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How many Starfleet officers does it take to make this thing work?!

Posted on Sat Aug 25th, 2018 @ 11:38pm by Commodore Nilani Azulas & Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn & Lieutenant Commander Arnon Barak MD, PsyD & Lieutenant Naddia Yole

Mission: Episode 4: Whispers In the Dark
Location: Planet's Surface
Timeline: MD100

Hours had passed since the away team had begun the excavation of the massive device buried beneath the surface of the planet. The extra officers that had reported to the surface from the Nogura had been a massive help and the process was nearly complete. Only an hour or so more and the device would be completely free of the ancient soil and sand that had buried her.

With the senior officers hard at work, directing their different teams as assigned by Commander Kane, Ensign Sochaski had been in command of the surface team keeping their eye on the Runabouts until some unexpected news had arrived. He had quickly made his way beneath the surface, the sandstorms above interfering with communications to the excavation team, and approached Commander Kane.

"Commander," he called out, rather out of breath from the increased trek to the senior officers location. When he came to a stand still, he gathered himself enough to report in. "The Nogura has entered communications range. The Captain is requesting an update."

The two were in conversation until Commander Kane stepped away to discuss things with the Captain.

Whilst the Commander communicated with the ship, word quickly spread around the team of the Nogura's arrival back at the planet and for most that was a relief. It probably meant an end to hours of what seemed like slave labour, but for some it was sad because it likely meant their part in the project was over. Whatever the giant device was, it was sure to have repercussions for the quadrant.

Arnon drank from a canteen while he waited for Kane to tell them what to do next. Hopefully, 'what to do next' would include returning to the Nogura. Arnon couldn't get off of this planet soon enough. If he'd wanted to spent this much time excavating something, he'd have studied Archaeology, not Medicine and Psychology.

Sure enough, the message to ship out was received from the Captain. The first to depart, naturally, were the extra Runabouts that had been sent to the surface. People began to down tools and had back to their craft, leaving the original away team to conclude their affairs.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Doctor Adar spoke as he moved to address the original away team. "I want to thank you for your efforts. It would have taken my team weeks to excavate what you have today. Now we can really study this find and figure out what role it will have to play in our efforts out here," the Doctor grinned, excited to get to the next stage of his operation

Yole was a bit disappointed to not have gotten more of a chance to work on the device but they had at least been able to help the team advance the excavation quite a bit. She reached the runabout and grabbed one of the secondary seats in the cockpit glad to at least be out of the heat.

Arnon boarded a runabout and took a seat in the back where it was more comfortable. He was about as useful in the cockpit of a runabout as teats on a boar.

Soon enough, Commander Kane boarded the Runabout and it headed for home once again.


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