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Posted on Tue Jun 9th, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Lieutenant Ethan Becker III
Edited on on Tue Jun 9th, 2020 @ 6:57pm

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Deep Space Four
Timeline: Day 5 at 1700

As the Borg had 'conquered' parts of the station, they had adapted the environmental controls to their preferred settings, a steady 39.1 degrees celsius. As a result, the air had become humid, to a relative 92% and stale, the heat radiating from the power transfer conduits hung in the air. The 102kpa of pressure, making it thick and wall like... the heat was unbearable, genuinely unbearable.

Worse than the heat, was the smell. The bodies of those who had not been assimilated had started to decompose, accelerated by the increased temperature. Sweat and other bodily fluids combined together then evaporated of the corpses to produce a putrid vomit inducing mist.

Becker, with a phaser rifle slung over his back, his upper tunic split and now tied around his waist, crawled on all four limbs through the jefferies tube. It felt like he'd been crawling for hours. He had managed to set up a number of dampening fields to hide pockets of survivors and key supplies from the Drone's scouting the station, but he himself remained at risk.

Attached to his waist, was a standard issue tricorder, a thin clamshell device with a large touch screen on its internal surface. Primarily used for sensor scanning, data analysis and recording data, Becker had jerry rigged it produce a localised scattering field. This had allowed him to travel with relative impunity throughout the station, although at times he had to hide in an access port, or under a deck plate to avoid physically running into a drone.

Ethan Becker III reached the end of the Jefferies tube, and the access hatch that capped it off. Behind it was the stations main Command Centre. Using the manual override device, he levered the hatch plating open, pushing the two halves back into their respective housings.

Exhausted from the trek through the station, he lost his balance. Becker fell head first out of the hatch. Rather than hitting the carpeted decking below, his fall was soften by that of half-assimilated drone, that had been deactivated by an accurate phaser shot to the head.

Ethan, in a panicked state, scrambled to get to his feet, the process throwing another wave of putrid mist into the air. He barely managed to hold back the wretching, not that it would have mattered given he'd barely eaten since this whole thing had started.

The Drone was of Cardassian origin, but unusually it wore the remnants of a Starfleet uniform under the exoskeleton, and the 2 and half gold pips of a Lt Commander against the burgundy collar of the command division, would have placed this former officer as a ships senior officer.

Turning his attention back to his task of surviving, he quickly surveyed the room for any hostiles. Becker, placed this left hand over his right shoulder and pulled the phaser rifle back into a position in which he could use it if required. On the far side of the Command Centre, he noticed a lone console had been activated and was obviously streaming information to another location. He traversed the empty command centre with ease to investigate the console.

He scanned the console with this eyes, it recorded a plethora of information including that the key supplies he'd hidden with dampening fields were now being transported off the station en-mass. He rapidly tapped the console, skimming the data for signs of the supplies destination. The LCARS screen flickered due it's intermittent power supply, a result of the growing collection of drones on the station re-routing power from the reactor core to their own operations.

It was hard to tell, but there seemed to be a secondary connection that was uploading a copy of the latest Starfleet tactical database to an off site location. Intrigued, Ethan investigated further, using his engineering skill to bypass the encryption, which he immediately noted was not very strong, to identify that the supplies and the transmission were being received by a Starship that was hiding in a near by asteroid field. Luckily, the drones onboard Deep Space Four were more interested in fortifying their position than tracking it down.

Becker tapped the console, and encoded a transmission to use the same frequency as the stream of tactical data forgetting to disable the audible chirp. As it echoed through the command centre, Becker whispers,

"=/\= Lieutenant Becker to unidentified Starfleet vessel, I am aboard Deep Space Four, and require extraction. Please respond. I repeat, unidentified Starfleet vessel, this Lieutenant Ethan Becker aboard Deep Space Four. I am located in the station's Command Centre and require extraction."



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