa Creed, the new tactical operations officer, which by the way includes Security," she said looking back at the officer.

"I'm aware of what Tactical Operations is responsible for, Lieutenant Creed," Arnon said. "Have a seat. Let's talk a bit."

"The reason I am here Counsellor is to check up on the security protocols that are in place with your terminal, she looked back at him for a minute as she finished ," as this is a new ship, I am double checking every member of the senior staff, terminals.," as she looked back at him for a minute as she thought oO I do hope he cooperates with me, Oo as she concluded "and I am not here for a counselling session,"

"So, let me get this straight," Arnon said pleasantly. "You would like my cooperation so you can do your job, but you're unwilling to cooperate with me so I can do mine. Hardly seems fair. I make you a deal that's more beneficial to both of us. You sit for a short while and tell me about yourself. I'll ask a few questions, maybe take a few notes, nothing strenuous for either of us. When we're done talking, you can do the work you came here to do. What do you say?"

"Counsellor, I am extremely busy," replied Lisa looking at him "and I also have my Security teams to drill later, so if you don't mind," keeping her gaze upon him. this was not something that she hoped wouldn't find and that was an uncooperative Officer who was holding her up.

"I'm busy as well, Lieutenant," Arnon replied still smiling, still infuriatingly happy. "Too busy to waste my time chasing you around the ship with a net. I'm a counselor, not a dogcatcher. If you don't have time to talk to me for a few minutes, I'm sure I can find someone who does. Thank you for stopping by. You are dismissed."

Arnon sat back down at his desk, picked up a PaDD and started looking through client files, humming a happy jazz tune.

Lisa was not good at talking about personal stuff and wanted to keep things private, but to keep the counsellor happy, she sat down on the seat opposite his desk, but she was still not happy with the way she had been talked to by him and had felt disrespected. She said," Alright counsellor, What do you want to know?"

"Depends," Arnon said, setting to the PaDD he was looking at and focusing on Creed. "What would you like to tell me?"

"Ok, First off I like women," Lisa stated looking back at the Counsellor, she continued, "Second my Partner's Brother was a jerk for the last 5 years," as she remembered how Paula's Brother had turned up unannounced one day at their home on Memphis Island. although she had told Paul that she had forgiven him, She had lied to make Paula feel that she was cool with him being there.

"Dealing with relatives of a significant other can be very difficult at times," Arnon replied. "In what ways has your partner's brother...'been a jerk' as you said?"

"The reason that he was a Jerk for 5 years," replied Lisa leaning back in her chair, She continued," Is that when Paula and I were in the Academy, we met and fell in love," as she started to recall the days past. she finished, and during Paul's first year in the Academy he had heard rumours about Paula and I and had told those that were saying it to them that they were lying about her," as she kept her eyes locked on the counsellor.

"That seems an unusual attitude for the 24th Century," Arnon said. "Most Federation members don't have an issue with same sex relationships."

"It wasn't until our graduation that the truth came out," she explained as she remembered how Paul had acted during their Graduation day. She finished," He stormed off in a huff swearing he would not speak to us ever again," she thought to herself oO I still don't know why he came to see us Oo "Then one day he turned up in announced with a huge grin on his face," she stated looking back at the Nogura's chief Counsellor.

"That must have been a surprise," Arnon said. "What was it he wanted?"

"He wanted to talk to Paula," replied Lisa looking back at the Counsellor, she continued," and also I think he hoped that I wasn't around anymore," as she knew that Paul still hated the fact that she was still with Paula. she finished," However, he got a shock when he saw me in the house and he said Sorry to his sister for spoiling her big day," as she remembered that he mumbled something to her but could not pick it up.

"How did it make you feel when Paula's brother showed up unannounced?" Arnon asked.

"I felt like beating the hell out of him after the trouble he had caused both our families," replied Lisa as she continued," He even told his folks that he wanted nothing to do with Paula unless I left her alone," she finished," But he didn't seam surprised to see me at all, unless he had been keeping in touch with his folks," Lisa thought oO I wonder if they had persuaded him to come, Oo as she looked back at the counsellor.

"Do you believe that his apology was sincere?" Arnon said. "Or at least intended to be sincere?"

" I know he loves his sister dearly and would do anything to protect her," replied Lisa, she looked back at the counsellor, she continued, but his apology I felt to me was just for show," as she leaned back into her chair she finished, "but I don't know what Paula made of it,"

"Dealing with problem in-laws is very tricky," Arnon said. "How does Paula feel about her brother and his treatment of not only her, but you as well?"

"We never discussed it much as it was the big elephant in the room," replied Lisa looking back at the counsellor, "although he did treat Davina well and took her shopping most days with Paula in Tow," she stated as she bent forward, she finished ," by the time he left , I think Paula had forgiven him," as she kept her gaze upon Barak.

"And that's why you'll want to be careful," Arnon said. "As I mentioned, family have a way of working things out over time. If Paula seems to have forgiven her brother, then harboring ill will towards him, especially if you express it in her presence or it gets back to her, will likely make her feel like she has to choose between you and her brother, and that never ends well. So, who's Davina?"

"I know that Counsellor," replied Lisa looking back at him as she knew that Paul had behaved himself whilst he had been there, but was that for Paula's benefit or had he been serious about making up with both of them. She asked," would you think that a talk with Paul would benefit me?" posing the Question to him.

"It might," Arnon said. "You know her brother better than I do. He has a right to his opinions and beliefs, even if you and I don't share them, as long as he doesn't use those beliefs as an excuse to believe others. I wouldn't go in expecting to change his behavior. All you can do in that regard is find a way to respond to him, or in some cases not respond, that allows you to take care of yourself without causing more friction. But if you went in with the intention of finding a way to get along for Paula's sake, perhaps he would find that subject to be common ground of sorts."

"Yeah , I Understand that counsellor," replied Lisa looking back at him, she continued, "all I ever wanted from him was to respect me for who I am, thats all," as she leaned back in her chair and knew that Maybe he had come around to the way she wanted to live her life.

"Unfortunately," Arnon said. "You can't really coerce him into respecting you. He'll have to get there on his own, in his own time. However, it's not unreasonable for you to expect to be treated with civility and a modicum of respect."

"I know that Counsellor," replied Lisa as she knew that her and Paul hadn't been that close and that her respect for him had been at a all time low, After all he had put her through at her Graduation day and embarrassed her, she thought Can I Trust him? as she knew that trust had to be earned.

"Well, Lieutenant," Arnon said. "I think I've tortured you enough for one day. Feel free to come back and talk with me again if you'd like. Until then, you are free to do what you came here to do to my computer."

"Thank you Counsellor," as she rose from her seat and moved over to the Counsellor's desk and started to check that all the protocol's were in place, but she knew that she would have to speak with both the Winchester's when she got the chance.


Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed
Chief Of tactical Operations
USS Nogura


Lieutenant Commander Arnon Barak
Chief Counselor
USS Nogura


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