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Coming Aboard

Posted on Sun Oct 21st, 2018 @ 2:47am by Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson & Thalek th'Zorati & Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Jonathan 'JP' Hanson

Mission: Episode 5: The Adversary (Joint Mission)
Location: Nogura Transporter Room
Timeline: MD119, 2045 Hours

Marching into the transporter room, Captain th'Zorati had been summoned upon receiving word that Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson and his family were ready to come aboard the ship. He'd received a request from the Admiral to transport the Hanson clan to the Altor system for some rest and relaxation as the ship was en-route to the Yadera system and he had agreed.

Now, he stood before the transporter pad and awaited their arrival.

The transporter room was illuminated with the blue glow of the matter stream, materializing the family on the pad, all dressed in civilian attire. The young red-headed boy that stood among them saw the tall, stern-looking Andorian and without thinking he practically leapt off the pad to wrap his arms around the Andorian's waist to give him a hug.

"JP!" the boy's fiery-haired mother said sternly. "That's not how we show respect to a starship Captain!"

"Oh, sorry!" JP said as he let go of the Andorian and stepped back to stand at attention. "But you're Thalek th'Zorati, you were Captain of the Thesis when you helped chase the guy who kidnapped me!" he said in a bit of hero worship, then saluted Thalek. He had been this way with pretty much anyone who'd had any part in his rescue.

Shuffling on his feet uncomfortably, the Andorian nodded as he looked down at the red head. "Umm, yes, I was. And you're welcome," he told sheepishly. Had his skin colour allowed it, he was sure he'd be blushing. Thankfully the blue skin of his face hid his embarrassment. "Welcome to the Nogura," he greeted his adult guests with a slight bow and nod of respect.

"I appreciate you accepting our request Captain," Hanson responded as he stepped down off of the pad to stand beside his son. "I appreciate that you've got something going on here and that a detour might not be ideal," the on-leave Vice Admiral smiled as the two officers shook hands.

"As long as we make it to Altor IV, I don't mind a delay," Carter added candidly. Truth be told, she had wanted to stay on New Bajor, but she was having trouble refraining from checking in on the new station, so Mitch had to practically remove her by force to get her to focus on their vacation. But she was looking forward to some quality rest and relaxation with her family.

"We'll get you to your destination Miss Carter," Thalek nodded again in her direction and then stepped aside, gesturing to a Vulcan Ensign stood waiting patiently. "Ensign Krevalk will show you to your guest quarters," he instructed.

Mitch turned to his 'partner' and smiled. "You go, I'll catch up. I just want a quick word with the Captain in private," the older male told sheepishly.

Andy narrowed her eyes at Mitch. "This better not be work related," she said as she put an arm around JP's shoulder to herd him towards the door. "Oh, and I'm making my dad's 5-alarm chili tonight, so don't be late! Cap'n, you're welcome to join us if you're brave enough," she offered just before she disappeared through the doors.

"Chilli? Is it as cold as it sounds?" th'Zorati spoke with a raised eyebrow as he watched her leave and then turned to the Admiral.

"No, it's a spicy dish," Hanson smirked before changing topic. "So, tell me about your progress. Azulas tells me your mission is all set to begin?" the Admiral queried with great interest.

Thalek relaxed a little as the topic changed to a work related one at last. "Hunter is aboard and co-operating with Commander Garen. He's provided us with intelligence which we have corroborated through our own operatives. We're headed for Yadera, so we'll drop you off on the way," he informed the Admiral.

"Good, good," Hanson nodded. "I know I'm off duty and technically just a passenger this time, but if there is anything I can do to support your mission, let me know."

"Are you sure?" Thalek asked with his eyebrow raised again. "Master Chief Carter doesn't seem like the understanding type or that she would appreciate us cutting in to her leave time."

Walking out of the transporter room side by side, Mitch gently slapped the Andorian on the back. "Don't you worry about Andy. Leave her to me..."


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