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Shoot, Move, and Communicate - Part II

Posted on Fri Jun 15th, 2018 @ 8:02pm by Lieutenant JG Jamie Franklin
Edited on on Fri Jun 15th, 2018 @ 8:03pm

Mission: Episode 4: Whispers In the Dark
Location: USS Nogura
Timeline: MD100


The two Bolian crewman broke from cover and began their advance upon the enemy positions. The two Karemmas transitioned to a kneeling position behind their cover and continued firing their disruptor pistols. Mallory and the remaining Vulcan crewman transitioned to a standing position while maintaining their rifles at the ready. He was prepared to move at any given minute to support his two team members as desperate disruptor fire flew past the advancing crewman and slammed into the bulkheads. As Mallory stepped from cover to trail the Bolian in front of him to provide support, a lucky bolt of disruptor fire cut the Bolian down leaving a clear line of sight to the enemy. Mallory quickly fired before the Karemma had a second chance hitting him in the chest and disabling him.


Mallory had reduced the opposing team’s manpower from three to one and firing had ceased from the remaining Karemma. As his Vulcan team member approached the opposite corner, Mallory shifted his position to provide fire support if needed. As the Vulcan approach cautiously, the remaining Karemma leaped from his hiding spot wielding a Jem’Hadar dagger. With a grunt, he charged the Vulcan raising the dagger towards the crewman’s throat. Raising his rifle, the Vulcan deflected the blow only to encounter a quick swipe towards his abdomen as the assailant spun around. Raising his weapon to get a shot off, Mallory quickly realized that he could not fire without possibly hitting his teammate and lowered his rifle slightly. As he stepped forward to disrupt the fight with a rifle strike, a bolt of disruptor fire struck the Vulcan knocking him to the ground. With the sudden realization that he was being flanked, he raised his rifle and fired a quick burst, knocking the Karemma unconscious and to the floor. Without hesitating, he leaped to cover behind the bulkhead and re-positioned himself to gain situational awareness.

Despite heavy disruptor fire, Mallory peaked ahead of the corner in a kneeling position, providing the enemy the smallest target possible. His eyes opened wide when he noticed three Karemma advancing on him. It suddenly dawned on him that the reason the boarding team had been unusually small was because these three were sent to flank his team. ‘But how?’ he thought to himself as he pulled his head back into cover. As the green bolts of disruptor fire continued smacking the bulkhead ahead of him, he felt himself losing control. He became filled with anxiety and anger, and was at a loss for what to do next. If he retreated, the three Karemma would simply follow him and there was nowhere to hide since his team had been the only security team on this deck. He could retreat towards another deck and regroup with another team but that would leave any unarmed crewman and officers on this deck to the fate of the hit squad. Before he could think his options through thoroughly, he felt his body moving closer to the corridor while raising his rifle. ‘No, no, run’ he thought to himself.

Amongst overpowering disruptor fire, Mallory fired off three successive shots and quickly returned to cover. He had not seen an impact but he knew he must have hit one of them by the sound of a body hitting the deck. ‘Only two left.’ He knew that by now the remaining two assailants had to be close to his position. He remained in a crouched position and raised his rifle slightly so that he could access its settings. With two taps upon the weapon’s small control panel, he manipulated the settings to allow the rifle to disperse a wide beam that will disable both remaining Karemma. He took a deep breath, gripped his rifle tight, and swung to his right. In doing so, he exposed himself to the waiting attackers. Before he could fire a wide beam that would have surely disable his attackers, he was hit in the abdomen. He winced as he felt the sudden tingle take over his body loosening his grip on his rifle. As the rifle fell from his hands and to the floor, he could feel his legs buckling underneath him. As he fell to the floor, his assailants stood over him as if they were taunting him. Before he knew it, he was lying on the deck looking at the Karemmas’ feet. Unable to move, he wondered, ‘is the son of a bitch going to let them shoot me again just to prove a point?’

“Computer, end program” a voice ordered seemingly from out of nowhere.

Mallory was able to move again, his simulated death lifting from him. He could see the holographic environment dissipating with a hum as his team members began moving as well. The corridor, hard deck, and enemy Karemma all disappeared into thin air, replaced with emptiness surrounded by for black and gold walls. As he rose to his knees to stand up from the cold deck he peered at a pair of black boots belonging to someone he didn’t realize had snuck up on him. As he looked up at the individual he first saw an outreached hand. He grabbed the hand hesitantly and with anger as he was hoisted on to his feet.

“What did you do right?” Ensign Franklin asked, taking a step back from Mallory.


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