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Even in death, we must find a way forward

Posted on Wed Jun 3rd, 2020 @ 10:30pm by Lieutenant Tobias Prescott & Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Farrell & First Lieutenant Ariella Arnold

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Runabout Perseus
Timeline: Day 5 at 2015

Freshly recovered from his wounds after a night in the Nogura sickbay, Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Farrell had teamed up with First Lieutenant Ariella Arnold once again, and were flying their search and rescue craft in the direction of the Escape Pod that Nogura had received the distress call from earlier that evening. Small enough to go under the radar, and with the warp engines online for only the briefest of times so as to avoid attracting unwanted attention, the Danube-class runabout they occupied glided through the system with sensors on full.

"Where the hell is it?" Farrell frowned as he glared at his sensors. Nothing so far.

Arnold looked over at the man in Operations gold from the pilots chair and shook her head. "Let's just activate the comm and reach out to him. He's got to be around here somewhere, right?" she suggested.

It was risk, but one they probably had to take given the fact there was no sign of the Pod. Maybe it had drifted to one of the nearby planets? Or maybe the Borg had picked him up and assimilated him? They wouldn't know for certain until they had tried everything, starting with the communications. Soon enough, the familiar beep of an open comm channel filled the cabin. "=/\=This is the Runabout Perseus to Escape Pod 17. Please respond."

Toby was almost unconscious, either from exhaustion or from lack of oxygen, he wasn't entirely sure. The damaged systems in the escape pod couldn't tell him either. When he heard the voice he jerked back to consciousness, leading him to believe it was more exhaustion. Reaching over he tapped the button to open communications, "=/\=Pod 17, responding."

From the sound of the man's voice, whoever he was was clearly not in very good shape. Sebastian worked like mad to try and pinpoint the exact location of the pod thanks to the communications signal. Just when he was about to give up, frustrated, the sensors found it. "Bingpot!" the Commander grinned, then shared the location with the pilot.

Whilst Ariella adjusted course, the Commander returned the hail. "=/\=Pod 17, this is Perseus. We've got your location and you'll be in transporter range in under two minutes. Stand by."

Toby couldn't find the energy to respond. Slumping back against the bulkhead behind him he just said a silent prayer to the universe, hoping it would be answered and he'd last another two minutes. As his eyes slipped closed again he felt a single tear track its way down his cheek.

When one was near death, it was often said that one would see their life flash before their eyes, or even that time would stand still as they replayed memories and key events from their lives. For Prescott, it was the latter. But as he recalled those memories in his near unconscious state, time didn't actually stand still. For those on the Runabout, the time flew by as they prepared to retrieve their colleague.

"Closing on transporter range," the Pilot declared as she monitored the read out.

"I'll lock on the second we're in range. When he's aboard, high tail it back to the Nogura," Farrell ordered as he quickly pushed himself up and out of the forward chair and walked to one of the back stations. Tapping away, he prepared the transporter systems and was ready just in time.

"Transporter range in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... NOW!" Arnold declared from the conn.

"Life signs detected, very faint," Farrell responded, "locking on... energising!"

Toby felt the familiar swirling vibrations of the transporter beam as it swept him from the nearly dead escape pod, and seconds later felt himself materialize on the transporter pad of a different vessel. His mind was fogged, but his body knew exactly what to do as it gasped in huge lungfuls of air, trying to get oxygen to his starved organs and clear his mind. Seconds later he felt the blackness of unconsciousness sweep over him, and at the very last moment, he wondered if it had been just a few seconds too late that the transporter swept him out of the jaws of death, and they'd, in fact, snapped shut over him.

Commander Farrell had limited experience with medical matters, but he did his best to stabilise the patient that lay on the floor beside him. Pressing a hypospray to the patients neck, the Commander tried his best to revive the man. Running his tricorder over the lifeless body, the device made a series of beeps until the dread long, monotonous drone that indicated lifelessness.

"We lost him," the Commander exclaimed, falling back onto his bottom and pulling his knees up, almost hugging them like a distressed child as he rested his head back against the console behind him and closed his eyes.

Up front, Arnold let out a sigh as she looked back at the Commander. "You win some, you lose some," she told in very militaristic like fashion. "Let's get him back to the Nogura so he can have a proper burial," she suggested to the Ops Officer. When she was met with nothing but silence, she turned back to her console and set the Runabout on a return course for their mothership.

Lieutenant Tobias Prescott, virtually unknown to the occupants of the Runabout, had at least been afforded the chance to die in the presence of friends, rescued from his tomb at the very last minute. His loss, while sad, would not be the last to be felt, even on that day.


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