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Boarding the Station

Posted on Mon Jun 1st, 2020 @ 9:52pm by Captain Keziah Nazir & Lieutenant Commander Garen Romaes & Lieutenant Thaddeus Scott

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: Day 5 at 0755

Having been placed in the guest quarters for the foreseeable future (until the previous commanding officer's items had been removed), the new Captain of the Nogura had made the decision to see out the night in the safety of the asteroid field. She'd ordered rest for as many as they could manage, with repairs being carried out by those essential to ship operations during the night shift. If they were to survive the next forty-eight hours, they had to have their wits about them, and running on empty was a surefire way of getting themselves killed.

Now that the morning had rolled around without incident, and she'd gotten at least a few hours rest, the Captain was quite reinvigorated - so much so, she had come up with a plan and had summoned as many of the senior officers as she could muster to transporter room one.

Arriving there herself, the Captain was greeted by Lieutenant Thaddeus Scott and a large, heavily armed security contingent that lined the walls outside, as well as what appeared to be dozens of engineers.

A rather sleepy-looking Bajoran in command red and the rank of Lieutenant Commander followed close behind, nodding to the Captain before stopping in the doorway to the transporter room and looking out at the security officers. "We get invaded and no one tells me?" Garen queried with a look back at the Captain.

"You're not that lucky this morning Commander. Though if where we're about to go is hot who knows what you might find." Rokan smirked as he looked up from the transporter control console. Standing next to one of the transporter chiefs from his former team the Cardassian had a phaser rifle strapped over his shoulder and a tricorder holstered to his side as he moved to join the Captain. "You know we still need to talk about Mister Romaes later," Rokan said in a low voice to the Captain before he spoke up.

"The Chief has your requested coordinates locked in and ready for your order Captain. I still have to object to you coming along on this." Her Executive Officer added in, concern in his voice expressed with the statement. The last thing they needed was to lose a third commanding officer in as many days.

"Good, because I'm not going," Keziah smirked as she folded her arms across her chest. "You'll split into three salvage teams. XO, you'll lead Alpha team. Romaes, you have Bravo, and Scott has Delta. You each have search areas on the station and your engineering teammates have a list of items they would like to find," she instructed as she stepped back to the transporter console. "I'll remain here to coordinate efforts from the bridge," she informed with a nod. "Questions?"

Rokan shook his head and eyed both Romaes and Scott. "Just make sure you two keep comms open at all times. We may have separate teams but I don't want any unnecessary risks." Looking over to the Captain after he offered a half-smile. "I appreciate you listening to my earlier concern ma'am. We'll get the supplies we need, trust me." Motioning to the rest of his team a few security officers and engineers joined the Cardassian on the transporter pad. “Energize when ready. We’ll take lead.”

"Energising," the Transporter Chief nodded once the Commander was in position. A short while later, and after a blue haze had engulfed the room, the Alpha team was gone. Next up were Commander Romaes and his team. The assembled security officers and engineers joined the Bajoran on the pad and, just as before, the team was gone within seconds.

Captain Nazir watched as the final team took their positions on the pad and gave a nod of reassurance to Lieutenant Scott just in time for the Chief to activate the transporter one last time. With the teams gone, the Captain looked to the Chief. "Call in all of your team. I want every transporter room manned in case we need to pull them out. Constant transporter locks. I'll be on the bridge if you need me," she declared before tapping the top of the console and disappearing from the room.

The hunt was on.

[Alpha Team, Lt. Commander Rokan Dukal Commanding. Operations Center, DS4 ]

The fading shimmer of blue light dissipated from the room as Alpha Team materialized into view on Deep Space Four. Commander Dukal held his phaser rifle up, the stock of it pressed against his shoulder as the team quickly swept the large operations command center.

"Sir, a few dead bodies but no signs of life or the Borg in this room," came the report from Lieutenant Weinauch. He had been a young engineer onboard the Nogura and now he was also serving double duty as a security officer as well.

"Very good. Gather their combadges for identification and then scan them to look for any sign of infection. If there is even a single probe present have the Nogura beam them into space." the Commander ordered as he went to work on one of the command stations.

"=/\=Commander Dukal to the Nogura. We've secured the operations center and I'm looking to see if sensors can be reestablished right now. So far we've found no survivors. How are things with Bravo and Charlie teams?" Rokan inquired back to the Nogura and her Captain as he sat his phaser rifle down next to him and motioned to one of the engineers to come to join him in working on the station he was at.

"=/\=Commander Dukal, this is Nazir," the voice of the Captain came over the comm, "We're yet to get any reports from the other teams. Proceed with caution and commence a sweep of the facility. I remind you, tag anything you identify of use and we'll have the transporter teams beam it aboard," the Captain ordered.

"=/\=Acknowledged Captain, we'll keep our eyes and ears open and start tagging what we find. Dukal out," he responded while working to get the station working at the same time. Just as the conversation ended success seemed to be on their side, the portable power generator set up by the young engineer at his side humming to life. In turn thanks to his work and the young engineers as well the console above them lit up as did a row of others. Pushing himself up from the kneeling position fingers slid over the controls and Rokan began to access over the systems that he could. "Alright, team it looks like we have our work cut out for us. Internal sensors from what I can tell are damaged throughout the station but system logs show that they were in the process of dismantling several ships for decommissioning right before the Borg struck. I want us to make our way down to the cargo bays and see if we can locate supplies there. Along the way, we'll check for survivors. Questions?"

"What about the supplies in here Commander? Should we strip the relays for bio-neural gel packs or anything of the like to keep on the ship?" Asked another one of the engineers. "Good question. Let's make sure nothing is infected with Borg nanites. And as long as we can safely strip it and not compromise systems like life support grab it and tag it. But only worthwhile things. We don't need to pick and pull every little thing. I want to get going to the big things and look for survivors." The team nodded their heads in understanding and quickly went to work. "Good, we'll take five minutes then." And with that Rokan took a moment to began sending over what data was available from the station to thew Nogura and then went over to a nearby wall and removed a panel and began to scan for parts that might be salvageable before they left for the cargo bays."

[Bravo Team, Lt. Commander Garen Romaes Commanding. Cargo Bays 1-5, DS4 ]

Commander Garen stood at the centre of the corridor, using his tricorder to assess for himself the same information three of his team had already reported back to him. Cargo Bay three was a dud, with nothing in there but day to day storage of what seemed to be personal items. One and two seemed to have a selection of computer components that had potential for salvage, whilst four seemed to contain a wide variety of engineering supplies and five had apparently been converted into a hydroponics lab. "Okay," the Bajoran finally spoke as a plan formulated in his head, "Dawson, take three and make an inventory in bay one. Tra'ore, take bay four with Jones and two others. I'll take bay two with you, you and you," he pointed at a selection of officers who he hadn't managed to get to grips with name-wise, "and Ensign Zoleth will take two and inventory and pack all of the hydroponic supplies. We'll need them should we lose replicator power," he ordered before gesturing for the teams to head out.

The large group dispersed, with three of the assembled gathering following the Bajoran the short distance to the stations cargo bay two. Upon entering, he was surprised to find the room looking as organised as a Ferengi's bank account. The crates were impeccably stacked, even colour coordinated it seemed.

Dispatching his team to try and take an inventory, the Commander made his way to the rooms console and began to access the manifest for the room. Whoever the stations Quartermaster was, they needed a promotion for their record keeping - if everything was truly as it seemed. "Okay," he called out as he reviewed the list, "blue crates should contain parts for damage repairs, so we'll scrounge them. Green should contain everything we need to transfer the isolinear circuits on Nogura to gel packs..." he trailed off, "tag them for immediate transport to Nogura when you've inspected them," he continued.

Meanwhile, several decks up and a dozen sections over, Lieutenant Scott and his team had begun their inventory of the stations weapon stores. So far, they had lucked out - a few phaser power couplings that were out of date and a couple of sensor probes had been the most useful items they had found - with most of what they had found significantly outdated for a ship like the Nogura. They were, however, about to hit pay dirt.

Whilst the Lieutenant was logging the items found so far, a voice from up ahead called out to him. "Hey Thad, check this out!"

Looking up from the pad he was working on, the Lieutenant nodded to his security officers and they made the short journey a few doors down. There, Petty Officer Sharma was stood with a great brig grin on his face. "I figured out why we couldn't get a reading for this room! Man, I deserve a promotion after this!" the grin widened as the enlisted man stepped aside and made way for the Lieutenant to enter.

Smirking accompanied a dismissive shake of the head as Thaddeus walked past his friend, only to stop dead in his tracks and looked around the room in awe before back, briefly, at the enlisted man. "Are they..."

Sharma nodded, leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest as his cocky demeanour threatened to explode beyond the walls of the storage bay. "Yes sir," he smiled, "one hundred high yield photon torpedoes here for the taking."

Calling in the rest of his engineering team, the Lieutenant rubbed his hands together with glee. "See what you can do to lower the dampening field around the room so we can transport these babies back to the ship. The rest of you, see what else you can find," he ordered happily, confident in the fact that the rest of the teams probably wouldn't find anything near as valuable as his team.

Or would they?


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