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Watching the Stars Go By

Posted on Sat May 9th, 2020 @ 7:01pm by Captain Keziah Nazir & Lieutenant Tobias Prescott
Edited on on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 10:59pm

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Escape Pod 17
Timeline: Day 5 at 1928

Toby sat, his back against the wall, still dressed in most of his uniform, though he'd abandoned what was left of his jacket before he'd boarded the escape pod. Tapping a button on the padd in his hand he activated the log recorder and started to speak.

"It's been three days... Three damn days... How did the Borg not see me? They never miss anything, but they somehow missed me. I didn't even think I'd make it to the escape pods, and then when I did I figured I'd get sucked up by one of the Spheres that were close by. I'd say I was lucky, but this sucks.

"I think the nightmares are the worst of it. Every time I drift off to sleep I come back up screaming a short time later. Images of the Drones invading the ship, assimilating everyone in their path. And that damned message they send as soon as you draw their attention sounds like all of them talking at once, it's in my head and just won't quit. I can see a few visits to a good counselor in my future."

Just as he was about to start talking again he heard a strident beeping from the console across from him. Glancing up he sighed.

"Well that's great, looks like I've got about eight more hours of breathable oxygen. Got plenty of water, and food, but it won't do me a lot of good when I suffocate..." he said, leaning his head back against the bulkhead.

"There was a planet not too far away, but I just didn't have time to program a course for the escape pod, and the auto-navigate function was damaged in the attack on the ship. Here's hoping someone runs across me that's friendly."

When he next was roused from his bored stupor he noticed that the chime this time was much different. This time it was a proximity alert, and he nearly flung himself across the small cabin and frantically accessed the sensor data, as it were. With the sensor suite damaged in the initial attack, he didn't know how good the readings were, but it didn't seem to be anything to do with a Borg vessel. He immediately tweaked the comms suite to boost the gain on his distress call, and then sat back to wait.

At first, all that could be made out was static, and some signal that there was someone out there. Slowly, the static began to dissipate until a voice could be heard through it. "=/\=This is the Starship Nogura. Please respond," the voice called out, echoing around the escape pods interior.

Toby began furiously tapping away at the console, trying to clear up the signal, all the while speaking as loudly and clearly as he could, "=/\=Nogura, this is Lieutenant Tobias Prescott of the USS Archimedes, I am in a badly damaged escape pod, and my systems are failing. Can you assist?"

"=/\=A search and rescue team is en-route to your location, Lieutenant," the almost robotic voice declared, but a break in the speech almost allowed some humanity to creep in. "Hang tight. We're coming for you."

Toby sunk back, letting the bulkhead support him as he slid back to the deck, and placed his head in his hands. He hadn't really understood the level of anxiety he had been at, or how terrifying the situation was until he realized he wasn't going to die anymore. With that understanding, the tears came, and he let them stream down his face as he let go of the pain and fear, and just sent his thanks out to the universe that he'd been heard.


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