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Bad Decisions, Part II

Posted on Thu Jan 24th, 2019 @ 1:41am by Lieutenant JG Jamie Franklin & Ensign Jason Mallory

Mission: Episode 6: War Crimes
Location: Brig, Deck Five
Timeline: MD136, 0315 hours


"Sir, this is Chief T'Kal in the brig. Sorry to wake you but Ensign Jalal is requesting your presence as soon as possible," she explained. Somewhat frustrated and annoyed that he was being summoned so early, he spun towards the side of the bunk and placed his head in his hands.

"On my way. Franklin out," he replied sharply, ending the communications link. Lifting his head from his hands he peered at the bunk side clock. He sighed when he learned that it was 0300 hours. Wiping the fatigue from his eyes he stood up and stumbled tiredly towards the hatch. Sliding aside with a hiss, he quickly caught himself by placing a hand upon the bulkhead. He looked down at his bare chest and abdomen. Snickering, he realized that he could not traverse the deck and enter the brig wearing only sleeping trousers. He turned around and slowly walked to his small closet and retrieved a blueish gray tank top. Spinning towards the exit from his quarters, he slipped the shirt over his head, slipped a pair of comfortable slippers upon his feet, and made his way into the corridor.


The hatch slid aside with a hiss as Jamie entered Main Security. Because it was several hours before Alpha shift would arrive for duty, several desks remained empty and the lights were only bright enough to see where one was going. The few officers on duty were busy at work but did not display the same pressure found when the rest of the brass was around. Jamie nodded at the couple officers that greeted him. Now wide awake with the sleep rubbed from his eyes, he smiled and nodded in reply as he made his way towards the brig.

Jamie entered the brig, which was also dimly lit, but he could make out the two figures at the control console in the middle of the large room. Chief T'Kal was sitting at the console and Ensign Jalal was standing over her shoulder, quietly conversing with the other female. Jamie knew of Chief Petty Officer T'Kal. Not personally but by reputation as a hard charging enlisted Vulcan. She was currently one of the youngest Vulcan Chief Petty Officers in Starfleet, having enlisted just four and a half years ago. She had made a name for herself as a young crewman during the Consortium conflict.

He did have more of a personal relationship with Ensign Jalal. As his brig officer, he had gotten to know her well over the past few months. But the relationship was limited from the beginning. Yet another Vulcan officer, she was hard to read and reason with at times. Conversation had a tendency to lead to arguments, though because of Vulcan personality, it seemed as though he would be the only one arguing. But they had experienced some good times together in the past. He smiled in greeting as she looked up from the main console. This smile dissipated once he realized who was in the only activated cell.

Sitting behind the blue-lit containment field with his head in his hands was Jason Mallory. Jamie immediately noticed that Jason had been through something. His plain blue t-shirt was torn at the shoulder revealing the large muscular structure underneath. More importantly, there was a fresh laceration from the top of Jason's forehead to the top of his head. Jamie was even more shocked when Jason looked at him revealing a swollen left eye and stale bloody nose. Jamie couldn't tell for sure yet, but Jason looked intoxicated.

"He instigated a fight with a couple of Klingon crewmembers in the lounge." Jamie hadn't noticed Jalal sneak up next to him while he was focused on Jason.

"What happened and why was he not taken to sick bay?" Jamie asked firmly, not looking at Jalal.

"The security team attempted to escort him to sick bay," she began to explain while shifting her posture, "but he was combative with the team. They escorted him here instead. A medical team is on the way," she explained matter of fact. Jamie looked away from Jason and towards Jalal after suddenly realizing that none of this is her fault.

"What happened?" Jamie asked in a somewhat apologetic tone, though to a Vulcan like Jalal, it did not matter much.

"According the security team's report, he consumed between six to eight alcoholic beverages before striking up conversation with a pair of Klingon enlisted crewman. It is unclear which party spoke derogatively first but it is clear that Ensign Mallory struck first," she explained in matter of fact tone of voice that Jamie often times found annoying.

"So, he intentionally put himself through a beating," He speculated to Jalal, shifting to a more comfortable stance that allowed for direct line of sight to Jason.

"If that is the case, Sir, you would be surprised to see the condition of the two Klingons. Both are being treated in sick bay as we speak but one was transported there unconscious..." Jalal was interrupted by a sigh of disappointment from Jamie. After a short pause, she continued. "Either way, Sir, it appears that he was enraged and out of control."

"What makes you say that, Ensign?" He asked, wondering whether his friend could really intentionally hurt anyone outside of combat, even with alcohol involved.

"Ensign Mallory was yelling about his 'dead friends' and the disrespect shown to them by the Klingon crewman when the team brought him in," she explained.

Jamie immediately knew what Jalal was talking about. This was the very topic he and Jason had discussed earlier in the day when Jason was announced as his assistant tactical officer. Jamie bowed and shook his head in disappointment. Despite the conversations he and Jason had had, Jason had not resolved his demons. In fact, they were still very much alive, and Jason had looked him in the eyes less than 18 hours ago and told him everything was under control.

"Can I have a few minutes alone with him?" He asked Jalal.

"Of course," she said gesturing T'Kal to leave the brig for the time being. "The medical team should be here in a few minutes, at which time he will sober up, but you should be able to talk to him."

"Thank you," Jamie replied as he began his short walk to Jason's cell. After looking over his shoulder to ensure the pair had left the room, he stopped just shy of the containment field and looked right at Jason who still had his head in his hands. Blood had now begun to dry upon his forehead and hands.

"Jason," he called out firmly but empathetically. Jason responded by lifting his head from his hands and looking at Jamie as he sat up against the bulkhead behind him.

"I'm sorry, Jamie," Jason began as he wiped blood from his eyes. "I was just trying to relax, and those two Klingons wouldn't stop talking..."

"You lied to me," Jamie interrupted firmly.

Jason shook his head slowly, "I didn’t lie to you," he replied softly.

"You sat in my office this morning and told me to my face that everything was under control. But yet, you picked a fight with two crewmen when they spoke ill of the dead."

"They had it coming for what they said about them!" Jamie shouted as he shot up from the bench to face Jamie from a few short feet away.

"Jason. It does not matter what they said. The assistant tactical officer cannot be fighting with crew let alone allowing his personal history to affect his judgement."

"I know. You're right," Jamie conceded, again sitting calmly back upon the bench. "I tried to hold back but...but..."

"You could not...because you have not yet dealt with what you experienced. Instead, you kept bottling up until it exploded tonight, and you lost control," Jason explained, hoping that Jason would finally see the importance to seeking help.

"I'll keep it under control," Jason replied, sounding annoyed at the constant discussion of the topic. "But I'm not seeing a shrink."

"You are, and that is now an order." Jamie spoke firmly; the firmest he has been with Jason in months. "Furthermore, the promotion I have been working on with the XO will be held until this is resolved." He could see that he now had Jason's attention and that he was listening. "Listen Jason. I can't imagine what you have been dealing with, but there are other ways to cope. Better ways then this that will allow you to keep your commission and position aboard this ship. Do you understand?"

After a brief pause, Jamie could see that he was thinking before he answered, "Yes, Sir" in a solemn voice.

"Good, because you will see the counselor as soon as possible. In the meantime, once the medical team checks you out and clears you, you will be released. I will see you at 0800." Jason simply nodded in guilt to Jamie's order. He had so much more that he wanted to say to Jason, but now was not the time. Instead, he nodded at Jason, turned, and left the brig.


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