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Shoot, Move, and Communicate

Posted on Wed Jun 13th, 2018 @ 5:56am by Lieutenant JG Jamie Franklin

Mission: Episode 4: Whispers In the Dark
Location: USS Nogura
Timeline: MD100

Ensign Mallory moved quickly and quietly along the corridor, nearly melding into the bulkhead beside him. Despite his large, bulky human frame, he crouched comfortably as he moved along the bulkhead. His freshly shaved head reflected the dim lighting provided from the emergency lights above as he inched forward. While carrying a compression rifle at low ready in his right hand, he adjusted his tactical vest with his left hand. He was not a fan of these new tactical vests, though they did carry enough equipment to sustain a fire fight for several hours. They were excessively snug and he could feel the two spare twin power cells digging into his ribs. In fact, he was quite fed up with the new duty uniform as well. So much so that all he could think about at the moment was how much his neck itched from the yellow undershirt. As he crouched around a bend in the corridor, he took his eyes off of the corridor in front of him to lower his head and scratch the back of his neck. It had only been a split second, but weapons fire erupted in front of him and nearly struck him in the head.

Mallory saw the green flash of a disruptor and heard its impact upon the bulkhead in front of him. His head shot up from his gaze upon the deck to find a Karemma male standing 15 meters in front of him with a Klingon disruptor now aimed at his head. Mallory caught a brief glance of the burn mark left upon the bulkhead near his head. He had not seen a Karemma since the end days of the Consortium engagement nearly one year ago, before he had become a security team leader. It had been a Karemma that had killed his best friend in the final engagement of the conflict and it had been in a firefight like this. He watched the Karemma’s eyes narrow on each side of his ridge that blended into his nose. Mallory realized that the Karemma was preparing to fire and jumped backwards. Stumbling backwards after nearly losing his footing, another bolt of Klingon disruptor fire slammed against the bulkhead beside him. As Mallory continued to stager backwards, raising his weapon one-handed to fire, he was caught from behind and quickly stabilized by a fellow security crewman. This crewman was nearly as large as Mallory, but shorter. Luckily Mallory had brought his weapon up from a low ready just in time to squeeze off one shot, hitting his would-be assailant square in the chest and knocking him to the ground. At the same time two more security crewman, both Bolian males, rushed by the pair to take up positions at the intersection with another corridor just a few meters ahead. As they reached their positions, they used the corner of each bulkhead for cover and raised their weapons in anticipation of more assailants. Mallory shook of his mild disorientation and quickly moved up to the Bolian crewman on the left side of the corridor, kneeling beside the crewman with his rifle at the ready as the final member of the team did the same opposite of him.

Just as Mallory began surveying the situation, fire erupted from an intersection in the corridor 15 meters ahead. Mallory quickly realized that he was too exposed and quickly shuffled further into cover. As more Klingon disruptor fire impacted the bulkhead in front of both corners, the two standing security crewman began to return fire at a steady pace. Mallory signaled to the standing crewman across from him with his hand to get his attention. He then tapped the leg of the crewman directly beside him to get his attention as well. When he knew that both crewman were paying attention, he signaled them to prepare to move forward while maintaining fire in an attempt to drive the boarding party back and into a corner. As far as he could tell, there were likely only two other assailants ahead, one on each side taking cover as they were. It seemed to Mallory that the boarding team they were facing was unusually small for a Karemma boarding team. Regardless, he knew that his team needed to advance to subdue the opposing team before they broke away and caused trouble for another security team. He signaled the two standing crewman to break from cover and bombard the enemy positions with suppressing fire.

The two Bolian crewman broke from cover and began their advance upon the enemy positions. The two Karemmas transitioned to a kneeling position behind their cover and continued firing their disruptor pistols. Mallory and the remaining Vulcan crewman transitioned to a standing position while maintaining their rifles at the ready. He was prepared to move at any given minute to support his two team members as desperate disruptor fire flew past the advancing crewman and slammed into the bulkheads. As Mallory stepped from cover to trail the Bolian in front of him to provide support, a lucky bolt of disruptor fire cut the Bolian down leaving a clear line of sight to the enemy. Mallory quickly fired before the Karemma had a second chance hitting him in the chest and disabling him.


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