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What day is it?

Posted on Thu Jun 4th, 2020 @ 9:45pm by Lieutenant Ethan Becker III & Lieutenant JG Eric Newton M.D.

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: DS4
Timeline: Day 4 at 0000

Eric looked around. This had been one wild ride. First, he is adrift in an escape pod and he assumes it was the end, now he was setting foot on a space station. If there was a Dabo table he was going all in. He couldn't have been luckier when a ship caught his lifeboat emergency beacon. Of course, he would have to do that after his patients were taken care of. The people on the shuttle said they would make sure they were taken to sickbay. He would be right along, but first, he needed information beyond that he was at Deep Space 4. He finally found someone that was coming over to check out the shuttle that had landed.

"Excuse me, Lieutenant, I think I took a hit to the head during an emergency evacuation. Did I hear right that everything is gone?" Eric asked. He needed to know this was all just a nightmare and that it was actually just a random attack by a few isolated Borg and nothing more.

Since the 3 vessels they had pretty much jerry rigged left to engage the Borg, they'd turned their attention to the floods of refugees that had been coming towards them. Becker wiped the sweat from his brow, and tapped the control panel in front of him, as he along with the rest of red team continued to to snatch the steady stream of escape pods from open space. Every few minutes, the clunk of another escape pod meeting the deck below, echoed throughout the docking bay.

Becker glanced up at the Lieutenant in the sciences uniform standing close to him, "You heard right Lieutenant," Becker left the comfort of the console and headed towards the most recent arrival, preparing to open the outer hatch and access the pods residents. "What's your name? Where are you from?"

The hiss of the hatch releasing momentarily deafened Becker, he stepped back stumbling into the young Lieutenant.

Eric's mind swam. It was all real. He hoped, desperately hoped that it was some false communication by the Borg trying to get into their minds. His mind did not know how to handle that. The amount of deaths that would have happened broke his ability to calculate. When the Lieutenant bumped into him it broke him out of his blank stare and his mind finally registered his questions.

"Uh, Eric. Lieutenant Eric Newton. I am, uh, was a doctor on the USS Gatto."

"Huh, the Gatto, eh? That was a good ship." Ethan had stepped forward and was assisting the new arrivals out of their lifeboat. One of the new arrivals was a young Crewman, who as they stepped out onto the deck looked shell shocked, he grabbed the crewman, cupping each ear, "You're alive. You're okay. This is Deep Space Four, you're safe here."

Becker turned on his heels, to look at the new young Doctor, "Well, Doctor, you're now the Doctor of Deep Space Four. We've been relaying on medical holograms, and that system is stretched thin. I'd suggest grabbing a medkit. This guy here looks like he might need your help."

The young crewman, who had climbed out of the twentieth pod to arrive at Deep Space Four, was now sitting on the decking. Head in hands, elbows on arched knees. A few slow sobs seeped the slits in his fingers.

Eric got into the pod and pulled his kit out. He stepped back out and looked around. Walking wounded were coming out of the newest pods, some were carried out. He walked over to the sobbing Crewman as he collapsed. He reached down and tried to lift him up. "Lieutenant, could you give me a hand with him?" He asked trying to prop him up. "What happened to the station doctor? Shouldn't there have been at least one?"

"Sure thing Doctor. The CMO left with the CO, and the two deputy medical officers left on two other ships to join the fight. With so few left on the Station, we thought the holograms would do." Ethan set his own equipment down on the ground, and approached the Doctor and the emotional crewman. As he reached down to assist with helping the Doctor in propping up the crewman, Becker noticed an emerging grey pattern, shaping from under the crewman's collar. "Eh, Doctor, this doesn't look good. Step back, quick."

Stumbling backwards, Ethan snatched his tricorder from the ground with his right hand. The muscle memory from years of use, allowed him to flip open the control with a twitch of his thumb and a jerk of the wrist. Without taking his eyes of the sobbing crewman, he brought the device in close to the ever sprawling green and grey pattern that had now, in a very short period of time, emerged from underneath the collar and up its host's neck and across his cheek.

"I don't know about you Doctor, but that looks like Borg-ish. What do we do?" Ethan unconsciously took a half step back, as if his extra 3 centimetres of distance would provide some sort of additional buffer to the inherent dangers of a person undergoing assimilation.

Eric glanced over to see what he was looking at. It was clearly visible and not sure how he could have missed that. It wasn't there a moment ago. He tried to think. With a second of quiet he could hear a whisper from the Crewman between sobs. "I don't want this." Was all the Crewman said. This was not good. He needed more time to think but he was running out. He had an idea.

Reaching for his medical bag, Eric grabbed his hypospray and fished for a vial and loaded it in. "I'm a doctor Crewman. I need you to relax for me ok?" He said and pressed the hypo to the other side of his neck, the more human side of his neck. With a hiss, the hypo injected the medication and after a couple of sobs, the Crewman collapsed on the deck.

Eric looked at the Lieutenant. "I have him a healthy dose of Pulmozine. It's a drug that slows body function down. Essentially it makes him almost dead and slows his heart and breathing to almost nothing. No cure but it will buy us some time. We need to get him somewhere secure and isolated. Your station, any ideas?"

Multiple loud screams, ripped across the hustle and bustle of the arrival bay as an individual, wearing a maroon Starfleet Officers uniform, raised from the floor. With a stuttered gaze around the room, it started taking large uniform strides in the general direction of the Engineer and Doctor. This individuals face scarred with the eruptions of mechanical implants through their epidermis, the pinky peach colour of the skin drained to a stoic metallic grey. Every stride, was met with a space station crew member attempting to intercept and disable it. Each attempt ever more futile, ended with a puncture in the neck from two long flexible tubules, each injecting a toxic mixture of poisonous nano probes.

"Fucking hell. My idea is that we get out of here. Now!" Ethan grabbed the Doctor's shoulder, and pushed him backwards to the door. "Go. Go now!" with a shove, he shouted further, "Everyone out! Find a door and go! Move people!"

Ethan moved back to the escape pod, reaching inside he managed to pull a hand phaser from the pods weapons compartment. The colour drained from his face, he turned back to face the ever approaching drone, with every stride it created another a member of its offspring. Fumbling with the buttons, he set it to a rotating frequency and fired off a shot, striking the Drone in the shoulder, causing it to pause for a second to recover. "Oh shhiiii..."

Eric took off and slowed down for a moment. He needed to help him. He turned around to head back when he heard the phaser discharge. That changed his mind since he did not even have a weapon to help. Before he knew it, the throng of people had pushed him away to where he couldn't go back if he tried.

The crowd dispersed quickly as it formed. He knew the drone... drones by now, would be on the move. He went up a couple levels and then ducked into a room. He locked the door, knowing that it would do little good. He looked around for anything he could use as a weapon and picked up a small piece of conduit. He laughed to himself.

"I need a compression rifle that modulates and I've got a pipe." He said out loud to himself. He looked around more and realized he was in a science lab. He was going to be out of time, but if he could, maybe he could make a bomb of some kind or at least something that would burn the organics out. The way his day has been going, he guessed the pipe would be it.
As the population of the room escaped, via whatever aperture was available to them, Becker quickly became the sole focus off the remaining Borg drones. In a panic he took off towards one of the surrounding walls, a small access hatch in the floor, he made a baseball-esque sliding manoeuvre as he reached it. Now, flat with the floor plate, he tapped the hatches access code and as the doors swished open he fell inside.


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