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Fresh on the Boat

Posted on Sun Mar 18th, 2018 @ 6:35pm by Lieutenant Naddia Yole & Ensign Nathaniel Wick

Mission: Episode 3: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Location: COO's Office
Timeline: MD072

Junior officer quarters on a Sovereign-class were far nicer than his last assignment. If nothing else, a brand-new ship suffered none of the indignities of a vessel commissioned twenty years ago, such as a prevalence of beige. Wick had grown very tired of beige, or so he told himself, as such mundane distractions stopped him from falling down too deep a nest of over-excitement.

The Gamma Quadrant. Whole new vistas of opportunity and adventure. Hitherto unknown challenges. But, first, the bureaucracy of reporting in, now his schedule assured him his direct superior was out of a staff meeting. He'd given a short buffer to give her chance to get to her office and indulge in a hot drink, which hadn't at all been an excuse to briefly play with a replicator whose tea didn't always taste faintly of lemon.

His last assignment had been a grand ship, an old lady of Starfleet, but there was something to be said for modernity.

But excitement clashed with nerves to level him out as he reached the office, adjusted his uniform collar for the umpteenth time, and hit the door-chime. He entered upon the summons, hands clasped behind his back as he approached the desk. "Ensign Wick, reporting for duty as the new department deputy." Despite all efforts he spoke a little too fast, poise betrayed.

Naddia looked up at the new arrive. "Welcome to the Nogura," she said gesturing for the young office to take a seat. "How have you found the ship so far?"

A calm greeting did some good for his nerves, and Wick pulled up the chair his side of the desk. "Astonishing, Lieutenant. This is my first time even aboard a Sovereign. I'm looking forward to serving on a brand new ship."

"It can be quiet a change," She said, "The Nottingham was your last post, correct? Definitely a big chance to a Sovereign. Now our supply section is a bit understaffed, with your background I'd like you to work with Ensign Hovart and the quartermaster staff and make sure we have everything we need before we deploy."

"The Nottingham's an old Excelsior, so... I mean, I know how to handle a big ship, Lieutenant; the Nogura's going to be a step up from that." He sounded keen for the challenge rather than admitting a weakness. "I'll talk with the quartermaster about our general supplies. For this mission, I expect I'll need to check the Kylata III project's specifications and then liaise with the Science department to see what support we can give them by way of supplies?" It was not a leading question, so much as double-checking his judgement with a superior officer.

"Sounds like you've got this under control." Naddia said with a smile.

This made Wick hesitate. "Is there anything about the mission you can recommend I keep in mind? Obviously I'm new to the ship, and I've not served in the Gamma Quadrant before. This is a bit more of the wild frontier than I'm used to, Lieutenant."

"We're checking up on a terraforming project that has lost contact. I don't have much more to go on." She replied.

He sighed. "That's what I thought, Lieutenant. I suppose we'll find out when we get there."

"You'll learn a lot of missions tend to be like that." She said smiling. "If there's nothing else you need from me Ensign you can get settled in and squared away. I'd like you to take the Ops station on the bridge tomorrow for Beta shift."

"Of course, Lieutenant." There was a surge of some anticipation there; he knew he'd get used to it, but it was still manning a bridge station on a ship as impressive as this. He sprung to his feet into a respectful stance that still looked Academy crisp, time and practice not having softened any edges yet. "I'll get properly squared away and leave you to your work."

"Very good, dismissed Ensign." She said as her new deputy departed.


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