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Bad Decisions, Part I

Posted on Sat Jan 19th, 2019 @ 1:13pm by Lieutenant JG Jamie Franklin & Ensign Jason Mallory

Mission: Episode 6: War Crimes
Location: Brig, Deck Five
Timeline: MD136, 0300 hours

He stood in darkness and nothingness. He tried to look around, tried to gather his senses, but could not see anything. He could not even see his hands in front of him as he lifted them to his face. He had no idea where he was or what he was facing. He could not tell if he was spinning in an effort to gather his bearing or simply standing still. He raised his arms in front of him to feel for obstructions as he walked slowly forward. The blackness did not reveal whether he was moving, and he could not feel anything with his hands. A dim yellow light suddenly appeared in front of and above him. It was so dim that it really did not provide any illumination around him. He still could not see where he was going or whether anything was near him. Nonetheless, his best bet was to move towards the dim light as it was the only thing he could see. Opening his stride slightly, he moved towards the small sphere in front of him. He quickly realized that every few steps he took, the light brightened slightly. Soon the light was no longer dim but rather a brighter yellow, and the sphere was moving down towards him slowly. Or he was walking upwards; he could not tell. Soon the light began to bother his eyes and he had to squint more and more the closer he got. He still could not see anything around him as the sphere only appeared to light his path directly in front of him. He no longer cared to know what was surround him, if anything, but was intrigued by the sphere growing brighter and larger in front of him. As he moved closer, he could feel heat brushing against his face like a gloved hand caressing his face. The more steps he took the warmer the breeze became until he had to turn his head to keep the heat from filling his nostrils and irritating his eyes. He was suddenly inclined to ignore that irritation when he thought he heard a sound coming from the light. He squinted harder, trying to make out anything in the light but the sphere was too bright.

"...Franklin," a distorted voice said from beyond the light. Jamie could not tell if the voice was male or female.

"...Lieutenant Franklin..." the voice said again, this time more discernable as a woman's voice. Moving closer to the sphere, trying to withstand the now nearly unbearable heat and brightness, he placed his right hand above his eyes to serve as a shade from the light. Now he was up against the sphere, which was not larger than he could see. Squinting still, he peered inside the sphere. At first look, he thought he was looking into a crystal ball of some sort. Through the moderate discomfort caused by the intensity of the light, he could see a room beyond. Looking harder, he realized that he was looking into his quarters aboard the Nogura.

Now he was very perplexed by the sight in front of him. Through the bright light he could see himself lying in his bunk fast asleep. He was tossing and turning, kicking the covers from the bunk.

"Brig to Lieutenant Franklin" the female voice called out. No one answered and Jamie watched as the version of him he saw continued to toss and turn. Suddenly, without initiating it himself, he was lifted from his feet and propelled into the sphere of light.

Jamie shot up into a sitting position and wiped sweat from his brow. He looked around his quarters expecting to see an intruder lurching towards him. But there was nothing but shadows of furniture and the dim light of distant stars through the viewports.

"Brig to Lieutenant Franklin," the female voice called out once again. Jamie looked up towards the speaker while gathering his bearings.

"Franklin here," he replied while shaking off the disorientation of the dream he just left.

"Sir, this is Chief T'Kal in the brig. Sorry to wake you but Ensign Jalal is requesting your presence as soon as possible," she explained. Somewhat frustrated and annoyed that he was being summoned so early, he spun towards the side of the bunk and placed his head in his hands.

"On my way. Franklin out," he replied sharply, ending the communications link. Lifting his head from his hands he peered at the bunk side clock. He sighed when he learned that it was 0300 hours. Wiping the fatigue from his eyes he stood up and stumbled tiredly towards the hatch. Sliding aside with a hiss, he quickly caught himself by placing a hand upon the bulkhead. He looked down at his bare chest and abdomen. Snickering, he realized that he could not traverse the deck and enter the brig wearing only sleeping trousers. He turned around and slowly walked to his small closet and retrieved a blueish gray tank top. Spinning towards the exit from his quarters, he slipped the shirt over his head, slipped a pair of comfortable slippers upon his feet, and made his way into the corridor.


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