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Fight or Flight

Posted on Mon Apr 27th, 2020 @ 8:44pm by Lieutenant Tobias Prescott

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: USS Archimedes
Timeline: Day 4 at 1445

All around him the ship's lights were flickering on and off, their blood-red glow filling the corridors and creating shifting, almost nauseating shadows that flickered through the smoke that the environmental systems had long since given up trying to evacuate. The sounds of battle had faded almost ten minutes ago, as the last few pockets of resistance to the boarding parties had been either assimilated, or had simply fled to the escape pods. He hadn't dreamed they'd lose this badly. Not by a longshot.

Approaching a junction in the corridor he heard the tell-tale sounds of Drones walking along the corridor he was about to turn into and froze. A sudden cry told him someone else had been discovered and was in the process of joining the Collective. He didn't recognize the voice, but he didn't get much further out of his department than it took to go to the mess hall, so he wasn't all that surprised.

Less than six hours ago the Archimedes had been whole, and safe, on her way to join the fighting against the Borg fleet. There had been enough ships in the task-force that everyone had been puffed up with bravado, talking about how they'd have stories to tell their grandchildren someday about being on the front lines of ending the Borg threat. He'd heard it from his own people down in the science labs, where they were working on upgrading and innovating new ways to break through the Borg defenses and take them down. He'd heard it in the mess hall, from people of all different departments. It had even made him feel like maybe they were right. Maybe, just maybe they actually had a chance in hell of accomplishing the mission they'd set out on.

Now, standing in this corridor, he knew how absolutely foolish that talk had been. They'd never stood a chance. The Archimedes was nowhere near a big enough, or strong enough ship to stand up to a threat like the Borg. What the hell they'd all been thinking completely escaped him.

Pushing that aside he focused on the task at hand, getting to the escape pods that were still left on this deck. He'd wanted to go up a few levels and get to some of the ones further up, where the damage to the ship was lesser, but he'd found that even the jefferies tubes weren't safe to be in, as the systems all over the ship had been so badly damaged they were filling nearly every part of the ship with acrid fumes. Trapped in the tubes he'd have suffocated before he'd made it ten meters.

Turning back he approached a branch in the corridor and made his way cautiously to the only other bank of escape pods he knew of on his current deck and said a silent prayer of thanks to the universe that there was still on there. It wasn't until he got up close that he realized the pod was still there for a reason. The control panel was lit up in scarlet, showing that the systems were damaged. He'd have to set a destination point manually and hope like hell it would work, or just let fate take its course and hope he was picked up by a Federation starship before one of the Spheres scooped him up.

He was accessing the terminal to try to put in the coordinates for the nearest habitable planet, which he'd memorized down in the stellar cartography lab when he heard a drone come around the corner of the juncture he'd left behind a few minutes ago. Glancing back he saw that it had spotted him and was already advancing. Slapping the control to open the escape pod's door he jumped inside and slammed the eject button as hard as he could.

The inertial dampening system was apparently more compromised than the system had noted, as he was slammed against the bulkhead as the pod flew away from the ship at its maximum speed. It took less than ten seconds before he was unconscious.


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