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Evacuation Procedures

Posted on Fri Feb 8th, 2019 @ 11:57pm by Captain Colby Drayton & Lieutenant Commander Garen Romaes & Lieutenant Akaria Okan & Lieutenant Navala Cowell MD & Lieutenant JG Jamie Franklin & Lieutenant JG Eza Bergen PhD

Mission: Episode 6: War Crimes
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD135, 1720 Hours

Reporting back to the bridge for the first time since the explosion, Captain Drayton was pleased to see that the crew, Nogura and Ulysses alike, were functioning like a well oiled machine. People were simply mucking in and lending a hand where needed without fear or worry about jurisdiction or stepping on each other toes. Stepping over to the command chair, HIS command chair, the Captain rested both hands on the headrest and then called out to address his people. "Can I have everyone's attention please," he called out.

Commander Garen had been hard at work at Strategic Ops when the newly appointed commanding officer of the Nogura arrived on the vessels bridge and gave the man his full attention.

Akaria, having accompanied the Captain back to the Bridge, took over the station from the relief officer and spun it around to watch the Captain address the troops.

Bergen was at one of the mission control stations near the MSD, poring over the data that had been collected before the explosion.

Having been on the bridge overseeing tactical operations from the main console over the past hour and a half, he was nearly done with his work he had set out to accomplish. By now Ensign Mallory was preparing every security team to deploy throughout the ship. Having hear of the situation the Captain was about to brief everyone on, Jamie had already handed out orders to the security department prior to beginning his work on the bridge. Jamie turned his chair to hear the new Captain speak.

"For those unaware of the situation, there was a massive explosion earlier which resulted in our Chief Engineer being critically wounded. Lieutenant zh'Khessi is in sickbay at present and we'll update you on her condition when possible. Until then, we have a serious problem on our hands," the Captain revealed, looking around at the faces of those assembled. "This ship and her crew are the victims of sabotage; there is no other explanation for what has transpired today. As such, I am ordering an immediate evacuation of all non-essential personnel to the Starbase. Commander Garen, you will oversee all personnel aboard the station. No one is to return to the ship until you have clearance from myself or Commander Neprem. Lieutenant Cowell, you will oversee the evacuation of the saucer section and then report to sickbay for further orders. Lieutenant Franklin, you will evacuate the stardrive before assisting with the inspection of the defensive and offensive systems," the Captain's orders were precise and to the point. "The rest of you, check your nearest console to check for your duties. Dismissed people!"

Without hesitation, Jamie replied to Colby's command with a firm and loud "aye, Sir". Having completed his work on the bridge, he had already summoned a junior relief officer. Upon noticing the arrival of his relief, he vacated his console, nodded in greeting to the Ensign, and made is way off the bridge.

Lt. Cowell nodded when the Captain stated her assignment. No small task to evacuate people, and even more monumental when they'd already been exposed to a fair amount of stress and uncertainty already.

"I'll see to it," the Counselor said before departing the bridge.

Concluding his affairs at the strategic operations station, the Bajoran Commander made a beeline for the turbo lift to begin his latest task.

With those in charge of the evacuation, Captain Drayton waved two of his more familiar officers over to the command area and waited for Okan and Bergen to join him. Once they did, he lowered his voice as he gave them instructions. "I need the pair of you to personally oversee the sweep of all command areas. Bridge, ready room, observation lounge. Wherever Thalek th'Zorati would likely have operated in his day to day routine, I want it swept. Swept for bugs, tracking devices, whatever. You name it, search for it. That man was one corrupt, devious bastard. I don't want anything to escape our attention. Start here, and then the ready room."

"Yes sir." Bergen replied, he hated the idea that he had to look for evidence that a Starfleet officer betray the uniform and the oath they took. "Chances are he would have used something with a burst transmission function, a constant transmission would likely be picked up on internal sensors pretty easily." He said to Okan.

"I agree. We can't rule out any further explosive devices either," the Cardassian remarked quietly. "It would help if we had any idea of his true intentions aboard the ship," she asked as she looked at the Captain, in hope rather than expectation. She didn't get an answer. "Okay Eza, let's get to it," Akaria nodded.

"Let's start with a higher band subspace sweep, the signal wouldn't interfere with anything and wouldn't be detected in the standard internal security sweep, and a high band burst would be able to transmit large amounts of data quickly, meaning the burst would be in the nanosecond range." Bergen suggested.

"You're the boss," the Cardassian grinned as her replacement at Science led the way to begin their task. As they worked, Captain Drayton left the bridge in their capable hands, heading off to sickbay to get an update from Doctor Durrell.

Bergen accessed the computer terminal on the wall, using his command code he accessed the sensor system and began the scans. "I've begun scans in all primary areas he would have had access to. The scans will take about half an hour, we could get a few tricorders and modify them to do some in-depth scans."

"Good idea," Akaria nodded as she walked towards one of the wall mounted equipment lockers and withdrew two tricorders. "I'll take the ready room if you want to do the bridge?" she suggested as she passed her companion the scanning device. It made sense for them to split up and begin their scans since the situation was somewhat urgent.

"Sounds good." He said and headed back to the bridge.

Akaria walked into the ready room slowly but surely and, once the doors closed behind her, she took in the sights of the office. She had only spent a limited amount of time in the CO's private space, but it looked drastically different from when she had last been in there. Every trace of anything that had belonged to Thalek th'Zorati had long since disappeared and the room was nothing but a spartan space, devoid of any character or charm. That wouldn't last of course, once the Captain had chance to put his stamp on the space, but that would have to wait. For now, she stood in the optimum position to conduct a thorough scan of the entire room for anything out of the ordinary.

Eza finished the scans of the bridge which was an uncomfortable experience since he felt everyone's eyes on him. Finishing the scans he moved to the science station and waited for Okan to finish her's and they'd combined their results.

Akaria was almost done with her scans when, on one of the passive bands, she noticed the slightest little signal. Following it to its source saw the Cardassian get on her hands and knees and climb under the Captain's desk. What she found caused her to tap her commbadge. "=/\=Okan to Lieutenant Bergen. Could you stop by the ready room please?" As she waited for her scientist friend to stop by, she lay on her back staring at the underneath of the desk.

Entering the room he saw a pair of legs sticking out from under the desk. "Found something I assume and not just taking a nap?" Bergen said moving to lay next to her under the desk.

Akaria was staring at a circular object, about three inches in diameter, attached to the underside of the CO's desk. "Intensive scans didn't pick it up, but then I wasn't looking for diamide-laced beritium. That's why only the passive band picked it up as an alloy not expected to be present in the room. What do you suppose it could be?" she queried, concerned at the sight of technology from her homeworld covertly hidden on a Starfleet vessel.

"Maybe a mic and transmitter, maybe a bomb, but a small one. We should inform the Captain." Bergen said.

"Let's get some answers for him first. He'll want as much information about it as possible," the Cardassian told in a quiet voice as she stared up at the object. "Why don't you get an engineering kit and we'll try and prise it off. In the meantime, I'll make sure its safe to do so," she suggested with a quick glance at the scientist and then to her tricorder.

"Sounds good." Bergen said disappearing to retrieve an engineering kit from the equipment locker on the bridge.

Whilst the Cardassian waited for her colleague to return with the engineering kit, she completed a scan of the odd looking object. Without any sort of power signature or output, it was impossible to ascertain what the object was until they had safely removed it and taken it to the science lab for analysis. Whatever it was, it clearly shouldn't have been there.

Returning with the kit he set it down next to the Cardassian and opened it. "How's it looking?"

"Whatever it is, there is no power signature. It's either offline completely or dormant," the Cardassian responded, looking briefly at her colleague. "I need an interphasic coil spanner," she told with a smile.

He handed her the tool, "We'll at least that should mean whatever it is inactive or in a passive mode at least."

Using the device handed to her by the scientist, the Lieutenant very carefully ran a red beam of light between the foreign object and the surface of the desk she was laid under. She managed to control her breathing, but that didn't stop her being nervous at the thought that she could, potentially activate the device. What if it turned out to be an explosive device that she had no control over?

As beads of sweat appeared on her brow, there was a click sound, which caused her to pause and hold her breath. She nervously looked at Eza and then made the decision to gently try and move the object. Within seconds the metallic object was off of the desk and in her hands as she climbed out from under the table. "I think you should get this to the lab," she said. "I'll start the sweep of the next few areas."

"Sounds good." Eza said removing a sample container and gingerly moving the device into it.

Jamie walked into Main Security ready to get the evacuation of the stardrive section under way. He held some reservations to the Captain's decision to separate the evacuation responsibilities as the security department would typically be responsible for the overall evacuation operation. Nonetheless, Colby certainly had his own reasons and the prerogative to make that decision. Ultimate, if executed appropriately, the ship will be evacuated twice as fast as usual.

Reaching the area of his central office, he found Ensign Mallory tapping away at a pad in between scanning separate areas of the office.

"You look much better than earlier this morning," Jamie pointed out as he approached his assistant. Indeed, Jason looked as if he had obtained a full night's sleep. No doubt related to the care provided by the medical team, Jason would have experienced no after effects of alcohol intoxication. His wounds were also fully healed as if nothing had happened the night before.

"Thank you, Sir" Jason replied, very briefly looking up from his PADD.

"How are we doing?" Jamie asked as he peered over Jason's shoulder at the PADD.

Completing a final two taps upon the PADD, he replied, "Looks like we are all set. All team leaders are present and each of their teams are in position pending final orders. And, as you requested, only type-two phasers have been deployed" he reported.

"Good," Jamie replied in approval of his assistant's work. "Well, lets get started," he said, turning towards the crowd of team leaders.

"Alright everyone!" Jamie shouted above the noise to get everyone's attention. "I need your attention over here." He waited a brief moment to until all team leaders had turned to face him. "As you know, the Captain has ordered a total evacuation of the Nogura as a precaution after yesterdays apparent sabotage. To speed the evacuation, he has split the responsibility for this evacuation between the security and operations departments. We are responsible for decks fifteen through twenty-four. The evacuation of the primary hull is already underway to help aleviate bottle necking at exit points.

However, the number of crew still in the secondary hull number too many to merely utilize turbolifts. Therefore, any crew able to utilize jeffries tubes should be encouraged to do so. But, do not let either the turbolifts or jeffries tubes become backed up. By the time crewmembers begin reaching the lower decks of the primary hull, evaucation points should be less crowded.

Remember. This is not an emergency evacuation and we are not in a hostile environment. The crew does not need to be running to evacuation points but lets make sure we maintain an appropriate speed. Though teams have been armed with type two phasers, there should not be any reason to have to use them. That being said, we also do not have time to allow the crew to evacuate with large amounts of items. This should not be as much of a problem in the stardrive section, but anything that can not be easily carried should be left behind.

I know that your teams have already been making preparations on each of the decks and your assignments have been posted by Ensign Mallory. Once we leave this office, you should make your way to your teams. A specific comms channel has been dedicated to us and constant communication should be maintained between teams as well as with myself and Ensign Mallory. As soon as team leaders are with there teams, deck fifteen will begin evacuation. I will be present at the evacuation point on deck fourteen, where a majority of the crew will exit. Ensign Mallory will be posted at the security station on deck twenty so that he is in a central location in case needed. Are there any questions?" Jamie looked around the crowd of team leaders slowly. He did not see confusion or apprehension upon any faces.

"No, Sir!" most of the team leaders responded in kind.

"Lets get moving then," Jamie ordered, turning to Jason and signaling the end of his briefing. He could tell that his team leaders were moving out quickly. He heard the sound of foot steps, almost like a stampede, heading out into the corridor. Once he the noise subsided, he turned to Jason. "Are you ready?" he asked, reaching his hand out to retrieve the hand-held phaser he assumed was for him lying upon the desk next to Jason.

"Of course, Sir" Jason replied.

"Alright, lets go."

[One Hour Later]

Jamie had been standing at his post near the evacuation point on deck 14 for just over an hour. Since, he had counted nearly 150 crewman exiting the ship. That does not include the 75 that were diverted to hatches on higher decks to speed up the evacuation process. Over the past 15 minutes, the volume had slowed significantly, and thanks to zero major incidents, the evacuation of the stardrive section was nearly complete. By now, crew from decks 23 and 24 have been exiting the ship and security personal were performing final sweeps to ensure that no one remained. He had already received confirmation from teams on decks 15 through 20 that evacuations were complete.

=/\= Ensign Jackson to Lieutenant Franklin. Deck twenty-one is confirmed evacuated. =/\=

Jamie tapped his comm badge to reply. =/\= Thank you, Ensign. =/\=

Now he assumed that most, if not all of the crew, had safely made it off the ship and sweeps of decks 22 through 24 should be nearly complete. Before he could finish that thought, his combadge chirpped to life again.

=/\= This is Ensign T'orq on deck twenty-two. Evacuation is confirmed. =/\=

=/\= This is Chief Petty on deck twenty-three. Evacuation is confirmed. =/\=

=/\= This is Chief Ch'Korg on deck twenty-four. Evacuation is confirmed. The final few crewman should be reaching your position. =/\=

=/\= This is Lieutenant Franklin. Copy all decks confirmed evacuated. =/\=

Jamie looked to his left to see a group of crewman trailed by a security crewman approaching the exit. He knew that the crewman was part of the team on deck 24, which confirmed that the evacuation was now complete. He nodded and smile at the four crewman as they exited the hatch onto the station. He then nodded at the security crewman, whom turned to return to his post on deck 24.

Jamie again tapped his comm badge. =/\= Ensign Franklin to all security teams. Evacuation is confirmed complete and I am now returning to main security. Team leaders, please return with your teams to disarm and receive further instruction. Franklin out. =/\=


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