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Kill it with Fire

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 1:48am by Lieutenant JG Eric Newton M.D.

Mission: Episode 1: Armageddon - The End of All Things
Location: Deck 21 - Science Lab 2
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

Eric looked around. He was in trouble and he knew it. He had never been to Deep Space 4 and had no idea what the layout was. He just ran in the direction he was pushed and kept running. Borg were now onboard and all he had was this little club. He needed to take a breath and think.

"Ok, where am I?" He said out loud to himself. "I need to get a weapon or fortify here or do something. They will come and I need to be ready."

He began looking around the room. It was a science lab based on the layout and equipment, specific for agriculture as he saw the number of plants in various stages of growth. He wished it was a weapons lab, but it was not.

Looking around he saw a computer terminal. He walked over and logged in to the guest setting. Even general access would at least tell him where he was. In this case, deck 21, science lab 2. He was right, agriculture labs all around. No weapons, of course they would not display those labs to the general public.

He continued his survey of the lab. There was a single door in, which meant only one point of entry. That made it easier to defend but also his only obvious way out. He also saw a ventilation duct that he knew would lead to a Jeffrey tube, but from there he would have no way to know where he would come out at. He at least knew an idea of where he was so staying was preferable. Of course defending a room with a club against a Borg was pretty much a joke. He needed something better. He needed to get creative but what could he use in an agriculture lab to fight a Borg with?

He looked around and an idea began to develop. He saw some organic fertilizer in a sealed container on a shelf. He investigated the box and discovered that it smelled horrible from whatever beast it came from, but the odor helped solidify his idea. Without processing, the fertilizer would not be explosive, but as is, he knew it would burn. If he rigged it right, he could make a trap and cover the Borg in fertilizer and then ignite it. Sort of an improvised napalm.

He rigged two boxes of the fertilizer on a shelf near the door on a trip string. First thing to walk through the door would pull the line and get covered in manure fertilizer. Satisfied that the trap was in place, he loaded a pressurized spray container with some of the flammable pesticides that they had. The ignition was the trick. He opened up a wall maintenance panel and began looking. He found a couple of electrical wires that were attached to one of the ambient lights. A quick jerk and the wires would detach, hopefully giving him enough spark and time to light his chemical spray before the computer turned the power off as a safety hazard.

Looking around the lab, things were as good as they were going to get. There was nothing left to do but wait. "What is worse? The terror of the Borg attacking and my trap failing, or the wait for the Borg to show up and test the trap?" Eric asked our loud to himself. The adrenaline was slowing down and the fear was taking hold. He knew it would be a struggle to maintain his composure and not let anxiety and the waiting drive him mad or so far into his thoughts that he misses the timing of his trap.

Time passed slowly. Or did it pass quickly? Eric did not know. He was lost in thoughts trying to think of medical procedures instead of the possibility of the whole Federation being destroyed when the door hissed open. He did not check the computer for the current time, he just stood up and stepped back. A moment later, a done did it's staggering March into the room. It's gray head swiveled and locked on to him. He braced his hand against the open maintenance panel and crouched down, trying to look as intimidating as he could, which was not much.

The drone took the bate and made its way down the room toward him. After a couple paces, the drone tripped the string running between two counters and pulled the containers on top of itself. The Borg looked around confused, but not disturbed by the smell at all, unlike the only human in the room who tried to suppress his gag.

Seeing the trap had been successful, Eric jerked his hand down pulling voltage cables from the light and activated the spray bottle. The wires sparked a few times in the fluid and to Eric's delight, the pesticides caught and turned into a spray of flame. The fertilizer ignited as well and the Borg began to glow red in the growing flames. The Borg looked confused for a moment as it realized that while the cybernetics were fine, the organic flesh was beginning to blister and char.

Eric let out a triumphant yell and stood up. It would not be able to put out the flames with bare hands and there were no fluids around to help. "Got you, you son of a.." Eric was interrupted when the computer made an announcement. "Fire detected in Science Lab 2. Stand clear, forcefield activating." A short moment later, the Borg was circled by a forcefield. Triumph was now replaced by frustration and horror. He forgot about the fire suppression fields. Soon, the fire would exhaust all the oxygen in the field and go out, leaving a charred but fully functioning Borg. Eric was sure that if a Borg could feel emotions, it would be pissed.

As if a Borg stalking you was not terrifying enough, now one that was horrifically burned was staring at him as the flames slowly died out. Eric dropped the sprayer and ran to the back of the room. "Time for plan B." He said, moving a chair over and opening up the ventilation hatch. He pulled himself into the ductwork and began to crawl....somewhere. He did not know where and he did not care. He needed to put some meters between them.

As he crawled as fast as he could, he heard the forcefield deactivate. The Borg was released. Heart pounding, he crawled and crawled. He made his way into a tube and turned around to seal the hatch. Before the door closed he heard the echo of a voice from down the duct. It was faint, but clear and audible enough to send a cold and fresh chill of terror down his spine. "Resistance is futile" was the last thing Eric heard before the door closed and he was lost in the ductwork of the station.


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